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Try Breathing with God :)

I recently posted this on Facebook and it got a lot of response. So I'm sharing it with you today. It's a little exercise that can really bring peace and calmness to your mind and heart. It also cultivates your spirituality & it's simple to do!

Breathing with God

Close your eyes and take a deep breath slowly. Imagine God's Spirit filling you as you breathe in. Hold your breath and count to five mentally. Let the breath out as you say, “Thank you, God.”

Set a timer on your cell phone for 1 minute. Do this breathing exercise. Notice how you feel after doing this exercise. I feel relaxed, at peace and I have mental clarity.

Try to do this once every day. Once it feels comfortable doing this for 1 minute, you can set the timer for 3 minutes. You’ll notice an even greater peace and clarity of mind. You may begin to become aware of God’s presence around you. [What is God’s presence like? Some people sense a presence (or energy) of love or of peace. Others sense companionship – like someone is there with them and they are no longer alone. You’ll know when it happens to you – it’s personal and unique. ♥]

Don’t start with 3 minutes if you have never done this before. Start with 1 minute. I know some of you want to skip ahead, but trust me on this. Take baby steps.

Keep doing it every day. You can do this more than once a day, if you wish. It can be particularly helpful to do this while sitting in traffic, to reduce your stress (but keep your eyes open please). Or at the doctor's office. Or anywhere you feel stressed or anxious.

One person who tried this exercise told me, "I felt calmer, more peaceful and I felt gratitude welling up in my heart." What a beautiful thing! Try it and let me know what you experience, would you? I love getting emails from my readers!!

♥ Reunited and It Feels So GOOD! ♥

     I have an amazing story to tell you today - I hope you read last month's newsletter - it was about Real Love. Today I got this reply from someone who was separated from her husband:
     "Things between my husband and me have gotten better. We are staying together and working things out and I want to thank you for that because it was a wonderful email that I read from you - the subject was "It’s Not About Love!" I broke down into tears reading that and opened up to my husband about all of the things I was feeling which he had no idea about. And well, it opened up the communication we both needed and we are back to together." - JA
     Wow! Isn't that amazing? The power of Words!! Pay attention to what you say to people. Pay attention to what you write - especially in emails or in social media. You have great power in your words - both to hurt and to heal.

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