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To do this, we need to constantly interpret what is going on around the world – also beyond our own network. THE YOUNG ACTIVIST is intended to be a guide for this exploration, providing a short, concise and relevant selection of sounds, images and writing – that can hopefully inspire reflections and discussions on the changing battlefield for youth-led activism. There will be curated content focusing on both the dark clouds above us and the sunrays shining through, and with some original content from the crossroads of community journalism, academia and activism.

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// 15 weeks of democratic uprising in Hong Kong. The Umbrella movement in Hong Kong jumped right into the global headlines, when they flooded the streets shouting for universal suffrage. In the following years most of the movement leaders where imprisoned, and activists started applying new strategies for building leadership throughout their local communities. But when the government wanted to pass a law paving the way for the extradition of the umbrella leaders, it ignited an explosion of mass street actions. Listen to this podcast to hear how the movement turned defeat into insight and are reinventing resistance.
// Dystopian abortion laws. We are currently seeing a series of important setbacks for womens sexual and reproductive rights, including the so-called Gag Rule introduced by President Trump. According to the author of Handmaids Tale Margaret Atwood "white supremacy is always bubbling away in any country." One country that should serve as a warning sign for fundamentalist legislation is El Salvador, where young women and girls living in poverty are getting harsh prison sentences even when suffering miscarriage after a rape. The feminist movement and young campaigners have had remarkable success in getting more than 40 women released so far. Just last month Evelyn was acquitted (again) after having already served three years in jail. But now prosecutors are seeking a third murder trial, sparking outrage among human rights advocates and confetti-clowns on the streets of San Salvador.
// Burning down the house. The out of control fires throughout the Amazon, has resurfaced a few uncomfortable facts. Bolsonaro is not exactly your greatest ally if you are human rights defender, indigenous activist or obstructing the destruction of nature. And we mostly do little beyond #activism even though our hamburger habits are fire breathing the forrests.
// Global week of climate action. Swedish activist Greta first starting skipping school in August 2018 to get the Swedish politicians to take appropiate action. She went on to start Fridays For Future and helped inspire young people around the world. As world leaders are flying to New York to discuss climate action in the UN, Greta talked to The Daily Show on how we make sure the people in power can't continue to ignore us. This next week millions of people in more than 115 countries are expected to walk out of their classroom, workplace or home to demand climate justice. Organisers hope it can be a turning point for the climate justice movement. Read more about how the youth-led climate strikes became a global mass movement. Find your local climate strike here or be creative and add you own!
// The Zapatistas strikes back. 25 years ago they took the world stage through an armed uprising, revealing a snailpattern of autonomous communities in Chiapas and inspiring activists all over the world with their imaginative and poetic political language. After the play at an electoral campaign with Marichuy, there has been little news from the mountains. But now it seems they've just been sneaking in the shadows and have in fact expanded their territories.
// No Space. No Choice. No Jobs. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the iconic guidebook of consumer capitalism from Canadian activist and journalist Naomi Klein. NO LOGO was realeased five years of the Zapastista movement and coincided with the gamechanging Battle for Seatle. Since then, she has been one of then main interpretors of the global corporate powergrab for social movements around the globe. Her recent books includes This Changes Everything and On Fire - where she urges for a civilizational wake-up call
// Hot Potatos in Myanmar. ActionAid Myanmar and Global Platform Myanmar have just launched an exciting new online talk show series called ARLOO PHOTE KYA MAE. An exploration of what it means to be a young person living in today’s urban society in Myanmar. ARLOO PHOTE KYA MAE is a term used to describe youth’s ‘idle chitter chatter’. The show hopes to be a vibrant space for youth to take charge of their own concerns, ideas and desires. 
// ActionAid's Youth Community. This summer ActionAid launched a new global youth community to engage, connect and build the capacity of youth practitioners and allies. It is established to support and innovate ActionAid’s national youth work by learning from each other and developing new and innovative ways of working with young people and youth movements.
// Young people taking on inequality. The exclusion of young women and men from the democratic processes is a major threat to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The new report Champions and Change-makers highlights the pivotal role of young leaders when holding governments acountable to their communities.
// Tax Justice camp by Activista Nigeria. Last month around a hundred young people from across Nigeria gathered with fellow activists from Gambia and South Africa to discuss and strategize around tax justice during 5-days at Citizens and Leadership School in Lagos.
// Celebrating the power of human rights defenders. The project, ‘Supporting Human Rights Defenders and Social Movements Pushing Back in Contexts of Shrinking Civic and Democratic Space,’ has been collecting examples of best practice and innovation by human rights defenders in Bangladesh, France, Guatemala, Kenya, South Africa, Spain, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Telling the stories of their impact in pushing back to promote and protect human rights.
// Global People Power Forum.  Activists from around the world gathered this month at TCDC in Tanzania for the Global People Power Forum. The purpose was to advance our collective wisdom of rooted campaigning and people powered strategies for social and ecological justice! Merck from Solidarity with Filipino Workers sent us this video upon arriving in Arusha.
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