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WASTE would like to wish all our contacts a healthy and clean 2015.
We would like to tell you about a few of our activities from the last couple of months of the year. Also we want to say goodbye to dr Anne Scheinberg.
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Verele de Vreede, Information Officer WASTE

Anne Scheinberg moving on.

When our colleague Anne Scheinberg came to WASTE in 1999, she said: “I am so happy to be here, I plan to work here for 15 years". That was 15 years ago on July 7, 2014, and indeed, after completing the 15 years, Dr. Anne Scheinberg has decided to leave her employment at WASTE. She has instead chosen to  continue the co-operation with WASTE as a WASTE Associate in the MarColombia and Safi Sana Ghana projects. For the rest of her time, Anne will be doing research and consulting via her family business Springloop Cooperatie U.A. Her focus for the coming time will be on consultancies on recycling and valorisation, especially working with private informal recyclers, micro and small private enterprises, and moving back to planning for and operating recycling and organic waste enterprises.

Dr. Anne Scheinberg was the driving force behind the waste management department. She was actively involved in developing, working with and publishing about ISWM (Integrated Sustainable Waste Management), of which the book Solid Waste Management in the World's Cities has been awarded the ISWA publication award 2010. While working at WASTE she has done a PhD in Environmental and Social Sciences resulting in the dissertation: Value Added, Modes of Sustainable Recycling in the Modernisation of Waste Management Systems.
We understand Anne's wish to continue to work as a consultant, we wish her all the best and will be sure to keep in touch with her during her further endeavours. We thank her for all her hard work and will miss her passion, professionalism and productivity.

MoU between FINISH Society, WASTE and WTO

FINISH Society and WASTE already work together in a successful sanitation programme in India, FINISH, for several years. In the fall of 2014, they signed a mutual memorandum of understanding. With this agreement the three organisations have joined hands to make sanitation accessible and affordable to all citizens in India. The founder of the World Toilet Organisation, Jack Sim, stated that the objectives would be achieved through a mixture of policy dialogues, lobbying and advocacy work for sanitation coupled with on-the-ground sanitation activities, of which the lessons learned would be fed again into the policy dialogue. This collaboration is seen as an acknowledgement of the success of the FINISH programme

New project: Biogas Sanitation Systems for Schools in Kenya

installing biodigester
Together with SimGas, WASTE will be working in 3 Kenyan boarding schools in rural areas with the aim to develop and test a new biodigester, capable to realize a safe and affordable solution for human faeces disposal and production of clean biogas.
For schools this could mean that the usage of the biodigester will save on toilet waste disposal costs and costs for fuel or wood in the school canteen.
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New project: Sanitation innovations for humanitarian disasters in urban areas

In addition to the the projects Emergency Sanitation and S(P)EEDKITS, WASTE will be working with a consortium to develop and test sanitation  solutions for emergencies to ensure:
  1. Speedy sanitization & stabilization with the aim to sanitize and stabilize faecal matter in a multiple use household containers system and/or communal tanks so that it is safe for disposal
  2. Speedy decomposition by developing a bio-additive that can promote rapid decomposition of faecal matter in order to reduce fill-­‐up rates.
The plan is to do the testing phase in actual emergency areas.
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