See how to harness the energy coming with the Autumn Equinox!
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Autumn Equinox Newsletter

September 23rd 2013, 6.22am

Hi Kay
The Autumn Equinox brings a new season and new energy into play. Read on to find out how to harness it to your advantage and stay ahead of the game.

Sowing the Seeds

The autumn is the season of planning and sowing the seeds for next year and preparation is everything.

2014 promises to be action packed from the onset so have your strategies in place with a horoscope reading or update to identify your highs and lows for the coming year and ensure you not only don't get left behind and miss opportunities but that you also stay ahead of the game.

A horoscope reading identifies your strengths and your weaknesses and affords you the opportunity to support all aspects of your life:

Health, finances, career, family and relationships through strategic planning.

To find out more about about how to sow your seeds correctly click here
Home Staging and Energy Flow Throughout Your Property

Maximising on the use of available space within your property and ensuring a clear energy flow throughout that space is paramount to the wellbeing of the occupants within.
Blocked energy can cause all sorts of problems from reduced finances, health issues, lack of opportunities and even fertility problems. Make your home or work place work for you.

Book an energy assessment or house staging today - you know it makes sense!


COURSE DATES 2013/2014


Yuen Hom Hexagram 1
September 28th-October 3rd
Oslo, Norway

Module A Introduction to Feng Shui
Saturday-Sunday October 5th-6th.
10am - 5pm each day

6 Hexagram I Ching
Friday-Sunday October 11th-13th
Tuesday/Wednesday 15/16th
10am - 5pm each day

Introduction to Chinese Horoscope Part 1
Saturday-Sunday October 26th-27th
10am - 5pm each day

Module B Introduction to Feng Shui: Part 1 of 3
Saturday-Sunday November 2nd-3rd

Date Selection 2 with Master Petra Hunter
Friday-Sunday 15th-17th November
10am - 5pm each day

Introduction to Chinese Horoscope Part 2
Saturday-Sunday November 30th-December 1st
10am-5pm each day

Module B Introduction to Feng Shui: Part 2 of 3
Friday-Sunday Decemebr 6th-8th
10am - 5pm each day


Module B Introduction to Feng Shui: Part 3 of 3
Friday-Sunday January 10th-12th 2014
10am - 5pm each day

Module C Professional Training in Feng Shui: Part 1 of 8
Friday-Sunday February 7th-9th 2014
10am- 5pm each day

Chinese Horoscope BA ZI 1
Friday-Wednesday February 28th-March 5th 2014
Organiser Master Jacqueline Miettinen

The Battle of the Titans

Nothing escapes the influence of Life Force energy including football clubs. The recent match between Manchester United and Chelsea was no exception, a game which had millions of spectators and viewers around the world sitting on the edge of their seats.

Energetically it was anyone's game as both teams have experienced major changes to disrupt their stability at the start of this new season. Manchester United had seen the departure of their rock and manager of 26 years, Sir Alex Ferguson, and their new manager David Moyes already head to head with José Mourinho, Chelsea's new manager, over the transfer of Man U's star player Wayne Rooney. To say there was a lot of pride at stake was an understatement.

Even though Manchester United had the advantage of playing at their home ground in fact my money was on the away team, Chelsea, as Mourinho had the edge in the stability stakes. In fact the game was a goal-less draw which was unheard of for Manchester United at their home ground. Personally I think if Chelsea had used some Feng Shui advice the scales would have tipped in their favour.

Recently BBC Sports news has reported how some Football Clubs are using Feng Shui in their quest for silverware.

Check out my website for the link and to read more.

Chue Style Professional Training Programme

Module A: October 5th-6th 2013

Venue Details
New Acropolis
19 Compton Terrace
N1 2UN
Nearest tube Highbury and Islington on the Victoria line

MODULE A - Introduction to Feng Shui
An excellent introduction to the key principles of Feng Shui. You will gain an understanding of the key concepts of Feng Shui that will lead to recognition of how the environment affects human well being.

You will learn how to apply different solutions to improve the support your home and work area give to you.

