Rock School 101 is here!
5:00 PM

The Music Village
Lower level of the JMS Building. Entrance on Woodward Ct.

It’s time to take the stage!

Would you like to learn how to be in a band, use sound equipment and play your favorite songs? Rock School 101 is here to help.

This class is open to students ages 7 - 16 who play drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, or sing. In this 8-week course, the students will learn important concepts such as listening, intonation, dynamics and playing as an actual band while learning their favorite classic, or contemporary rock songs. 

Look no further. This is the perfect class for the student that wants to play with others, but doesn’t know quite how. 

A final concert will be held at the end of each 8 week session featuring all
Rock School 101 bands.

Tuition will include pizza and drinks to round out the whole band experience.

For more info, please call us at 574.254.SONG(7664) or email

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