How are LGBTQ+ students supported on your campus?
Campus Pride
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The 2016 Canadian Association of College and University Student Services conference featured Jack Saddleback, a transgender, gay man, who spoke eloquently about embracing two-spirits, conquering mental health and finding one's identity. His call "to step up and talk about these issues" inspired the collection of resources featured in this newsletter.

If you find yourself inspired, consider attending one of the upcoming Pride events. This Sunday is the 38th Annual Pride Parade in Vancouver. CMHA BC will be proudly participating and we hope some of you will join us. 


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"We need to ensure our campus community is looking after the mental health of individuals." 
~ Jack Saddleback
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Relevant Resources
Genderbread Person
Breaking Through the Binary: Gender Explained Using Continuum

Sam Killermann, social justice Comedian, explains the differences between gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and sexual orientation with playful examples and humour. He reminds us that all people exist on these sliding continuum and emphasizes the necessity of respecting each person’s self-identification.

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OUSA Policy Paper
Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA): LGBTQ+ Students Policy Paper

With data from the 2015 LGBTQ+ Student Experience Survey, OUSA drafted recommendations that sought to capture student voices and inform best practices highlighted in existing literature for the promotion of equity, safety and inclusion. The paper maintains a problem-solving focus, connected closely to primary research, and offers short-term prescriptions intended to improve the post-secondary experiences for LGBTQ+ students. 

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LGBTQ+ Student Experience Survey Report
OUSA LGBTQ+ Student Experience Survey Report

The LGBTQ+ Student Experience Survey was a mixed methods research project designed to gain understanding of the opinions and experiences of Ontario university students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Questioning, or other orientations or identities that do not conform to cisgender and heterosexual paradigms (LGBTQ+). The purpose of the survey was to identify any gaps that might exist in university services, programming, and supports that could diminish or negatively impact post-secondary experiences for these students. 

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Sex, Spirit, Strength
Sex, Spirit, Strength

The documentary Sex Spirit Strength follows Michael and Jack, two young Indigenous men, as they shed the stigma and shame associated with their sexual health and gender identity. Michael, an Indigenous man who once lived a high-risk lifestyle, and Jack, a transgender gay man, demonstrate a commitment to activism and reclamation in support of Indigenous identities. The website featuring this documentary also includes profiles on each of these two men, videos about their experiences, and community resources.

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Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit Collaborative Webinar Series 
Policy 101
Policy 101: Working for Change

This webinar explores three examples of policy planning that seek to promote and improve health equity for gender and sexual minorities. The topics under discussion are approaching policy making through community engagement to affect positive change in trans care, supporting mental health policies and practices in relation to police information checks, and determining best practices in creating inclusive education environments. 

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Collective Impact
Collective Impact

This webinar examines the five conditions of collective impact - common agenda, shared progress measures, mutually reinforcing activities, communications, and supporting organization - in relation to health outcomes of the LGBTQ+ community. The specific topics under consideration are HIV treatment and prevention, and the establishment of Child & Youth Health Networks.

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Trans 101 Webinar
Trans 101: Allyship & Inclusion

Gwen Haworth and Nikki Zawadzki, Prism Services, lead this webinar on transgender health. The topics under discussion include: terminology for diverse gender identities, trans persons' limited access to health care, distinctions between coming out and being outed, heterosexism, transmisogyny, and risks for trans youth. 

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Two-Spirit Webinar
Two-Spirit People: Sex, gender and sexuality in historic and contemporary Native America

Harlan Pruden (Nehiyawe/ First Nations Cree), Managing Editor, Two Spirit Journal, discusses the reclaiming equality for Indigenous persons who identify as Two-Spirit. He elaborates on the traditional understanding of the term Two-Spirit, the diverse articulations seen within precolonial Indigenous nations, the effect of colonization and the residential school system, and the current movement towards reparation and healing. 

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Health Equity Webinar
Health Equity: Population/ Public Health and Social Determinants of Health 

This webinar examines the social determinants of health outcomes for LGBTQ+ youth and adults. Dr. Elizabeth Saewye, UBC School of Nursing, Stigma & Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre, discussed the Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey, the Canadian Community Health Survey, the evident health iniquities, challenges LGBTQ+ people face accessing preventive health care, possible public health approaches, and targeted interventions. 

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Connect, Support, Strengthen and Share 

Do you know of a resource, safe space or support network available at your institution? Share your knowledge with campus community members on our online platform. Login and respond to the question:
 How are LGBTQ+ students supported on your campus?

Campus Safe Spaces

UBC Positive Space
Positive Space Campaign
University of British Columbia

The aim of the Positive Space Campaign is to foster a welcoming atmosphere and inclusive dialogue on campus for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities by locating spaces where such diversity is supported and valued. UBC also leads numerous other initiatives that seek to affect positive cultural change, such as CampOut, Outweek, and the Really? Campaign.

