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Pelvic Floor. We ALL have one. Get in on the info!

What is the Pelvic Floor?

The pelvic floor consists of muscles, nerves, tendons, blood vessels, ligaments and connective tissue. It extends from the pubic bone to the tailbone (coccyx) and out to both sitz bones (ischial tuberosities).

5 “S’s” of the Pelvic Floor

If the pelvic floor wore a super hero costume, it would need the letter “S” on it five times, because that’s how many super powers it has. These are important for both women and men.

The functions of the pelvic floor include:

  1. Stabilize—The pelvic floor controls the movement of and stabilizes the spine and the pelvis.
  2. Support—The pelvic muscles support the internal organs (bladder, uterus and rectum).
  3. Sexual—Male pelvic floor muscles enable an erection and orgasm. Female pelvic floor muscles allow for penetration and, when at the right tension, allow for pain-free orgasm.
  4. Sphincteric—The muscles of the pelvic floor wrap around and work to close and open the urethra and anus to control when we expel urine and feces.
  5. Sump Pump—With each breath the pelvic floor and the respiratory diaphragm move together to create a sump-pump action.
Find the full article here, it's a MUST READ! Author, Shannon Crow.
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