Do you dare to be different? See how to harness the energy coming with the Summer Solstice!
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Summer Solstice Newsletter

21st June 2013 13.33

Hi Ashley
The Summer Solstice is upon us and lots is happening here at the Energy Specialist. Would you like to know how to make the most of the new energy coming in? Then read on!
Colour Brings Life

If You Want To Get Ahead
You Need To Stand Out 
From The Crowd

The skill in attracting a good source of energy to your property is to make yourself noticed!
This may sound simple, but that's how it is to energy that acts much like an inquisitive child - see something different and it has to explore.

Over the last few months I have been running a feature through my Energy Specialist's page on Facebook on the power of colour. Current trends and fashions dictate muted tones in the decor of our homes and business premises, which in fact makes a perfect backdrop to bursts of colour as the mood dictates.
So in Spring we can use brilliant yellows and vibrant violets through to the Christmas seasons when the traditional reds and golds work just as well.

To find out more about harnessing this power CLICK HERE
Feng Shui For Health
And the value of Life Force Energy

In the same way a Chinese acupuncturist  understands the importance of clear energy meridians running throughout the body to support the health of our internal organs, the Feng Shui consultant understands and respects the importance of clear energy meridians running throughout the building in which we reside. Both of these disciplines have the same common goal, that being to bring vital life force energy to the life of the people using these principles and hence improve the quality of life. The Chinese belief is that a building is just as much as a living organism as we are and therefore it needs and deserves the same care and attention that we afford the self through regular health checks, good diet and exercise regimes.

COURSE DATES 2013/2014

Chue Style Professional Training Programme
London: Module A
September 14/15

Chue Style Professional Training Programme
London: Module B
October 5/6th
November 8/9/10th
December 6/7/8th

Chue Style Professional Training Programme
London: Module C: Part 1 of 8
February 7/8/9th 2014

Advanced Yuen Hom 1 Feng Shui
Oslo, Norway: September 28th - October 3rd

6 Hexagram I Ching 1
London: October 11th-16th

Advanced Chinese Horoscope BA Zi 1
Lake Garda Italy: October 22nd-27th

Advanced Chinese Horoscope BA Zi 2
London: November 1st-6th

Date Selection 2 with Master Petra Hunter
London: November 15/17th

Advanced Yuen Hom 1 Feng Shui
Rome Italy: November 19th-24th 

Advanced Chinese Horoscope BA Zi 1
Bordeaux France: November 29th - December 4th
Congratulations to Mandy McGill

Mandy is a colleague and valued Chue Foundation member who has recently opened her own Feng Shui Cafe in Neuchatel, Switzerland.
Mandy fully understands the use of space and colour and the application of her Feng Shui knowledge makes a visit to her establishment an experience to remember. I had the good fortune to visit for lunch in May this year and recommend without hesitation dropping in if you are ever in the area.

ANANDA: 31 Fabourg De L'Hopital Neuchatel Switzerland

Spring 2013

Never before has the advent of colour been more pronounced that in the spring of this year. Of course every year we wait with eager anticipation for the trees  and shrubs to burst forth in spring after the ardours of a colourless winter, but this year more so than ever because spring was so late. The most astounding aspect for me was the fact that the tiny spring flowers were indeed on schedule in their cue to appear on the world stage, it was the trees that were so late.
I can only conclude this was due to the rigours of 2012 and the wettest year on record. The roots of the trees we still sodden and so were more reliant than ever on some spring sunshine to dry out the wet earth and encourage their bloom. The tiny spring flowers on the other hand have a shallow root so were first to take the opportunity to raise their heads when the sodden earth started to dry out and hence their promotion in the order of appearance. 

Bob Dylan wrote back in the 1960s "times they are a changing" and this fact still remains clear today. We are moving towards a new period of fate in 2017 that represents "all change" so Mr Dylan would be well advised to start penning his words in preparation. The 1960s were a pinnacle in the process of change and our evolution. Our grandparents looked on in horror to see the hemlines of the young ladies' skirts raising to no more than the size of a handkerchief, music changed from big band and tea dances to rock and roll and all night gigs and free love kicked the chaperon into redundancy. The changes were dramatic and very quick. So what of 9 fate, how dramatic will this change be!
The main characteristic of 9 fate is speed. Fast, fast, fast. My feeling is that 9 fate is already showing. How long does it feel since the Christmas celebrations of 2012 and yet now we are in June, six months on!!! In this age of travel we can all be anywhere in the world within the next 24hours. We all want everything now. Our grandparents would save for the rainy day, we put it on the credit card and pay later. We only understand fast. Indeed, people find it hard to relax. Relax, what is that? Maybe a glass of wine with colleagues after work but then we immediately go onto a dinner date or a night club. We live virtually 24x7.  What can you do? In fact very little. We have to follow the energy as the energy is king. Best advice I can offer is buy a good pair of trainers and invest in a personal fitness trainer as health will be of paramount importance in order to cope with all this. Health and energy - so back to the colour. Be assured you get the most from Nature and the natural environment to support you through all this hype. 
Be sure to harness the power and energy of nature in order to traverse the changes.


