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PLEASE NOTE: Earlier (day-time) tutoring sessions will only be held on Christmas Eve so please book in advance to secure your spot.; other days have regular tutoring hours.

Reminder: We'd like to minimize the time spent on scheduling so we can continue to focus on the most important part of Intellect: making sure your child receives a high quality education! We encourage families to submit schedules on a monthly basis but we offer flexibility for changes as long as they are made no later than Thursday for the upcoming week. Please submit your child's schedule and any specific requests or changes by THURSDAY for the following week. We encourage you to submit all schedule changes/requests in writing via email to Schedule restrictions may apply due to teacher availability, subject, or level. Thank you for your cooperation!

ACT Exam Prep

Most schools are administering the ACT Exam earlier this year (in March as opposed to April) so be sure to check with your child's school in advance. Many families ask us when the best time is to start preparing for the ACT Exam. The answer depends on several factors: What score range is the student currently in? What are the student's score goals and college goals? Does the student have a very hectic schedule or a lot of free time? Answers to these questions will help us recommend the best plan for your student. Every program is customized and geared towards the specific strengths and weaknesses of the student.

Best first steps for ACT Prep:

  • Have your child take a real ACT Exam here at Intellect Learning Center. We analyze each section and provide you with in-depth information about the results. You'll get more than score breakdowns; your student will see exactly which areas to focus on!
  • Set up a tutoring plan and study routine in advance! Don't wait until two weeks before an official exam to begin preparing. (To be on the safe side, we recommend coming in for a consultation or real ACT Exam at least 3 months before an official exam!)
To set up an ACT Exam assessment (a REAL ACT Exam and analysis) OR for a free consultation, call (708) 349-0001 or email


Is MATH a form of art?

"Doing mathematics should always mean finding patterns and crafting beautiful and meaningful explanations" -Paul Lockhart

We have a lot of students call us for math help....A LOT! From kindergarten to college, math can be a struggle for students of all ages. We often discuss "math anxiety", "processing disorders", or weak memorization skills. But what's really going on in regards to math and how it is being taught? Read the article below for a new, interesting take on mathematics. While you may not agree with everything the author writes, it will certainly open your eyes to the history, creativity, and wonder of math.

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