December 2019

Happy end of the decade!

I am celebrating 20 years online in December by sending out an email. My blog,, was first published on the 3rd December, 1999. The decade that followed was very bloggy. The decade after that I was in blog recovery. Now I wonder what the next decade will bring. 

One thing I know for certain is that in the very first week of the very first month of the very first year of the very new decade we are shooting the next part of our film Lucid. We are so lucky to have won a production package from CineVic, our local film society, but we are still in need of funding. We have not been very lucky when applying for grants, so in a last ditch effort to make sure we get to make the film we dreamed up last Spring, we are running an indiegogo campaign. Please have a look at our cool little video that Deanna and Ramsey cut together - and  If you have a little cash to throw our way, we would be forever grateful. And there are some fun perks to check out (including a link to the finished film, our other films, zines, posters, artwork from the film and a personalised custom portrait of you, your loved one, your dog, your enemy -- whoever  -- by yours truly... my brother has already signed up for that one! I'm guessing it will be a dog portrait.). 
  • How many of these books from the first 20 years of the century have you read? I'm not even going to admit to how few I have read. I blame social media distraction.
  • My favourite thing on instagram right now is Transmundane Tuesdays. Every week illustration superstar Carson Ellis draws three tickets and this becomes the week's drawing prompt. Here are the instructions... and make sure to check out the hashtag #transmundanetuesday for all the goodies. Below is my illo for "is tree-like, wearing a lot of jewelry, holding a big cabbage". Fun!
  • Here are some songs on Spotify by one of my kids. They are so lucky to be born into a world where so much technology is available to them, and the ability to make and create and then share it with a worldwide audience is so easy. 
  • I loved this podcast interview with graphic designer Annie Atkins. She designs movie props, including some of Wes Anderson's most iconic pieces. She has a book coming out and it's now available for pre-order.  Now I want to sign up for a workshop. I'll have to go to Dublin!
  • The Red Right Hand Files - ask Nick Cave and he will answer. Each week he takes a reader's question (of any kind, really) and thoughtfully addresses it. I have found it to be one of my favourite inbox treats this year.
  • Ducks are the best. I am so glad my brother-in-law showed me this video. 
  • I have an confession to make. I have become a tarot nerd. I think it's because of the illustrations on the deck that I own... The Dreaming Way tarot (below). They are so pretty. I use the website Biddy Tarot for my daily readings (one card a day!). If I wasn't all about the pretty watercolours, I would totally use this IKEA tarot deck. So good.
  • We have just finished watching the German science-fiction, time-traveling mind-bender DARK on Netflix. It's beautifully shot with such gorgeous production design (you'll especially love it if yellow is your favourite colour). You might need a notepad and pencil beside you to keep track of the overlapping timelines and characters, but it was super cool.
  • My favourite album for the year is Designer by Aldous Harding. I have been listening to it for months. Aside from that, I'm doing a little personal project where I am making a playlist for 400 days. Every day I add a new song that means something to me that day, for all kinds of different reasons. It's a weird mix, but It's nice to go back and listen to it.
Bye for now! Maybe I'll make this newsletter a little more of a regular thing again in 2020... and beyond. And don't forget to have a look at our fun video and campaign.

Claire Robertson,
The Small Batch List


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