The Autumn Equinox is upon us. Find out what the rest of the year has in store for you.
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23rd SEPTEMBER 11.51

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The power of the Moon has been acknowledged for centuries, as it is a known fact that the Moon controls the tides and their coastal ebb and flow, to such an extent that we can buy a pocket guide in any local store along the shore line and get an accurate time, to the minute, of the high and low tides. This is the reliability of the Moon.
This Earth is 70% water and therefore the Moon is controlling 70% of the Earth. Man is also 70% water which explains how the female menstrual cycle is 28 days, exactly the same as the full cycle of the Moon.

The Blue Moon

The year consists of 4 seasons, each of 3 months, with 3 full Moons in each. In fact, the Moon cycle is 28 days and not 30/31 days like most months of the year. It is therefore the case that in some years we have an extra Moon cycle, making 13 full cycles in one year. 
When a season has four full Moons then it is the third full Moon that is called the BLUE MOON. This is a rarity and hence the expression, "once in a Blue Moon"
The next time this is due to happen is July 30th 2015.


A Full Moon/Super Moon

A FULL MOON is the 15th lunar day of the Moon cycle. It occurs when the Moon is completely illuminated, as seen from the Earth. This occurs when the Moon is opposition to the Sun.
A SUPER MOON is the coincidence of a full Moon or a new Moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from the Earth. A Super Moon therefore happens when a full Moon coincides with the Moon's closest approach to the Earth. 
The most recent occurrence was on August 10th 2014 that coincided with LAP CHOW (the 1st day of autumn) in the Chinese calendar a couple of days before. The next and closest SUPER MOON of 2014 was on September 9th 2014. This Moon was also known as THE HUNTER'S MOON OR THE HARVEST MOON, as this is traditionally when the farmer brings in his harvest, by the light of the Moon if necessary.
The next Super Moon will be on Monday, September 28, 2015


The Harvest Moon

The Time of the Harvest Moon

A Harvest Moon occurs at a specific time of the year. The Moon officially turns full when it reaches the spot opposite to the Sun. The Harvest Moon happens on 13:59 Greenwich time on the Saturday nearest to the fall equinox, which is September 23rd. Once in every three years we get the same full Moon in October, but the one in September is called the Harvest Moon because farmers can continue their harvest late into the night by the light of the full Moon. The same Moon appears three days in succession, but the one that appears on Saturday is the one that receives this name.
Other names for this moon are the Wine Moon, the Elk Call Moon and the Singing Moon. It received the name of Harvest Moon because it appears in the Northern Hemisphere at the time of the year that coincides with the harvesting of crops.

It's For The Birds
During a Harvest Moon there are other advantages for the bird lovers of our planet. This is the perfect time to watch the birds migrate past the light that emits from the Moon. Some studies have proven that birds rely on the Harvest Moon to migrate from one area to another. They have also proven that the birds wait for this Moon to begin their migration.

Gazing Upon a Harvest Moon
The Moon during the year rises about 50 minutes later each day, but near autumn equinox the time shortens to 30 minutes. Some years there is an extra treat for Moon watchers when they do their gazing between dusk and dawn. Wildfires in North America and dust storms in Africa sometimes fill our air with aerosols. A low hanging Harvest Moon can give an array of colours that is not usually seen. There is also an added treat to watching a Harvest Moon. This is called Moon Illusion because the rising or setting Moon looks bigger than when it does high in the sky.

The Moon Festival


Moon Cakes

It is not hard to see how the Chinese people hold so much respect for the Moon and so it is also easy to understand their celebration of the Moon at their Moon Festival. This is a very important and very auspicious date in the Chinese calendar - in fact it is up there with the importance of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Families will get together on this day and share the Moon cake as a token of good will and good fortune to all the family.

Moon cake is a Chinese bakery product. Chinese exchange Moon cakes as gift during the Moon Festival season. Many business Companies gift their valuable customers with boxes of Moon cakes. Families will buy their favourite Moon cakes for themselves. The Moon Festival Day is a national holiday in China and Taiwan. Every Chinese won't miss Moon cake during the holiday. That means more than 1.3 billion moon cakes will be eaten during the week of Moon Festival each year.

The Moon Festival is celebrated on the 15th lunar day of the Rooster month - September 8th 2014. My granddaughter's 1st Birthday. Such a birthday gift.

Wishing everyone good health and prosperity.

Happy 65th Birthday to Bruce Springsteen on 23rd September. A man who knows well how to move the energy, so very appropriate to be sharing his birthday with the autumn equinox.
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David's self element in this chart is Yin Metal born in autumn so he immediately has a solid base, as the autumn season also represents the metal element so the self element has a root. Just like a tree in a storm that has a strong root - when the going gets tough, the tough get going. He will rise to his challenges with confidence and determination.

The metal storage box is also sitting in the partner position and so helping him to lock his Chi - cross David and you take on Samantha too. In fact, it's Samantha who helps to make David strong because she sits close in this chart, with the earth element to support David's metal.

The earth element also sits in the whole of the month pillar - in both the Heavenly Stem and the earthly Branch. The month pillar is the leader of the chart, so has added influence and support.

There is a representation of metal sitting next door to David's self element in the hour pillar, so has an immediate impact of support on the self element, and the yang earth in the month stem has added value for the same reason - because it is sitting next door, so has direct impact.

