Awarded for Hard Work...

Due to our hard work with professional partners on child sexual abuse investigations, APLE Cambodia has received many awards from national and international law enforcement agencies over the past 11 years.

Once again, APLE Cambodia was honoured to receive a great award from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director in recognition of outstanding cooperation and assistance in connection with two child sexual abuse investigations. The FBI director mentioned APLE’s “cooperation is of immeasurable help to our representatives in Cambodia. I would like to share their gratitude with your support, which assisted them in carrying out their responsibilities".

Our close work with foreign law enforcement agencies ensures that foreign perpetrators will be punished, regardless of where they attempt to commit a crime.
Investigation program in number:
- 22 reports received via hotline, email & staff
- 23 investigation cases investigated and followed up

Finding Justice for Child Victims
APLE’s legal department works tirelessly to seek justice for victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation through representation and protection of clients’ rights.
Recently, an American offender was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment on charges of indecent assault with aggravating circumstances. Before the judgment was announced, he had been under the judicial supervision, but not in pre-trial detention. He was arrested and detained immediately after the verdict pronouncement. The court ordered him to pay 2 million Riel (500 USD) compensation to each plaintiff. Moreover, he will be deported after serving his imprisonment.
Deportation is key to ensuring that victims are not re-victimised or traumatised and that no other child is at risk of being abused by that offender. During the past five months, the court has ordered 4 out of 5 foreigners convicted to be deported after serving their sentences.

Legal support program in number:
- 40 victims and family members received follow-up legal
counseling and support
- 21 victims and 16 families represented at courts

Capacity Building for Cambodian National Police
With funding from our newest donor – 24 Hour Race - APLE supported a 5-day training for Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police. The focus of the course was Combating of Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation of Woman and Children.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, APLE Executive Director Samleang Seila underlined the importance of employing a robust and deterrent approach to handling sexual crimes against children. Key points included the international legal tools to be used for investigating and prosecuting child sex offenders, the global network for regional and international cooperation, and the call for mandatory deportation in all convicted foreigner cases.

Awareness/training program in number:
- 75 (F:29) participants from the Cambodian National Police attended a 5-day training course on Combating of Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation of Woman and Children
- 15 (F:8) participants attended an awareness session on child
protection and child rights

Social counseling remains vital for child victims
APLE social workers travelled to Battambang to provide counselling to seven male victims. APLE is thankful to our partner NGO, who has provided ongoing care to the boys. One of the boys told our social worker that he was thankful because her counselling and support had put an end to gossiping among the other children about the boy’s abuse. 
To ensure all 23 children at the NGO were given tools to understand and prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation, our social workers showed two education movies. The children were interested the movies because it taught them about their body, where people can and cannot touch, and how to get support if they need it.

Social support program in number:
- 127 follow-up meetings with clients this month (includes victims, vulnerable children, family members, and witnesses)
- 1 victim got access to medical examination
- 4 referrals to shelter