// Same storm different boats The climate-clock is ticking, and some beautiful friends have now visualized the countdown towards the fast approaching deadline for political action before global warming becomes irreversible. The digital monument is there to encourage us all to join the fight for the planet. A fight that is increasingly led by young people. That continues to claim the lives of community activists, especially from indigenous groups like the Garifunas. And that is being strategically escalated through direct actions, strikes or civil disobedience. This weeks Ende Gelände is an example of that. But also Extinction Rebellion has for the past two years been sparking a mass movement that is not backing down by the rattling of handcuffs. However this podcast on the evolution of Extinction Rebellion, touches on some important discussions regarding the start-up paradox, blindspots and intersectionality. Another paradox that all of us are part of now is the ongoing global pandemic. Conspiracies and misinformation are spreading at pace of the fires in California and the Amazon. Inside the current epicenter in Latin America more than 310.000 people have now died from the corona-virus and many have started avoiding hospitals. So if you're lucky and privileged enough to steer clear of the storm. Please remember that the pandemic isn't over just because you are over it.
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// No more sex for grades. Young students have been campaigning for the past year at Kenyan universities to put an end to sexual harassment. ActionAid KenyaGlobal Platform Kenya & SDG Ambassadors are supporting the #CampusMeToo movement that has already sparked attention from Al Jazeera and BBC and is starting to get major universities to revise their policies. Diana is one of many young women that are now coming forward to demand change. Watch her story and help spread the message where you can.
// Are you putting people at risk, when they join your webinar? Organisers often have to work directly with personal data, whether it’s through mailing lists, on social media, during event planning, organising demonstrations or running petitions. With many now working from home, we are planning more of our trainings and campaigns online, increasing the collection of personal data. Organiser’s Activity Book from Tactical Tech, is a collection of playful exercises for organisers within civil society who work with the personal data of human rights defenders and others who are taking part in social or political action. So before your next webinar, you might wanna have a look here.
// Reading as a form of protest. The act of empathy is increasingly important in a polarized world, and books can connect us to ideas and people we might never have met. It allows us to explore subversive, oppressed or previously unimagined perspectives. If anything which challenges unfair structures and moves us closer to universal justice can be considered a protest, then reading is one of its oldest forms. Get the full argument here and get that bookclub up and running.
// Cutting the crap from your newsfeed. Did you ever share a story on social media BEFORE reading it? Upsi. But don't worry Misinformation Mondays is here to help you crawl back from the dark side. It's an effort from Mozilla to help all of us spot the false stories and prevent them from spreading in our networks.
// Young feminists wants system change. Are you fighting for feminism in international advocay spaces? Then this toolkit was made for you.
// Corona-banger from Liberia. In Liberia ActionAid has teamed up with a local pop-singer to spread awareness and combat the perpetuation of the pandemic. Africa Fight has a beat that makes you wanna move your hips and lyrics that makes you wanna wash your hands.
// New short film shines a light in the dark. Global Platforms are spaces for young people to express themselves freely, organise with others and dream together of a different and more beautiful world. From the Global Platform in Zambia, Vanessa Chisakula uses spoken word to paint how patriarchy works as a prison for millions of young women. A short film with her poetry is now touring filmfestivals around the world and pointing the spotlight to one of the many gendered injustices that denies young women a future of their own choice. Watch the trailer for “Her Place” 
// Sustaining social movements. Club MassPower invites organisers, activists, and movement-minded allies from across the planet to join us for a series of workshops hosted by some of the most fantastic organisers and trainers we know! Workshops will be held at 8am-11am UTC on Wednesdays, beginning this week. Join us for any of them by registering here. This week on September 23 we will be looking at how movements attract the right membership and leadership from among those affected by the issues those movements aim to rectify.
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