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Dear friends,

I am pleased to present you my new album HORIZON MATRIX, available now on CD and digital download in my Bandcamp store. You can also find it in streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon. etc.
After the release of NOCTURNES II in April (thanks for the fantastic reception of this album), I was involved in remodeling my studio and adding some new gear such as the fantastic DSI - Oberheim OB-6 synthesizer. At that time HORIZON MATRIX was already completed and during these months I have finished shaping the project, which now I present to you in an elegant and beautiful 4-Panel CD Digisleeve. The five pieces that make up this album were developed between 2017 and the first months of 2018. The first track 'Quantum Cathedrals' resonated powerfully in my mind, and I realized that there is a direct connection between this ethereal soundscape and my 2009 album ARS LUCIS. On the imminent tenth anniversary in which I am preparing the reissue of ARS LUCIS on CD, I wanted to close the circle opening the new album with this piece born from the same filtered light. Get now your copy here
Do not forget to comment on the album on Bandcamp, it's important and great to hear from you.

I deeply appreciate your support for my work. Stay tuned, more news soon, 
All the best,
Max Corbacho

As suggested by Plato, the father of philosophy, time is "a moving image of eternity." In Horizon Matrix, Max Corbacho skillfully creates a revealing and expansive atmospheric flow, in which the deep nature of temporality is the guiding thread. Such a sound landscape—slow and dreamlike—paints a graceful image where listener breathes and in a way is able to escape out of time, entering a kind of sonic wormhole. Max prints his signature stamp on all tracks, creating with his synthesizers and hardware processors expansive and luminous soundscapes, imbued with a full and warm sound, full of nuances and details. The silky chords, intertwined and fused in rich harmonies, create a space of sound in which time seems to dissolve, foreshadowing eternity. As we go deeper into the album, the multi-layered harmonic patterns push toward the climax located in the fourth track, "Into the Ocean of Time." The first track, "Quantum Cathedrals," elicits the same majesty as the 2009 album Ars Lucis. Max reflects on the connections with this album:

"During the creation of 'Quantum Cathedrals,' I realized that I was entering the same space that I had visited years ago during the recording of Ars Lucis. It was like going back to a place far away in the time that had produced in me a special feeling. On the imminent tenth anniversary of Ars Lucis, I am pleased to open the album with this piece, born from the same filtered light."

Passed through the electronic sieve of twenty-first-century instruments, this music possesses a deep, mythical temperament that paints a breathtaking panorama of the vastness.

Copyright © 2018 Max Corbacho, All rights reserved.

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