You will learn about:

The principles of Yin and Yang
The use of colours through the 5 Chinese elements and cycles
How to create balance and harmony within a space
The Celestial Animals
How to attract and circulate vital energy (chi)
Enhance the energy of your home using natural elements
The art of placement
The 8 Trigrams
Introduction to Flying stars

Key Information
Duration: 2 days or a total of 12 hours
Teacher: Master Kay Tom
Course Fee: £168GBP
Times: 10am - 1pm / 2pm - 5pm

MODULE B - Intermediate Foundation in Feng Shui
This intermediate level will give you more understanding on applying methods of calculations along with Form school for a more detailed analysis of a property.

Module B:
Part 1 of 3: November 2nd-3rd 2013 London
Part 2 of 3: December 6th-8th 2013 London
Part 3 of 3: January 10th-12th 2014 London
Attendance of Module A is a prerequisite of this course

Key Information
Duration: 8 days in total
Sessions: 3 sessions of 3 + 3 + 2 days or equivalent
Teacher: Master Kay Tom
Course Fee: £1200GBP (payment instalments available)
Times: 10am - 1pm / 2pm - 5pm

MODULE C: 24 days
February 7th-9th 2014: Part 1 of 8
Attendance of Modules A and B is a prerequisite of this course.

Key Information
Duration: 24 days (144 hours) - 8 x 3 day sessions held every 2 months
Teacher: Master Kay Tom, Accredited Chue style Teacher for Module ABC, Accredited The Feng Shui Society Teacher
Course Fee: £3200GBP (payment instalments available)
Times: 10am - 1pm / 2pm - 5pm
Location: Central London, UK

The Chue Foundation AGM

The 12th Annual General Meeting of The Chue Foundation was held in Edinburgh on 
July 20th-21st this year and its President, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, was delighted to welcome over 100 delegates from many countries of the world.

It was a very special occasion for him as he was hosting the event in his hometown of Edinburgh after it had been held in many countries around Europe in the preceding 12 years.

There were presentations offered on a range of Feng Shui related topics by a number of members over the course of the two days and a Gala dinner on the Saturday evening saw new graduates being presented with their certificates of practice.

The Chue Foundation now numbers almost 200 members.

I'm pretty, but I'm not beautiful.
I sin, but I'm not the devil.
I'm good, but I'm not an angel.

-Marilyn Monroe
Hints and Tips

The most important room in a home regarding ensuring good health is the bedroom as this is where you recharge your energy each night. A good quality of sleep is vital to your well being, thus enabling you to cope with any challenges that may arise with the new day.

Particularly when coping with a demanding period in your life or if suffering from insomnia it is vital to sleep in clean bed linen, as the used linen will carry any tired energy though to the next night and so continue the pattern of disturbed sleep.

This clean linen rule applies to nightwear and bathrobes too.

It is important to have a headboard to offer support in life. This too needs to be kept clean and dust free. Avoid electrical items such as clocks by the bed and TV sets need to be restricted to the sitting room. Avoid clutter under the bed by keeping the space clear in order to ensure a good flow of energy to recharge you whilst you sleep. Avoid storage above the head.

The only flowers or plants suitable for a bedroom are orchids as they produce oxygen at night.

If you have an en suite bathroom keep the door closed whilst you sleep.

Open windows every morning to remove the old energy and allow fresh energy to circulate

Will you be lifting the silverware this season? Understand why you do the things you do. Understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Understand where you have the edge on your competitors and plan your strategy. Use Feng Shui.

To ensure you attract a good quality of Life Force energy to your property you need to ensure you stand out from the crowd and not loose this vital quality to your neighbours next door.

In this image even the small narrow property in the centre of the row is attracting attention by being painted red.
Take a leaf out of Bruce's book and give everything your best shot.
Like attracts like and success has to follow.
Artistry comes in many forms. Energy would not be able to do anything else but follow through to the upper floor.
Pure genius.
A good quality of energy flow from room to room in your property is paramount to ensuring the well being of the people within.
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