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April Newsletter
Issue #4, 2015

Social Support Program
Court Support project

Our social workers provide immediate psychological, emotional and physical support to those affected to reduce the emotional impact and possible trauma associated with the crime, investigations and ongoing legal process...
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From a street boy to assistant chef  

APLE is feeling proud in April, thanks to the great achievements of a boy who was victimized in 2009. He is an orphan that was living on the streets, collecting cans, begging, and sniffing glue. He never had enough food to eat. Since he was rescued, his life has stabilized and he has found a new passion. Within a safe shelter, he attended school, stopped sniffing glue, and received legal and social support from APLE.
In mid-March 2015, he got a job as an assistant chef at AEON mall. He updated APLE about this in April, letting us know that he is so happy with his job and that “it is really different from a street child”.

Social support program in number:
  • 95 follow-up meetings with clients this month (including victims, vulnerable children, family members and witnesses)
  • 2 victims got access to medical examination
  • 6 referrals facilitated to residential care

Investigations Program

Community Watch project

We have established, maintained and built capacity of a committed network of informants within the community who are able and willing to identify and report suspected abuse. These people serves as our eyes and ears on the ground and will be at the forefront to prevent potential abuse from happening...Learn More

The Traditional Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Remains  

Commercial child sexual abuse continues to exist in Cambodia. Widespread poverty and a lack of knowledge among girls leads to luring and recruitment of them. The girls are then kept in a place where they are controlled and forced to provide sexual services to customers.
Recently, APLE has been investigating three cases related to commercial sexual exploitation of children. In one case, a 15-year-old girl was lured out of her house by her boyfriend. He sold her to a pimp who forced her to have sex with customers, up to 7 to 8 men a day. When she refused, the pimp became violent. After several months, the girl managed to escape and seek help from the police. APLE assisted by identifying the pimp and the house where other girls were being forced to have sex. The pimp, a Cambodian woman, was arrested this month on suspicion of selling three underage girls to have sex with young customers.

Investigations program in number:
  • 22 reports received through hotline, email and staff
  • 10 investigation cases investigated and followed up

Awareness & Training Program

Collaborative Action project

Goal: To foster collaboration and open discussions on key topics affecting the situation of child sexual abuse and exploitation

We conduct and facilitate information sharing and technical workshops with stakeholders to discuss cooperation, solutions and best practices related to child abuse and exploitation...Learn More

Child Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Vital For NGOs

APLE cooperated with the Cambodia Volunteer Foundation (CVF) to conduct training to 35 NGOs personnel from four provinces. The training emphasised how to safeguard children from sexual abuse and the need of developing and effectively implementing child protection policies in their institutions.

Awareness/training program in number:
  • 47 (F:15) participants from various NGOs attended a one-day training workshop on child safeguarding and child protection policy.
  • 22 (F:16) participants attended an awareness session on child protection and safeguarding.

Legal Support Program

Child-Friendly Procedures at Court

In a recent case in Siem Reap, APLE was pleased to see child-friendly procedures employed during the court process.  This allowed three boy victims to testify confidently. A witness and the civil plaintiffs were also given timely notification about the court hearing.
The three boys, aged 9 to 14, their family members, and 1 witness were courageous to testify before the court. The accused also confessed before the court that he committed crimes against the boys. The verdict will be announced on 7 May 2015 at 8:30am at Siem Reap Provincial Court of First Instance.

Legal support program in number:
  • 37 victims and family members received follow-up legal counseling and support
  • 16 victims and 15 families represented in courts
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APLE is not a government entity and thus relies heavily on corporate and individual donations. APLE fights for justice for child victims of the sexual abuse and exploitation. We can’t make this happen without your generous support.
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