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Positive Space Network
The Positive Space Network
University of Victoria

The Positive Space Network (PSN) is a visible network of student, faculty, staff, and alumni who are working to make the University of Victoria a safer and more inclusive space for people of all genders and sexualities. The PSN seeks to work with and strengthen the services that already exist at UVic by creating a network that supports and connects people working towards inclusion. 

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Out on Campus
Out on Campus LGBTQ+ Centre
Simon Fraser Student Society

Out on Campus is students, staff, faculty, allies, and alumni working together to reduce discrimination and increase awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, aromantic, agender, transgender and queer people on campus and in society. They are committed to resisting all forms of discrimination and oppression, and recognize that LGBATQ+ people represent a wide diversity of communities. 

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VIU Positive Space
Positive Space Alliance
Vancouver Island University

The Positive Space Alliance seeks to raise awareness of diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity and to challenge the patterns of silence that continue to marginalize these communities. The organization promotes the creation of a space defined by equality by providing campus members with a symbol that signifies a commitment to speaking out against homophobia, heterosexism and gender identity oppression. 

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Are you interested in connecting with other campus members about this topic? 

Join the Trans, Queer, Two-Spirit Working Group to participate in discussions, share resources and ideas, and connect with other campus members from across BC and beyond.
Local Community Support Networks
Egale Canada Human Rights Trust

Egale Canada Human Rights Trust is Canada’s only national charity promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans (LGBT) human rights through research, education and community engagement. The organization offers programs and services that promote and foster the human rights and equitable inclusion of LGBTQ+ people in schools, community and work.  

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Qmunity BC's Queer Resource Centre

The Qmunity mission is to improve queer and trans lives. They offer support by empowering LGBTQ+ persons to live their best lives, fostering connection by strengthening communities to be inclusive and resilient, and leading the way towards full legal and lived equality for all. The center provides a safe space, peer mentoring, educational resources, diversity training workshops, medical services, counselling and more.

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Make Campuses a Safe Space

How to Make Campus a Safe Space for LGBTQ

Brandi Veigh offers six actions that will help your campus become a LGBTQ-Positive environment. She suggests creating a dedicated student organization, allowing students to self-identify on institutional documentation, planning LGBTQ social activities, establishing gender inclusive housing and restrooms, and training staff on LGBTQ issues and gender expression. 

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Jack Saddleback

How Jack Saddleback is reclaiming queer and transgender Indigenous Identities

In a candid conversation with Unreserved host, Rosanna Deerchild, Jack Saddleback,  relates his experiences growing up on his home reserve of Samosun Cree Nation,  recognizing his true gender identity, and confronting transphobia and homophobia as a queer, trans, two-spirit youth. 

Read the full article  >>>
LGBTQ People and Mental Health

LGBTQ People and Mental Health: Healing the Wounds of Prejudice

In this Visions editorial, Al discusses the incidence of mental illness among LGBTQ people, calling attention to the prejudice and discrimination these persons experience from a young age. He suggests that such treatment is a determining factor for poor mental health outcomes and advocates for the development of healthy alliances across communities. 

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Substance Use in Queer and Trans Communities

Same But Different: Substance Use in Queer and Trans Communities

"Health professionals who work with LGBT clients suggest that LGBT people use more of all substances than the general population" cites Stacey Boon, an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She suggests that LGBTQ people use substances for the same reasons as everyone else, only these persons experience additional stress because of discrimination and face inadequacies of a health care system ill-equipped to handle sexual or gender-related issues. 

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BC Pride Events

Vancouver Pride Parade

Vancouver Pride Parade 2016

When: July 31st @ 12:00pm
Where: West End, Vancouver 

The Vancouver Pride Parade has been one of the city's flagship events since receiving civic status in 2013. The event attracts LGBTQ+ and allies alike in an effort to affect positive social change and has garnered international attention as one of the largest and most successful in the world.

Learn more about the event >>>

Sunset Beach Festival

Vancouver Beach Festival 2016

When: July 31st @ 11:00am
Where: Sunset Beach Park, Vancouver

Celebrate Pride in one of Vancouver's most beautiful waterfront parks! Browse through over one hundred exhibitors in the Pride Market, including local artisans, supporters and community organizations. The main stage will feature a variety of bands, speakers and DJs performing throughout the day.

Learn more about the event  >>>
New West Pride Street Party

New West Pride Columbia Street Party

When: August 13th @ 3:00pm
Where: Columbia Street, New Westminster

Celebrate and recognize the LGBTQ+ community at New West Pride Columbia Street Party! This is a free event that will include talent, Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts Puppet Show, food trucks, vendors, local organizations and a children’s area.

Learn more about the event >>>

Okanagan Pride 2016

Okanagan Pride Festival 2016

When: August 13th @ 11:00am
Where: Stuart Park, Kelowna

The Okanagan Pride parade and rally is a joyful occasion where LGBTQ+ and allies join together in solidarity and strength to empower the community. Bring your family, friends, voices, rainbow colours, and advocacy signs to Stuart Park to participate!

Learn more about the event  >>>
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