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   Friday, December 4, 2020
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Last week, Nate Muse taught us from James 5:13-18 Here are some key points:
  • James asks: Is anyone suffering (going through something difficult/troubling)? Pray - have a conversation with God about these troubles.
  • James asks: Is anyone cheerful? Praise - let it out!
  • James asks: Is anyone sick? We should have a regular practice of praying for the sick. Sometimes we aren't sure what to pray. Ask God what to pray and pray in a specific way.  Sometimes, a spiritual need will be exposed when praying for an illness.
  • Our affections will often affect our prayers, as will sin that persists in our life. That's why we are encouraged to confess our sins to one another, which helps us seek to align our will with God's more than trying to get what we want. 
  • Three ways to align with God's will
    • Effective prayers is listening prayer.  God, what do you want to do?
    • Effective prayer is abiding prayer. Am I growing more familiar with Jesus' words? (abiding, not advising.) 
    • Effective prayer is big prayer. Expect a big God to do big things!  My "ask" is proportional to how I see Him.
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James: What's Next?

This Sunday, Russ Muse will teach us. To aid in the continuity of study, please prepare by reading as follows:

Reviewing: James 5:13-18

Preparing: James 5:19-20

To print out a manuscript version for notes/personal study, click here. (The document is being built week-by-week with the current passage on top.) 


Mauldin Parade: We have a perfect viewing spot for social-distancing parade watching! Join us in the front parking lot on Saturday, December 5. Bring your own chairs. Be sure to arrive by 1:45 pm and help us #servemauldin by giving the participants an enthusiastic, supportive audience. 

Greenbrier Children's Gifts:  Thank you so much - ALL cards were taken to provide items for three families that our adopted school, Greenbrier Elementary, identified would benefit from Christmas gifts.  Please be sure to get your items in, wrapped, on Sunday (December 6.)

Christmas Cards: We will be adding personalized cards to our gift boxes for Mauldin City Employees this year. Please fill out a card (or two!) at church on Sunday. If you're part of our online family, you can reply to this email to give us a message to transcribe onto a card for you.  The employees have been blessed by the messages God has laid on your heart in the past, so please be praying about what to write.

Gift Packaging: After the service on December 13, we will need a few folks to help us prepare the gift boxes for the Mauldin employees.  If you can stay, please reply to let us know.


Throughout the James series, we provided a manuscript style document for your use in personal study.  Is this something you would like to see continue in the future?  Please reply to this email with a "Yes!" if you make use of this and want us to provide it for other series.  Thank you!
Looking forward to new things!  We are actively pursuing the next phase of construction that will open up more of the building.  We are also moving toward implementing a church records management and communication system called ROCK.  2021 should be exciting. Stay tuned!
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We are grateful to be able to fellowship in person at the current time. Our desire is to continue meeting in person for as long as we can safely do so. As we enter the holiday season, thank you for being respectful to those who may prefer more social distancing, particularly if they are wearing masks and/or yellow or red bracelets. We welcome you to participate online any week you feel it is safer for you to do so.
We are currently meeting in person on Sundays as well as offering live stream here. Details on how we are operating during the COVID-19 situation can be found here.  
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