Hello! Happy October ... Happy 2020, in fact. 

THE SMALL BATCH LIST is back - with a fresh, bi-monthly (fortnightly for those who speak Australian) dose of stuff which promises to be just as entertaining as the old SBL, while also letting you have a look at what I am creating in my studio.

I am currently crushing on ceramics and am producing about 10-15 pieces a week under the mentorship of my teacher
Julie Mackinnon. I am slowly discovering what is possible and all the enormous amounts of things I have yet to learn. My idea is that eventually I will be doing monthly releases of pieces for sale, and this newsletter will be one of the best places to find out when that is happening. I hope to have some out before the holidays so that you will be able to find something completely unique to decorate a table or fill a stocking. 

While joyfully discovering a new art form, I also sadly lost access to my old instagram account. Apparently this happens, and it was due to some unknown breach of the terms and conditions. After a few days of trying to appeal, it turns out that there is almost no recourse possible, so instead of fretting I have started a brand new account.
Please follow along to see what I am making

Follow my new instagram @claire_._robertson before the end of October and be in the running for a set of small jewellery dishes, fresh out of the kiln and ready for your mantle or dresser.  If you're already following, you're already in the running!

Studio shenanigans, pictures of mushrooms and flowers, drawings, random thoughts, filmmaking adventures... What's not to love?
You might be wondering about the films I have been working on. Lucid (our screenplay and production competition winning short film) is almost done with the sound and music getting finishing touches. We have been submitting it to film festivals worldwide and can't wait to share it with our Indiegogo backers as soon as possible. You can see the trailer here.
Cascadia, Lucid's director Deanna Milligan's first film, starring my daughter Lily and produced in party by me,  is now online for your viewing pleasure. This is the first film I was involved in back in 2018. What a ride. 

1) Roller baby.  Short Of The Week always has awesome discoveries. Today I tuned in to find T’as vendu mes Rollers!, and what a delight! It's so fun and surprisingly moving - a lovely 6 minute diversion. 
"A concentrated pop of color, coming-of-age sincerity, and early 2000’s nostalgia, T’as vendu mes Rollers? is the latest release from the French animation school 
Gobelins, whose yearly slate of graduation films is always a highly anticipated internet event. ... the infectious enthusiasm of this low-stakes hero’s quest, told with genuine formal panache, makes it my favorite of the school’s 2020 output and a must-watch for animation fans of all ages. "


2) The Gap. Motivating oneself to keep going despite small disappointments and limitations is all-important to the creative process. I'm reminding myself daily of this right now, and occasionally watching Ira Glass's "The Gap" for an added pep talk.

3) Smooth, late night tunes. The latest compilation mix from Late Night Tales is from UK band Hot Chip. I am not only listening to this late at night, but at all hours.. Some other Late Night Tales favourites of mine are Agnes Obel, Franz Ferdinand and Bonobo ... but there are so many good ones to be explored. 
4) Poetry in your pocket - on your phone. The Poetry Foundation App is my new favourite thing. With two roulette wheels - one for topics and one for moods - it's as simple as spinning them to find relevant or random collections of poems from modern and classic poets. Some even have audio readings by the authors. Let's face it, we could all use a little more poetry in our lives. Android / iOS
5) Lockdown Hairstyles. Slowly but surely I am putting together some bits and pieces for a comic/zine. I will also be printing various pages as frame-able prints. You can have a peek at my lockdown hairstyles page here
Thanks for reading... Stay tuned for lots of good stuff (and wonky stuff, and stuff in progress), but please know that if your interests have taken you elsewhere you can unsubscribe at any time to stop receiving my news updates. 


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