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February 2013

Engaging the Culture

In working my other job I encounter a lot of people of varied backgrounds. It is just a reminder to me of the culturally diverse world of Cleveland and the suburbs. Let me share one story and ask you to pray for one friend I have met.
G is from a family that came from India to live in America. He is in his late 20s and was recently married. Last year, after less than a year of marriage, his wife suddenly died. I did not know him well, but let him know I was praying for him. A month or so later I began to discuss with G his religion. He is a Sikh. (I included some information below about the Sikh religion.) He shared with me about his religion. I began to pray that I would have an opportunity to share the gospel with G.
One day at work, G asked me how "it worked" for Christians. I quickly realized that he was asking a worldview question. What is the Christian perspective on life, death and everything. I shared the story of Christianity and had the privilege to share the gospel. G was interested and asked questions. He is very open and honest about his questions regarding why his wife was taken from him. He is seeking peace. He is seeking God. I have continued to share with G and have told him that God has promised that if we seek Him with all our hearts we will find Him. 

This is the culture in which we live. Please pray for G. Pray that he will find the one true God and the peace that he seeks.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Tim as he continues to share Christ with those around him. Pray for wisdom and boldness.
  • Pray especially for G, that God would reveal Himself to him.
  • Pray for TJ as he continues to prepare to be a Worship Leader.
  • Pray for Josh as he prepares to attend Cedarville University this fall.
  • Pray for TJ, Josh and Sarah as they seek to serve Christ and get jobs this summer.
  • Pray for Debbie as she continues to manage our family's busy schedule well.
  • Pray for health for us all. 
Shamburgers on mission
Adventures in 

As I continue to develop a plan to reach families at LifePoint Church I am helping coordinate the Children's Ministry at Abundant Life Community Church. (This is one of the ways I am assisting Pastor Rocky Taylor to be a pastor and church planter pastor at the same time!) We have begun to see several families coming more regularly at Abundant Life. Please pray that these parents could be more consistent in their attendance and pray especially for dads who are not always at church.
Pray for an outreach event we will be having  on February 23rd. We are inviting families to come out for an "Indoor Winter Carnival." We will have a bounce house, corn dogs, games and even a "Cake Walk" for the grown ups! pray that families from our Worship and families from our theatre come to this event! You can find our more about this event here...

Family Corner

February  is always a delightful month in our family! Of course there is Valentine's Day and the start of Spring Training in Baseball, but there is also the celebration of two family birthdays and one anniversary! This month marks our 20th anniversary, TJ's 19th birthday and Sarah's sweet 16!
We were able to make TJ's first birthday away from home all the more memorable because we went to see him! It was "Siblings" weekend at Cedarville University and so in addition to the birthday festivities, there were other activities going on as well. We even got to go and visit with the grandparents during the weekend!
Josh has recently finalized his decision to attend Cedarville, so he and TJ are plotting rooming together in the fall. The baseball season comes soon and Josh continues to prepare for that as well.
Sarah is getting ready to be 16 and is preparing for a part in the chorus of Seusical, the Spring Musical for Parma Senior High. 
Thank you so much for your prayers. They are needed and cherished!

82nd Street Theatre is in production with HONK! Jr. , a contemporary retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling with a delightful score that everyone will enjoy. 

Tickets are currently on sale for the following shows:
Friday March 8th, 7 PM
Saturday March 9th, 2 PM and 7 PM
Friday March 15th, 7 PM
Saturday March 16th, 7 PM
Tickets are
$8 for Adults
$6 for Students and Senior Adults

You can find out more information here.


The Sikh people of North America are those who practice Sikhism. Although it is among the youngest religions in the world, it is the fifth largest, with more than 26 million followers worldwide. They are known for being people of tolerance and peace, and their religion is fast-growing. Because the men do not believe in cutting their hair, Sikh men are most recognizable by the turbans they wear wrapped on their heads.

There are four basic principles by which they live:
1. Meditation: Brings peace of mind and helps one become closer to Sat Nam (god).
2. Work: One must work hard and do so honestly. Never take what belongs to others.
3. Charity: Give to the poor and share what you have with others.
4. Service to humanity and God: One must realize that humankind is one race and they must serve each other.

One of the distinct traits of Sikhism is their religious tolerance. They believe that there is one god, common to all people, and all avenues to him are acceptable.

You can find out more about Sikhism here.

WANTED: Partners in Ministry

We continue to pursue full time ministry by finding financial partners who will give $50, $100, or some other amount monthly. Currently Tim works a part time job 20-30 hours a week which includes benefits and also substitutes teaches 2 days a week. Debbie works 20-30 hours a week outside the home as well.
God has used these and other sources of income to provide for us in amazing ways and we are grateful! However, we believe that God has called us to full time ministry and we continue to pursue the day we can serve full time again.
One way you can help us do that is to partner with us financially if you are not already doing so. You can also share with us the names and information (email and phone #) of individuals that would be excited to hear of the Lord's work here. If you send us the information, we will make a contact to see who God want s to partner with us.

You can give to our ministry at this site. Just click on the "Give Now!" button.

If you know of someone who would like to learn more about what we do, email us their information!

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