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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Trip Around The Hand 
& How It Relates To:

Part One
-The 5 Elements
-Yoga Mudras

Part Two
-Astrological Energy
-The Chakras
The practice of yoga mudra is said to facilitate the flow of energy in the body and using a specific mudra allows practitioners to enter certain states of mind and awaken the five elements in the body.
  • Nature is constantly working to maintain balance within the 5 elements that make up the earth. This is Law of Nature. Any imbalance in the five elements brings imbalance in the various energy forces in the body.
  • The Human body is also made up of 5 elements: Earth element (Bones and Muscles), Water element(Blood), Air element (Breath), Fire element (Heat), and Space element (Emptiness within).
The Magic Of Our 5 Fingers
Our body represents these elements through our five fingers. Five elements and each finger represents one element. 
  • Our fingers continuously emit various vital energy, electric waves and aura. When different fingers are connected to make mudras, they start electromagnetic currents in the body & stimulate our conscious centre; creating balance and promoting health. 
  • It is said that these gestures of our fingers and hands give us the ability to directly influence the elemental energies in the body. Each hand mudras have a particular purpose and indicate where we want to direct our energy. Applying gentle pressure with the fingers is said to activate the corresponding region in the brain. Each mudra creates energy that moves through the body and symbolizes a certain feeling, physical, mental, emotion, or state of being. 
  • the thumb is representative of the element of Fire (Agni)
  • the index finger is associated with the Air element (Vayu)
  • the middle finger is the representation of Space (Akash)
  • the ring finger represents the element of Earth (Prithvi)
  • the little finger is associated with the Water element (Jal) 
With the practice of yoga mudra, the goal is to
harness the energy in our hands and to couple it
with intention and conscious action

Mudras are important tools to free up energy (prana) and direct it to areas of the body that need healing.

This allows us to honor our physical body, our emotional body, and our mental body. In the most basic terms, yoga mudras promote the flow and balance of energy in the subtle body, and support you on your journey within!

Regular yoga mudra practice may also help you channel the internal energy and, thus, balance &
enhance your Seven Chakras and awaken the Five Elements in your body.

Turning to healing methods to replenish your energy when you’re feeling down. Maybe whenever you need some guidance, you may pull up your horoscope, or you might think to unblock your chakras and strike a stronger energy flow.

What you may not have considered, though, is the power you can strike by calling upon chakra elements (pairing your zodiac sign’s element with its corresponding chakra) to achieve balance..... 

To Be Continued In Part Two
Stay Tuned For Part Two 
Coming Tuesday
"All supreme powers that are present inside our soul (5 elements) which makes our body healthy and helps us to grab positive vibes from the universe...."
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