LinkedIn activities for your cookbook

By Mike Crandall & Tim Priebe

LinkedIn can be a great platform for both marketing and sales. However, you have to work smart and consistently in your activities on the platform.

In Sandler, we use the term cookbook to refer to your unique list of behaviors that you do on a regular basis and track to make sure they're done. Those can be behaviors for either personal or business development.

Here is a list of LinkedIn activities that you can pick from to build your own cookbook.

  • Publish posts through your account
  • Publish posts through your Company Page
  • Publish articles
  • Update the sections on your profile
  • Update the information on your Company Page
  • See who has viewed your profile and ask them if you can help them
  • Comment on your competitors' posts
  • Comment on your strategic partners' posts
  • Look through recommended people and connect with them
  • Message your connections and ask if they'll follow your Company Page
  • Go through your network invitations and accept those that make sense
  • Recommend people you're connected with
  • Endorse people you're connected with

Of course, not all of those activities make sense in all cases. But if your ideal client is on LinkedIn, doing some of those activities on a consistent basis can help you market your business.

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Mike Crandall

Sandler Training of Oklahoma

Mike Crandall is a Speaker, Consultant, Coach and Trainer focused on Sales, Management, and Leadership Development.

He's also the owner of Sandler Training Oklahoma, a world leader in innovative sales, management, and leadership training. They offer consulting, coaching, and training for individuals and organizations serious about professional development and growth. 

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Tim Priebe

T&S Online Marketing

Tim Priebe is the owner of T&S Online Marketing. He works with small and medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations to help them avoid frustration when marketing online. He is a public speaker and author as well.

T&S Online Marketing provides help with websites, social media, email newsletters, and blogs. They do so with ongoing management, one-time help, and training.

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