The earth and metal elements are strong in the chart for all of the above reasons, plus they have the support of 1966 kwa which is fire in both stem and branch, to feed the earth. The month branch represents the fire tomb to add further support. This is a very progressive chart which feeds into the self from the year pillar, so David's path has been mapped out from birth.

The chart is strong with the only element left to mention being wood rabbit in the hour pillar, which feeds the fire to feed the earth to support Cameron's metal.

This rabbit is very important because it represents the money energy to Cameron, and a strong chart needs to see the money because it eases the responsibility placed on the shoulders of the self element. In this chart, the money is pure because it is the only representation of wood, so it is clear. Cameron's money is therefore strong.

The strong chart also needs to see the Kun/Power to protect the money. In Cameron's chart the Kun is the fire element and there is plenty of that.

In fact Cameron makes this power work for him because this fire feeds the earth which is his Jing Yan/Pin Yan, which represents the Seal of Approval, so it is fuelling his success.

Sometimes, for a day stem of metal, the earth element support becomes too much because the metal is already in the earth and added metal only serves to bury it even deeper. This is not the case for Cameron because he is Yin Metal which has already been extracted from the earth and crafted into something "beautiful". A metal that is destined to shine. Cameron can therefore embrace this earth support in his chart and welcome the acclaim that this brings through the Seal of Approval Jing Yan .

There is no water in this chart so Cameron has no interest in his career, his eye is on the money and more importantly to him, the power.

We only choose supportive elements that exist in the chart

David Cameron's supportive elements are Wood and Fire
Avoid elements are Earth and Metal

David's current Current Fate period sits with the Water Tiger, a strong Tiger with a root.
This Tiger creates a three combination to Fire in his chart, so the Chang Sang of power has kicked his status and public profile into action.

This predominance of power remains the same for the next 10 years because the Quai stem combines to his month stem to fire, and the Muw rabbit combines to his month branch to fire. The whole of this 10 year period combines to the leader of the chart, the month pillar, so again the eye is on leadership and power. It is his Raison d'être. The future looks strong for David Cameron.

Interestingly Alex Salmond's self element is also Yin Metal that wants to shine and likes to make plenty of noise/sound. Born 12 years before Cameron, this man is almost represented by the Horse just like Cameron but due to being born just after Dung Gee on 31st December, he is in fact a wood sheep Yute May

This already doesn't bode well in that he is born in a period of transition between two years, 1954/55, which in itself brings an element of indecisive and ambiguous energy. The energy at this time of year is fragile, mixed and immature. It is interesting to note that had he been born just a few days earlier and in the year of the wooden horse, he would belong to the 1/9 kwa, which is the parent of the forthcoming 9 fate period of 30 years. As it is, he has missed that boat.

Continuing in the same ambiguous energy, this chart wants to transform to water but the jealous combination with two characters wanting to combine to the self element means this is not pure. The season supports the transform but the year, the Sheep, objects so the chart cannot transform. This leaves him with a sense of frustration, always chasing a dream that he never quiet achieves. In this case the water element representing his career, so he never quite achieves his political aspirations.

Salmond's Current fate pillar, the metal horse, 9/8 kwa, leader of 9 fate, so he has his eye on the leadership energy. The Horse can combine to the objector of the transform, the Sheep, and he may have a temporary transform that is still not pure because of the jealous combinations. This could account for his rise to fame over the last few years. This fate period continues to his 67th birthday and may just be strong enough to carry him through, albeit unstable for all the reasons discussed.

The chart has a root in the partner position and in the hour branch, and the earth in the year brings added support, so inside this man has plenty of self belief. Unfortunately for him the buck stops there because there is no support from the Heavenly Stems, so he is not a popular candidate. Yin metal is already soft, so the wood and fire in the stems only serve to make it even softer. The Yute in the year pillar is particularly strong, sitting over its own bank and so has the ability to feed the fire of the month and hour stems, which sit right next door to the self so have major impact. Luckily this impact is reduced by a combination to water.

Salmond is a chameleon. The metal element can change very quickly from hot to cold. When it is fired it becomes very hot, but as soon as it is dipped in to water it cools rapidly. This man has both elements present in his chart. The fire in the stems give him the appearance of being very soft, but the rat in the month leader position is supported by two metal branches and is cooling this fire, and giving him more stability by strengthening his root. The season is very important to his chart because metal, although resting, is stronger in winter than fire.

The chart is unstable. Although there appears to be plenty of support and self belief inside the elements that are responsible for this, earth and metal, they are cold in winter with the ground frozen and therefore difficult to access. This man means well but he can't quite achieve his dream. Scotland is also a cold country and does not support this chart.

Supporting elements are earth and metal
Avoid elements are water, wood and fire.

David Cameron's chart is excessive on the fire element, which will control Salmond.


The I Ching is showing an awful lot of change in the response to this question, as four of the six lines are changing. David Cameron is represented by the 1st line and the Earth kwa, and Alex Salmond by the 4th line and the Heaven kwa.

The first three lines shows more stability in that only one line changes and everything in the first three lines of the future hexagram combine back to the original. The first line shows the people combining to Cameron! The second line the money and the third line the seal of approval/authority. This gives Cameron continuity.

The top three lines all change and have a number of mischief makers sitting on these lines. For Alex Salmond, this is representing a total U turn.

As the polls have predicted this is a close run battle but at the end of the day Cameron has the stronger hold in both his birth chart and in the I Ching reading. The outcome is more likely to be a NO VOTE.


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