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Don't wait until your child is so far behind before seeking help with academics. It's much more beneficial to establish effective study habits right from the beginning of the school year. Give your child the chance to advance and really absorb all of the material he or she is learning early on! This will prevent your child from developing negative beliefs about learning, losing confidence, and getting stressed out.  Intellect Learning Center's SCHOOL SUPPORT PROGRAM includes tutoring directly related to school work. We have specialists in all major subjects, including reading, writing, math, science, history, and Spanish. Students come in with homework assignments, questions, and material for tests and quizzes, and our tutors give students the explanation and guidance they need! For the students looking for help related to foundational skills or acceleration, we have research-based curriculum for our STANDARD PROGRAM in reading, writing, math, and study skills. We also offer comprehensive TEST PREP PROGRAMS (ACT/SAT/HSPT). 

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The following excerpt was printed in the Regional News, July 2016

"What sets Intellect Learning Center apart from the rest?"
We sat down with Intellect Learning Center’s founder, Lila Kayali, to find out more about the philosophy of the management and staff.

“Too often, we see education being “forced upon” our children. It doesn’t matter whether students are interested or engaged as long as they can meet the standards we set for them. If they get good enough grades and follow the rules, we as parents and educators feel we’ve done our job. But that’s not what true learning is about. We know children are naturally curious and are born with a desire to learn. Look at how babies explore their surroundings, touching everything in sight. Listen to a 4 or 5-year-old ask endless questions about the world around them. At what point do we lose that drive? Why is it that so many middle and high-school students see learning as a punishment they have to suffer through just to please their teachers or parents? There is definitely a systematic issue that we have to face in order to get students to not only realize the value of learning, but to understand how to learn, how to think critically, and how to question.  At Intellect Learning Center, our goal is to help students become independent learners who know their strengths and are confident enough to persist through challenges and overcome their weaknesses. While we emphasize good grades and high scores, we understand those are by-products of successful learning and not the driving force.  Research has shown that persistence, work ethic, and a student’s “mindset” are better determinants of success than test scores, so why are those qualities not being taught and emphasized more from an early age? At Intellect Learning Center, we practice the same principles we are teaching our students: ask important questions, constantly strive to improve, and never stop learning. After witnessing the continued growth Intellect has had since we opened six years ago, we know first-hand how effective persistence is and we’re grateful to be in a position to impact so many lives for the better.”  

      Dweck, C. S. (2006). Mindset: The new psychology of success. New York: Random House.
Learning shouldn't feel like a punishment! At Intellect, students see the value of what they are learning and actually enjoy attending!
Students enjoyed our Discoveries in Science Summer Session, led by ILC tutor Deanna. Through hands-on activities, they learned how different chemicals interact and how to appreciate science in their everyday lives.  They made their very own slime, made a volcano erupt, created their very own stress balls, and even made a nice smelling hand exfoliating scrub. They got to take home all of their creations to show off their science skills to their siblings and parents. 
Many families are concerned about the shift of focus in schools from the ACT to the SAT Exam. Most schools in Illinois will now be administering the SAT in school in the Spring (instead of the ACT). For an interesting article from the Chicago Tribune regarding the transition from ACT to SAT, click HERE. They are two very different exams so students and their families will have to decide which exam to prepare for and take. According to official ACT and SAT websites, BOTH exams are accepted at all colleges and universities in the U.S. so students who have already begun studying for the ACT and feel more comfortable with this test can still take it and register independently through the official ACT website. You can find a testing center near you through the ACT website as well. However, if you haven't started preparing for either one, the SAT Exam may be the best choice for you because you will likely be exposed to SAT prep material in school and it will be administered in most schools.

As always, ILC recommends checking with your school, talking with your school counselor, and researching your colleges of interest before making a final decision. Ultimately, your focus as a student should be learning as much as you can through independent reading, learning new vocabulary, and doing as much math practice as possible, along with continuously developing your writing skills. These areas are a focus of both tests, but more importantly are skills needed to develop and grow cognitively. While the pressures of college acceptance, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities can lead you to focus on learning for the sake of a good score on the test, keep in mind that with the right prep program, your skills will carry over to other high school classes and long-term college courses, and build critical thinking skills for life! 

Important TEST DATES: SAT Exam Dates & ACT Exam Dates

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Reminder to ALL current ILC students and tutors: Intellect Learning Center will be closed Monday, Sept. 5th in observance of Labor Day. We are OPEN Sat. 9/3 and will resume our regular tutoring hours Tue. 9/6. Tutoring hours are Monday through Thursday from 4:00pm- 8:00pm and Saturdays from 9:00am - 2:00 pm. 
Reminder to all current ILC families, please submit your child's schedule for the month of September as soon as possible to secure your child's spot. Certain days and times fill up quickly, contact us by phone or email  for scheduling.
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