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"Now... Have you been using the roller since I last saw you?"


After what could be years of threatening to, I'm finally doing a piece on how to use foam rollers for Self-Myofascial Release (SMR). Moreover, I'm going to tell you a little bit about the benefits and SMR and how it can be used alongside your usual exercise or rehab programme.

To access the exercise sheets you must click to download the PDF.

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Foam Roller
All you need is one of these beauties.
Various grades of firmness and friction are available.
I do keep some of these in stock by the way!
Click to download a PDF with all the foam roller exercises
Download the PDF. Save it on your phone or tablet for use in the gym or print it out the old fashioned way.
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Most of you that have seen me before, especially if you with lower limb injury, will probably have heard me extol the virtues of the foam roller. I believe its benefits are extensive, even though there is no clear identified mechanism for its effect. In general I prescribe its use to help improve muscle mobility and reduce exercise related muscle pain. 

Research into Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) techniques is a little thin on the a ground but a recent review of the literature reported positive effects on the reduction of exercise related fatigue and improvements in force production.

Me giving my IlioTibial Band (ITB) a going over. See the PDF for more!
As effective as SMR might be, personally I believe nothing beats proper hands on myofascial release from an experienced therapist. If you think you can't face the roller by yourself or you think a sports massage might ease you into the discipline, check out my new sports massage deal.
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