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Volume 20, Issue 11 - July 2014
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Announcing YK's First Community Orchard

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What organic methods, if any, do you use to help deter cats and other wildlife from digging in your garden beds?
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HELP NEEDED: Niven Garden

When: Saturday July 5th

What: Help to move compost and a work bee to build garden boxes

Where: Niven Community Garden

 Truck and truck driver are needed to move compost to Niven Community Garden between 12 am-2 pm this Saturday July 5. Please contact Katarina Carthew if you are available to help at 445 5300.
We are excited to announce that Niven garden is having a work bee on Sunday to build garden boxes. Much help is needed (and appreciated!). The work bee will take place between 10:00-2:00pm. Thank you!
EVENT: Open House with France Benoit

When: Thursday July 10th

What: Open House with France Benoit and her vegetable garden

Where: Madeline Lake

 You are invited to see France's vegetable gardens at her home on Madeline Lake on Thursday July 10th between the hours of 5:30 - 8:30pm. France is a well known Northern gardener and specializes in growing food in small spaces using a mixture of container gardening, garden rows and raised beds. Please note that children are welcome, but that dogs are not. Carpooling is recommended as there is little to no parking available. If you would like to carpool and can provide your phone number then email and let us know if you are willing to take people out or if you want a ride, and we will try to coordinate that.
EVENT: Trail's End "Twigs in the Garden"

When: Thursday July 10th

What: Building trellises, towers, and loops with willows

Where: Trail's End Community Garden

Cost: By Donation - all proceeds go to the Trail's End Community Garden

 Interested in working with willows to build trellises, towers and loops to help your garden grow? Please join us for a demonstration on building a few structures perfect for those climbers (peas and beans) or for use as decorative dividers in your garden. Bring your own willow if you'd like to build your own structure. 

This event is being organized by Trail's End Community Garden. For more information, call Linda at 444-0061
EVENT: Trail's End "Vertical Pallet Workshop"

When: Thursday July 17th

What: Learn how to build an attractive vertical garden using our favourite building material: wooden pallets! (With Dawn Curtis)

Where: Trail's End Community Garden

Cost: By Donation - all proceeds go to the Trail's End Community Garden

 Learn how to build an attractive vertical garden using our favourite building material, wooden pallets!

This event is being organizaed by Trail's End Community Garden. For more information, call Dawn at 446-6169 
The garden collective has always been committed to enhancing food security in Yellowknife. Please kindly remember that gardeners (except Weledeh) donate 25% of their plot to grow food that is donated to a local food security organization. Gardeners weigh and record all donations. To view some of the organizations that donate food, please click here.
There should also be a list and a record sheet in the garden shed.
Gardener Caihla at Weledeh Garden planting some tomatoes on a sunny evening in June. There has been a lot of growth in this garden since this photo was taken a few weeks ago!
Announcing YK's First Community Orchard
Yellowknife's first community berry orchard has just been planted! The orchard contains about 180 raspberry bushes, 30 saskatoons, and 30 haskaps. A drip irrigation system will ensure that the bushes receive sufficient moisture, and the berries will be open to the public for picking when the berries are ready. The berry crop will be small this year but will significantly increase over the next few years. The orchard is located adjacent to the community gardens at Kam Lake Rd and Woolgar Ave, and was planted by Dwayne Wohlgemuth and Daniel Porto.
Gardening at Site 1 & 2 in mid-June. Look at all that new growth! Gardeners were busy watering and weeding while I was out taking photos. I can't wait to see what these garden plots look like now.

With the upcoming season at the forefront of our minds remember that we are all part of a Community Garden. Please participate in the site chores, work bees, and events throughout 2014 to keep our gardens growing healthy and beautiful.
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