Reminder of Front Door Procedure

The door procedure must be completed in this order for the door to open****
Member Entry / Exit Procedure
(Other than staffed hours)
  1. Enter 4 digit pass code (6000) on deadbolt on right side of door.  If correct, lock will beep and flash green for a few seconds.  Turn the deadbolt knob counter clockwise to unlock. (Procedure MUST be done in this order to unlock the door).
  2. Swipe your Gym Assistant key tag through the barcode reader on left side of door.  Swipe from top to bottom with barcode facing left.
  3. Electronic lock will unlock inside and you will have approximately 5-7 seconds to open the door.  If door does not unlock at the top:
  1. Your membership is past due, or
  2. There was an error processing your payment or getting your account up to date.  Please see a staff member during staffed hours.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.
  1. Once inside and the door closes, the electronic lock will activate after a few seconds.
  2. For added security after hours, if you wish, turn the deadbolt knob to lock door (however this is not necessary to lock the door).
  3. Lights should already be on as they are timer controlled.  On at 4:45 am and off at 11:00 pm. This may change from time to time.
When ready to Exit:
  1. Push the Red “Push to Exit” button beside door.
  2. Unlock the deadbolt (if it was locked).
  3. Exit, and pull door closed behind you.  You will hear a small click; this is the primary electronic lock turning on.
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