Master Kay Tom will be offering the Chue Style Feng Shui professional training programme with the Feng Shui Society in London from Autumn 2013
Watch the website for details
Master Kay Tom is a direct student of Grand Master Chan Kun Wah and is the only teacher in London accredited by both the Chue Foundation and
The Feng Shui Society.
Kay has been teaching Chue Style Feng Shui on behalf of Grand Master Chan in the UK as well as in a number of countries across Europe
for more than a decade.

She specialises in advanced courses in Yuen Hom Feng Shui, Ba Zi Chinese Horoscope and The 6 Hexagram I Ching and offers a Professional Training Programme through her London School,
The Imperial School London.
Master Kay Tom is one of Grand Master Chan's direct students and holds the title of Master in Feng Shui, Chinese Horoscope and Auspicious Date Selection. 
Kay works closely with Grand Master Chan and feels honoured to have held the post of Chairman of The Chue Foundation since 2001.

She teaches post graduate courses and the Professional Training Programme on behalf of Grand Master Chan from her London School and in schools around Europe. Kay specialises in the subjects of Yuen Hom Flying Star, BA Zi Chinese Horoscope and 6 Hexagram I Ching in an endeavour to assist her Master in the continuation of the knowledge of their Lineage.
Kay conducts consultations in both the business and private sector as well as offering Chinese Horoscope advice in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere through her website.
She is a writer and public speaker in her specialist subject of Feng Shui.
Nature is her life. 
Master Kay Tom FSSA
The Energy Specialist

The joy of good health

Master Kay Tom, high in the mountains of Creux du Vann Switzerland, embracing the fresh mountain air on my day off. My grateful thanks go to Master Lionel Bustini and Magali Weiss for their kind invitation to visit their school in Geneva to teach Yuen Hom 1 to their recently graduated students. Congratulations to all students who attended the course and who were presented with their attendance certificate on behalf of Grand Master Chan and The Chue Lineage. Yuen Hom 1 is a tremendous platform for launching Chue post graduate studies. 
The skill of the Feng Shui consultant is to recognise and understand the energy flow to and around a building and its direct influence on the lives of the people within. A beautiful vibrant flower will only be so as a consequence of having a healthy root so therefore what is going on behind the scenes has more influence than that which is showing on the surface. It is a question of addressing both the symptom and the cause so if ill health is the symptom what is the cause? Maybe it is a blocked drain, maybe a dead tree; the cause can lie within a whole range of things. The skill of your practitioner is to identify the area of the property that is directly associated with the ill health and to identify and remove the energetic blockage within that area.
There is nothing more powerful than nature:
Feng Shui is life

2013 has been a busy year to date with courses at our venue in Islington, London. The new Ba Zi Chinese Horoscope Introduction course, which was opened to non Chue graduates for the first time, was a huge success and well received by the students who attended. The Advanced Yuen Hom 1 Feng Shui, Advanced Yuen Hom 2 Feng Shui and Advanced Ba Zi 1 Chinese Horoscope were all well attended and well received. Congratulations to all who attended and who received their certificates of attendance presented on behalf of Grand Master Chan Kun Wah.

The next few months are also action packed, such is the pace of the energy this year. A very important date for your diary is July 20th/21st The Chue Foundation Annual General Meeting in Edinburgh Scotland. All members are welcome, the event being open to non members and the general public on the 2nd day, Sunday 21st July to witness first hand the array of Chue Style Feng Shui applications that will be presented by its members. Of course there will also be a Master Class from Grand Master Chan.

Some of the topics on the agenda are:-
A Glasgow Housing Project: Zoe Gibson
Back to our Roots – A journey through the mountains of China: Master Kay Tom
Date Selection and Surgery: Dr Christian Chanson
The New Pope’s Election: Master Jacqueline Miettinen
Living Energy: Olga Nalivkina-Barberis
Knowing the Chi: Susanna Lau
Yin Feng Shui: Master Pamela Forsyth
Date Selection and the 64 Hexagrams: Master Petra Manson
Face Reading: Priya Sher
The Time of Your Life: Master Jillian Stott
It will be a full agenda with a wealth of information to take away for your personal use. For more information of venue and accommodation go to:- and follow the links to registration AGM
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