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In case you missed my last email, this is the new incarnation of the newsletter formerly known as The Small Batch List. I hope you will continue to follow along with me as I send out notes on art, creativity, studio life and delightful finds from around the globe. 

For those of you local to Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island, my work will be on display and for sale this month at Switchboard Cafe.  I have been working on a series of brightly coloured mugs all big enough to hold a 12 oz coffee. Find them inside the cafe as you line up to get your delicious beverage and snack of choice. They will be on sale from May 15th until June 14th, and are open Tues-Sat 8am-3.30pm. Covid protocols are in place.

Online sales of various bits will begin in June and lucky newsletter subscribers will get early bird previews of upcoming work. 
Photos by Michael Levy.
Early mornings in the studio, planning the next project.
Back during the very early Spring, I bought this ancient yet amazing kiln from a woman across the lake who was giving up pottery to concentrate on gardening. Now dubbed the Little Beastie, it sits in our carport and fills me with trepidation and excitement every time I walk by. We have just had it wired up and soon my dear friend Julie Mackinnon will spend a little time with me getting it set up and firing. I hope it won't be too long before it will be pumping out weird and wonderful work. 

Now is the time to check out the short film that I worked on in 2019-2020! The beautiful and emotional Lucid has its Canadian Premiere online at the Short Circuit Film Festival through May. Find tickets here -- we are screening as part of the "We Came From the Strait" line up. If you were one of our beloved Indiegogo backers, your link will be coming at the beginning of next month. I hope you enjoy it!

Vinyl Stickers Available in my online shop
If you have a surface that needs a little extra zing, look no further than my range of little vinyl stickers. You can by them individually or in packs of four
Hair Potters Postcards
And while you are browsing in my online shop, make sure you pick up some Hairy Potters Postcards. 

1) Talk Art Podcast
Hosted by actor Russell Tovey and Curator Robert Diament, this podcast with artists, curators, collectors and art enthusiasts is one of the things I look forward to during the week. Out every Friday, some interesting recent highlights have included a chat with Outsider Art curator and gallerist Jennifer Gilbert regarding Japanese artist Shinichi Sawada... a hilarious champagne fuelled conversation with delightfully eccentric Chila Kumari Burman who recently covered the outside of the TATE in amazing fluorescents was super entertaining...and I really enjoyed the conversation with Zadie Xa, Korean-Canadian artist with a strong focus on 'making', combining and exploring her own identity through film and performance, textiles and painting. Also good: comedic wunderkind Noel Fielding, the wonderful Wolfgang Tillmans, also superstars KAWS and David Shigrley

2) Mare of Easttown
I have just started watching Mare of Eastttown starring Kate Winslett and Guy Pearce. I am not usually a big crime drama fan but this slowly and surely has me hooked. And Evan Thomas Peters? Man, he's not on the screen enough. I had to replay his drunken post-highschool reunion ramble twice because I was so impressed with how drunk he seemed. And apparently I was not the only one who noticed this. It's on Sunday nights on HBO - I am only writing this newsletter because I am killing time waiting for the next episode. 

3) How the 'creative-cliff illusion' limits our ideas
We wrongly assume that the best ideas come to us quickly – a cognitive illusion that limits our creativity. "We should also try to incorporate the findings into the structures of our working practices – such as budgeting much more time and resources for the idea generation and development process. In general, Lucas suggests a simple rule of thumb: “If you're trying to put three good ideas on the table, you should probably be asking your team to generate 20.” 

4) Art in your Inbox
I recently signed up for the There's No Such Things As Too Much Art Society - a daily email of good art finds sent out by the creator of the Jealous Curator blog and podcast, Danielle Krysa. 
"Subscribe to get full access to the society’s daily newsletter (Monday ~ Saturday). It’s filled to the brim with, you guessed it, ART! Contemporary artists from around the world are featured every day, as well as weekly content around show openings, must-read books, links to my podcast episodes and, of course, creative jump-starter projects to make sure there is always MORE ART for me to write about!". For the price of one latte a month for a year ($36) you can feed your brain and your soul. 

5) My Instagram
Just a note to remind you that my instagram account has changed to @clairerobertsonart after my old account was deactivated for still completely unknown reasons. Following along for almost daily updates from my studio. It's pretty crazy-colourful over there.
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