The curse is broken; Chicago Cubs have won the 2016 World Series! Not only are we ecstatic for our beloved Chicago Cubs, but we are also proud to say our company Innovative Aquatic Design has had a hand in the remodel of their clubhouse.

We had a chance to interview Tyler Dailey, lead Project Manager for IAD, who worked with HydroWorx International and the architectural firm VOA on this exciting project. He updated us not only on what this World Series meant to him being a Cubs fan, but also on the details, challenges, and benefits this project provided for our dear Chicago Cubs.


1: Are you a Cubs fan?

I have been a Cubs fan since I learned what a baseball was.  Some of the first games of catch I ever had with my father are documented with me sporting a Cubs hat and jacket.


2: What part specifically did you/IAD design and how will it benefit the players?

IAD designed and permitted the aquatic therapy room in the new Chicago Cubs Clubhouse and teamed with a company called HydroWorx International, and the architectural firm VOA.

Our experience with the design of the Chicago Bulls facility (which featured similar equipment), ended up being extremely beneficial to the design of the Cubs facility.

Being an All-Conference catcher in high school, who went on to play briefly on a couple D-1 programs, I know that even the young players get beat up. 

Image courtesy of HydroWorx

For this project we utilized HydroWorx, which provides plunge pool and treadmill products for surgical rehab and therapeutic purposes. The Chicago Cubs facility has a cold plunge pool, a hot plunge pool, and a treadmill pool.

Cold water therapy is crucial to recovery of professional athletes.  The plunge pool that is now in the Clubhouse eliminates the need for the old method of just dumping a bunch of ice in a steel trough full of water.  The cold plunge pool has an adjustable chiller system that allows for on demand use by the players, and offers more control over the temperature of the water.

The hot plunge pool is like that of a traditional “hot tub.”

The treadmill pool has an adjustable floor that the player will step on. The floor raises and lowers to a depth of six feet. Two jets provide a resistance current for a player to walk against.  Again, with fully controllable speeds for different stages in a rehabilitation schedule. With the treadmill platform raising and lowering, the player body becomes less and more buoyant, respectively. This allows a player to slowly begin regaining range of motion after rolling an ankle without placing their full body weight on the injury. Or it can assist in strengthening a knee after ligament damage and repair.    


3: Was there any design challenges when working on the Cubs new clubhouse project? If so can you explain?

Image courtesy of the Chicago Cubs.

While these products have been installed in many professional athletic facilities across the country, Illinois has one of the more challenging state health codes to navigate.  This required some modification to the original products provided by HydroWorx to meet Illinois State Health Code requirements. IAD worked in close coordination with the owner, HydroWorx, and VOA, to be sure that these modifications did not alter the therapeutic benefits of the final product.

4: What was your favorite part about working on this project?

Probably the experience. VOA was a great partner in the design of the facility, and HydroWorx was very motivated to get the best product installed for the Chicago Cubs. 


Special thanks to Tyler Dailey, of Innovative Aquatic Design, for giving us a peek into the design process for the new Chicago Cubs Clubhouse.

Sports fan or not, this World Series made history and we’ve been anxiously awaiting this win for more years than we’ve been around. So let’s hear it for our 2016 World Series Champions, the Chicago Cubs!

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