The Summer Solstice brings new and exciting energy - harness it for your benefit.
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21st JUNE 19:21pm

Hi Kay


Have you ever watched a horse in a race and noticed how his focus is entirely on the task in hand? He never looks back but keeps his attention straight ahead until he reaches his goal.

This is the spirit of 2014. Tackle your challenges head on, don't waste time on procrastination and stay ahead of the field by giving your energy to your own projects and not to those of others.


Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day in terms of daylight hours and the shortest night. This is the height of the Yang energy of the year. We truly are on a roll and this is the peak. Yang energy is about action and we all have been seeing plenty of that with hardly a moment to take a breath at times. Today the Yin energy is born and gradually the days start to get shorter, the nights longer so our stamina will subsequently start to reduce. It's not quite the time to start reigning in on your activities as yet but it is a wise man who understands his limits so forward planning and strategic actions will bring more lucrative rewards to your projects of 2014. This is no longer a time for pushing forwards but more a time for giving attention to that which you have already begun and then to start preparing for the harvest as autumn is only just around he corner. The first day of autumn is August 7th this year.

This truly has been a demanding first six months of the year because the Horse also sits at the peak of the energy of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac and more so than any other year this one has been fast and furious through the spring and summer seasons. The extent of activity has been unreal, hitting the ground running each morning, a pace that has kept up its momentum throughout the day and evening too. More so than in any recent years the quality of a good night's sleep has been or paramount importance in order to sustain us at this demanding time.


  • Wash away the old energy that is holding onto your body through your skin by taking a salt scrub in the shower before retiring.
  • Cleanse your internal energy meridians of any stale residue of the day by taking a warm salt water foot bath for half an hour each evening to get rid of any toxins.
  • Disciplines such as yoga, t’ai chi, qi gung or tapping are invaluable and will ensure a rested mind before sleep.
  • Keeping a gratitude book by your bed to list all of the positives that have come out of your day help you to focus on your way forwards before sleeping.
  • Avoiding the consumption of anything that holds down your energy before going to sleep, including alcohol, heavy meals, carbohydrates, dairy products and of course chocolate. Remember anything that holds down your energy is primarily responsible for mood swings and depression.
  • A glass of warm water is the best thing to drink prior to sleep as it does not place any demands on the digestive system so then the bodily functions can concentrate on their job in hand whilst you sleep and ensure your organs are in tip top working order and therefore presenting you with the optimum health.
  • On waking embrace the opportunity to rise and to go forth and multiply. You have an important job to do so don’t waste your energy on looking back but use it to look towards the horizon and stay focused on your goal.

I congratulate you for coming this far and for all your have achieved to date this year. Be assured by the end of the year we will all look back and feel it's been a job well done and well worth the efforts. Keep up the good work!

With my best wishes
Master Kay Tom
The Power of Design

The Ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui believes a building is just as much of a living organism as we are and so it is we are directly influenced by the properties in which we spend our time.


Burj Khalifa (Arabicبرج خليفة, "Khalifa Tower") Also known as Burj Dubai.
It is the tallest man made structure in the world at 829.8m (2,722 ft) and stands in downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
On May 27 2014 tremors were felt from an earthquake originating in Iran. The quake measured 5.1 on the Richter scale and its epicentre was said to be in Southern Iran. It struck at 9.44 am Dubai time 158 kilometres north of Dubai.
Major considerations were given to the design of this building in order to not only withstand earthquakes but also high wind

The London Shard : Renzo Piano : London Bridge Quarter. 
This is the tallest building in Western Europe standing at 310m (1,016 ft) - less than half the size of Dubai's Burj, Khalifa.

Tall buildings often attract lightning but have safety features built into them, meaning the electricity is diverted harmlessly straight into the earth.  

Dramatic photos show the London Shard - the tallest building in western Europe - being struck by lightning on the afternoon of Thursday May 22nd during heavy storms.

I have had the good fortune to visit both of these iconic buildings and was amazed how comfortable I felt despite their obvious grandeur.

Get married on the helipad on the top of the Burj Khalifa if you want a sense of feeling on top of the world.


Tom Cruise sitting on top of the Burj Khalifa

Dubai is like no other city I have ever visited as it stands entirely in its own energy without the support of surrounding mountains, forests or rivers.
Its only visible support is the ocean. It is an environment which is entirely man made and so is totally self reliant. This city owes nothing to anyone and is entirely self dependant. Of course it's riches are in the oil industry that is hidden deep beneath the dusty earth so I found it fascinating to note how the extent of this city's wealth is kept under wraps in the same way as the oil is buried in the earth.

Of course when a building is in the design process such things as the local climate in terms of earthquakes, tornadoes and electric storms are a natural consideration but in fact the responsibility goes much deeper in Feng Shui terms and the energetic values around the building. The balance of Yin and Yang energy is of paramount importance, especially in commercial premises. The philosophy is as basic as the birds and bees. Yin needs Yang and Yang needs Yin to produce something and each is useless without the other. Woman needs man and man needs woman to continue the gene, it's really very simple so ask yourself, "where would any business be if it didn't produce something?"

Addressing the values of Yin and Yang in a building can be done in a number of ways. One aspect we look at is the "Form" of the building, by form I mean shape. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to understand that both The Burj Khalifa and The Shard present a very male energy in their form but where is the Yin energy to balance it and help to produce the business it requires? Yang is giving, Yin is receiving. Of the two buildings the Burj Khalifa has a stronger more substantial base in order to receive and store the energy so from this aspect it will therefore be more prosperous than The Shard.

Another consideration to identify the balance of the Yin and Yang energy is the orientation of a building. The ultimate Yang sits due South because this is the highest energy of the day and the most active. The ultimate Yin energy sits due North as this is the darkest hour and the quietest time.

The two need to be balanced in the footprint of the design to produce the power that these iconic buildings need and desire.
The responsibility in the design of a building is immense as it has direct consequences on the life of the people using it. These consequences can range from health issues to financial challenges and everything else in between. Family members can die young, infertility can be experienced, relationships can fall apart, all because of some design imbalance.

FENG SHUI FOR ALL is a 6 day course designed to introduce the student to the enhanced possibilities design can bring.

The Year of the Horse:

A highly intuitive animal. Follow his fine example and be sure to use all of your senses.

Course Announcement: Feng Shui for All 

Feng Shui for All is a fantastic 6 day course for both the experienced Feng Shui consultant as well as for anyone who wants to understand more about the aesthetics of a building and the profound effect it has on the people within.

The course will offer amazing insights for architects and interior designers who want to understand the energetic values of the building and the appropriate uses of each area in order to give maximum benefits to their client.

The course will leave the attendee with skills that gives them the edge on their competitors by offering a tailor made property to suit their client's own personal energy. In this age of self sustaining living it makes complete sense to harness the natural power and support of Nature. 

This course is offered in London UK, Dubai UAE and Miami Florida USA.


This Season's Marilyn - 
Vintage inspiration.

You can't keep a good girl down.


Webinar News

Speaking as a guest speaker to a group of students in the comfort of their own homes in Norway. Nina Wolther of Feng Shui Living Norway invited Master Kay to speak about the concepts of Feng Shui.
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