The Winter Solstice brings with it new energy. Find out how to use it to your advantage.
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Winter Solstice Newsletter

December 22nd 2013, 2.05am

Hi Ashley
December 22nd sees the birth of the energy of 2014.

The year of The Wooden Horse promises to be memorable as the Horse is not the shy and retiring type but more of a go getter that knows no barriers to achieving his dreams.

The year is not for the feint hearted so shed those extra pounds, take up that gym membership and get fit in order to be prepared for an action packed year ahead.

2014 The Year Of The 

Wooden Horse

The winter solstice on December 22nd heralds the birth of the Year of the horse. Grit, determination, endurance, vitality, true spirit, you name it, he has it. There are two choices here, either you join in the race or you get left standing by the rails. There is no middle ground.
In truth it is a year for the leaders, for those who want to make a difference and make it happen. That is not to say the rest will be left out, after all there are thousands of spectators at a race meeting all enjoying the excitement and spirit of the event, all admiring the courage and commitment of the horses and their riders and all happy to celebrate in their successes.

 2014 is an immense turning point in an energetic cycle that stretches over 180 years. Currently we are coming to the end of the 8 fate period of this cycle which has been with us for the last 20 years. At its height this fate period has had its impact and has instigated many changes in our evolution but its strength is waning and hence the indecision and ambiguity that has existed in the workplace over the last few years. All that is about to change and the horse
knows how to do it.
We are fast approaching a new period of fate that commences in 2017 and this horse is the parent of that period. He knows what he wants, is 100% committed to his responsibility and will be setting the stage for the next 25 years during 2014. This is about forward thinking, strategic planning and long term investment. This is not for the feint hearted, this is action man.
What’s in it for me?
A leader can take on many guises: your name doesn’t need to be Boris Johnson in order to be a leader. You may be the captain of your local football team, a CEO of a listed company, an actor on a stage, an athlete on the track or the head of the home. Leadership is responsibility, setting an example that others follow and keeping up the resolve of your team when the challenges come. The fact is the horse will bring the opportunities but the pace is fast so you have to be quick to recognise them and then to seize them.
A leader is nothing without his army, his followers. Without the rest of the team and the reserves on the sub’s bench a captain is no one on the football field. The entrepreneur can have amazing foresight but he needs his workforce to produce the goods. There’s something in it for everyone in 2014 if we stay alert, stay focused and stay fit and healthy.

The sport of gentlemen
Be sure you are in the winner’s enclosure
Know that what you are doing during 2014 is setting the scene for the next 3 decades… what you want to be!
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The Winter Solstice. The shortest day in terms of
daylight hours and the longest night.

Now the energy turns and the days start to get longer again.
This is the birth of the yang energy that brings the action.
Things are on the turn and bringing new beginnings.
This is such an amazing time, full of hope and
enthusiasm for the unknown of 2014.


Thoughts to take through 2014

There is no better time of year to set those resolutions AND stick to them.

There can be no better start to the year than on a positive footing because you are setting the stage for the rest of the year.


There is no greater gift to take through 2014 than the gift of TRUST.

Take the rough with the smooth because everything happens for GOOD reason.

Learn the lesson from your challenges and move on.

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Take with you the positives


The constellation with many names. In the west we call it the Great Bear or the Plough. In the east they call it the Pipe. Whatever the name, the brightest star of this constellation in the north of the night sky on December 22nd is the star that sets the bar for 2014. Let's trust it's an auspicious one!
The star shining brightest in this image taken early December is representing longevity so trusting it stays this way I am wishing everyone good health for 2014.

Master Kay Tom

Marilyn's Philosophy

Start the Spring Clean Early

The most important aspect of your home is your front door. If the Qi does not reach your door and enter within the family will suffer as a consequence in all aspects of life - relationships, finances, career prospects, success in examinations to name a few.

Get ahead on that spring cleaning and start by clearing up the path to the front door and front porch - you will be pleased you did it!
Take a leaf out of Mr Hopkins' book


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