APLE Celebrates International Children's Day

On June 1, APLE cerebrated International Children’s Day. Around 300 children and parents joined us to enjoy games and educational activities. APLE staff and volunteers provided all participants with some tips on how to keep children safe and child rights.
Many children were so happy by playing games, answering questions and painting and colouring their pictures. They were also interested in watching the video entitled “Good Boy and Good Daughter.”
This is APLE’s first event of the year to entertain children and encourage their parents to focus on their children’s safety and they wished such an event to happen again next year.

Awareness and Training Program in Number:
- 34 (F:20) participants from the government officials, police and commune counselors at a training on child sexual abuse and exploitation
- 317 (F:178) participants as parents and children at an awareness event on child protection and child rights

6 Boys Rescued, Offender Sentenced
Six boy victims and their families were very happy and satisfied with the judge’s verdict after getting justice from the court’s decision against George Mousallie. He was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, ordered to pay 10 million Riel as compensation to two civil plaintiffs, and a 5 million Riel fine. He will also be deported after serving prison term in Cambodia.
All victims mentioned that “the convicted who destroyed their trust on him deserved this punishment”. With this compensation from the convicted, the families could use it as a capital for business and for their children’s education after their mental recovery.

Legal Support Program in Number:

- 58 victims and family members received follow-up legal
counseling and support
- 33 victims and families represented at courts

Online Sexual Abuse on Rise, But Could Be Prevented
Sexting and online sexual crimes against children have become more prevalent in Cambodia. This is mostly due to the rapid increase of internet access. With these online capacities, young people, including children, are at risk of being sexually exploited online. In order to combat this form of exploitation, APLE has initiated a unique project called the “INTERNET HOTLINE”. Thus far, most reported cases have involved distribution of indecent images of underage girls.
One of the girls, 17, who received help from APLE on this kind of abuse, said “I didn’t think anyone could help me to solve this problem, but APLE could.”
If you see child sexual abuse or exploitation online, please report it to:

Investigation Program in Number:
- 21 cases received through hotline, email and staff
- 7 investigation cases investigated and followed up

A Victim Gains Beauty Salon Skills During Recovery
In her dream, Sopheap* would like to become a famous singer. However, it seemed this dream would never be real after Sopheap was groomed by a broker to have sex with a Khmer-American man.
After a complaint from her mother, Sopheap was found and rescued. She was given trauma recovery sessions in a safe shelter. Then, she was reintegrated to her family. To follow up on her current condition, our social worker met with Sopheap to get an update. Currently, she is enrolled to learn beauty salon skills near her house. She is happy with her new life and she plans to start her own business with her new skills in the near future if her family could support her. (*name changed)

Social support program in number:

- 101 follow-up meetings with clients
- 16 victims got access to medical care
- 9 victims got access to medical examination
- 4 referrals to shelter