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Freedom Family Update

    Friday, March 5, 2021
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Last week, Nate Muse taught from Galatians 1:13-24.  Here is a summary:

Some feel this passage is about Paul defending himself, but notice the transition of Paul moving away from speaking about himself to talking about Him (Jesus.)   When someone asks you about your story of grace, do you talk more about you, or about Him? We undersell salvation when we oversell our role in it.

Sometimes, a concept can be so close to the real thing that we fall for it - but it is still fake. This was the case with what the Galatians were facing with those trying to add to the Gospel. It was as if they were being told, "God saved you. Now work really hard to follow the rules."  Today, we are also bombarded with man's gospel, day in and day out. It even seeps into our pursuit of Jesus. Be watchful not to add to the gospel (i.e. man-made rules.) This is legalism.

A gospel without Christ at the center is no gospel at all. You can't separate the truth of the gospel from the person of the gospel. When we encounter the real Jesus, He never leaves anything the same.

The message is received BY grace and is a message OF grace.  And if grace made sense, we would never be amazed by it.
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What's Next in Our Galatians Series?

This Sunday, Russ Muse will continue our series and we encourage you to make use of the following complementary resources:

Passage Links
Preparing: Galatians 2:1-10
Reviewing: Galatians 1:13-24

Homework:  Think about your grace story. How has God worked in your life?

Manuscript Version:  Click here for a manuscript version of this week's passage that you can print and mark up with notes.  

#servemauldin Spring Plans

Our focus for our upcoming #servemauldin projects is to be a blessing to teachers, staff and students at our adopted school, Greenbrier Elementary.  You may not be surprised to learn that teachers and staff are feeling weary, and students continue to adapt to a new way of doing life and school.  To be an encouragement to them, we are offering the following opportunities:

The week of March 15th we will be delivering individually packaged donuts with personal notes for the teachers and staff. The church will provide the donuts, but we need YOU to help provide the notes.  Please choose a few of the prompter cards out of the basket, prepare corresponding notecards, and return to the church by Sunday, March 14.

Student Easter Egg Baskets:
  With the cancellation of the Mauldin Egg Drop, We will be providing students an Easter basket of plastic eggs to take home on their holiday.  The church is providing the plastic eggs, but we need YOU to provide the small, individually wrapped candies for us to stuff the eggs with. We will collect candy through March 21st. Candy must be individually wrapped (i.e. chocolate kisses, mini chocolate bars), be able to fit into plastic eggs, and contain NO NUTS. 

Virtual Career Day March 26: 
Greenbrier is looking for people willing to meet with a class virtually (using Google Meet) to talk about their career for about 20 minutes.  You can also send in a pre-recorded 5-minute video if you are unable to meet.  If interested, please
fill out this form.

Freedom Group Spotlight 

These are two ongoing groups that you can jump in and out of anytime.

Top Golf On Call

Dates: Ongoing, as notified
Location: Top Golf Greenville (you will be notified what bay when confirmed.)
Times: varies, sign up for the group(s) that interest you
Leaders: Keith/Beth Beutler
Register anytime 

Enjoy some fun at Top Golf by joining one of the following on-call groups for occasional play, mostly free. Limited to the first 4-5 people who RSVP each time.  Text invites will be sent several days in advance.  Select the group(s) that best fit your schedule.  (Joining the notification group does not obligate you to play.) Top Golf is an open-air experience and requires masks in common areas. Masks are optional in socially-distanced bays. You are responsible to pay for your own food/beverage. Clubs are available or you can bring your own. No experience necessary!

Group 1: Wednesdays between 2:30-4:30 Men only with Keith Beutler  – Free

Group 2: Friday between 12:00-2:00 Men only with Keith Beutler – Free

Group 3: Friday between  3:00 – 5:00 Men/Women with Keith and Beth Beutler – Free

Group 4: Friday evenings 5:00 – whenever group wants to stop.   Mixed – Participants split the fee and should be prepared for $5-20 per person

Random Refresh for Women

Dates: Ongoing, as notified
Location: varies, including online as notified
Times: varies
Leader: Beth Beutler
Register anytime 


Be on a text list to learn about occasional unique, refreshing, and safe in-person/virtual activities for women. In-person activities may include:  walking at a local park, attending a tea or coffee tasting using social distancing protocols, or enjoying a picnic outdoors together. Online activities may include smartphone challenges (i.e. photo scavenger hunts, share-a-Scripture), Zoom Chats, etc. as the Spirit leads! You are invited to participate as you like, while understanding you will be part of a group text and may occasionally receive multiple texts during a defined period of time.

Click our directory for information about our current groups and to sign up.

*photo is representative, not TopGolf Greenville.


Rock Form(ation)

We now have an online form to help you update your information in Rock if you haven't had time, or aren't comfortable, logging into your own profile.  On, click "Connect" then drop down to "Rock Data Profile Form."  Fill that out, and we will take care of updating your profile in our system.  Keeping an up-to-date profile will help us communicate with you and will make Freedom Kids check-in very easy when we transition fully to Rock.  Online attendees, you are welcome to fill out the form, too!

For those interested in doing this themselves, here are some helpful videos to show you how.
30-second basics demo

4-minute detailed demo


We continue to work and learn behind the scenes as we implement Rock. Be watching for a test text sometime this month. Be sure you are on the system by updating your profile or filling out the connect form mentioned above!
Visit our website and click on "connect" to connect or send a prayer request card online; click on "newsletter" to see the latest issue/archives or to subscribe, or "watch online" to easily transfer to the YouTube channel for the online services.
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