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EIP Water 2014 Conference News Special, 01. October 2014
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Dear Reader,

Registration to the EIP Water 2014 Conference has started and we welcome you to the Conference News Special! 

Just over one month before our 2nd annual EIP Water Conference scheduled for 5th November in Europe’s “iCapital 2014” Barcelona, we wish to provide you with a brief update on the Conference programme, highlights, speakers, and other Conference-related topics. 

This is also a reminder that places at the EIP Water Conference are limited and that registration for the Conference has started. More than 250 participants interested in water innovation have already registered for what promises to be a valuable networking opportunity! For all those who will not be able to attend the event in Barcelona, please do not hesitate to sign up for our all-day web-streaming!
Please have a look at the recently-updated Conference programme which features numerous high-level speakers and thought-provoking sessions. The programme also includes the launch of the CDP’s Global Water Report 2014 on the perception of water risk by the world’s largest listed corporations and opportunities for innovation, as well as a presentation by the European Investment Bank (EIB) on financing for water innovation. 

The EIP Water Annual Conference has already grown into one of Europe’s flagship events on water innovation and we would like to thank all EIP Water stakeholders, friends and Conference partners for their continued commitment and support. We look forward to welcoming you to Barcelona! 

Best regards,
The EIP Water Secretariat


EIP Water News and Updates

Who is behind the
EIP Water Conference 2014?

The EIP Water Conference 2014 is organised by the European Commission, with the support of the Municipality of Barcelona, the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Spanish Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness, and CETaqua/Agbar. 

EIP Water is grateful for their cooperation and for the generous organisation of free-of-charge site visits to innovative and state-of-the-art water facilities in and around Barcelona on Thursday, 6 November.

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How else can I get involved?

The EIP Water Conference will also have an exhibition area where EIP Water Action Groups will showcase their work. Participants will have a unique opportunity to learn about the Water Action Groups’ activities and innovative solutions which are under development. 

Other EIP Water partners such as the WssTP, and JPI Water will also present their activities, and DG Research and Innovation will provide up to date inform about the relevant Horizon 2020 calls. The exhibition area will be the main focal area for networking during the lunch break and after the main conference programme. 

We will use #EIPWater2014 on twitter for some updates and during the Conference and invite you to also use this hashtag.

What is the latest on the
Conference Programme?

The one-day Conference will take place in the plenary and will be highly dynamic. A large number of short and highly-interactive sessions, interviews, panel discussions and Q&A are foreseen. For further details, please have a look at the recently-updated Conference Programme

In response to participants’ feedback following the 2013 EIP Water Conference held in Brussels, we have ensured sufficient time for networking at the end of the upcoming 2014 Barcelona Conference. 

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Who will speak at the
EIP Water Conference 2014?

Several high-level speakers from the public and private sector have confirmed their participation at the upcoming Barcelona Conference. Among them is Spain’s State Secretary for Innovation Carmen VELA, Mayor of Barcelona Xavier Trias, and Councillor for the Environment and Urban Services of Barcelona Joan Puigdollers I Fargas, representing the host country and city. 

The EU Commission’s Director Quality of Life, Water & Air Ms. Marianne Wenning will address the participants and four EU Member States Water Directors - Ms. Liana Ardiles from Spain, Mr. Jan Busstra from the Netherlands, Ms. Darja Stanič Racman from Slovenia and Ms. Sonia Phippard from the United Kingdom – will debate about “Connecting (Member States) innovation demand and supply” in a session chaired Mr. Harry van Dorenmalen, Chairman of IBM Europe. Dr. Yannick Fovet of BASF, Director, Global Development Head Water Solutions and Membrane Technology, will give an innovation keynote speech; Mr. Tomas Michel, Manager of the Technology Centers AQUALOGY & Chairman of WssTP will speak about Innovation demand from the private sector. Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP, Usha Rao-Monari of Blackstone’s Global Water Development Partners and Cate Lamb, Head of CDP’s water program, will be interviewed on how corporate water stewardship is driving innovation. Mr. Karl Falkenberg, the EU Commission’s Director-General for the Environment will give the Closing remarks.

These are just a few of our speakers; many more distinguished speakers will be present and address the audience.  Please remember to check the programme details.

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What is the CDP’s Global 2014 Water Report 2014?

Research shows that $63 trillion is at stake by 2050 if we don’t change our current business-as-usual approach to water management. Conversely, current estimates indicate that there is significant economic value to be realised in effecting positive change, thanks to the required expenditure on water supply and sewerage in the same period amounting to $8606 billion. 

The CDP Global Water Report 2014 addresses these challenges. For the fifth consecutive year, the London-based organisation asked listed companies of various industry sectors to report on their perception of water risk for their business via an extensive questionnaire. CDP will present and launch its fifth global Water Report during the session “How corporate stewardship is driving innovation” of the EIP Water Conference in an interview session with Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP, Usha Rao-Monari of Blackstone’s Global Water Development Partners and Cate Lamb, Head of CDP’s water program. As an integral part of the EIP Water Conference, this session can be followed via web-streaming. If you would like to follow the CDP Global Water Report 2014 launch only, please register here for the web-streaming of this session. 

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What happens before
and after 5th November?

Several organisations including ZINNAE, the European Water Partnership (EWP), the Portuguese Water Partnership, many EIP Water Action Groups and others have scheduled back-to-back meetings on 4th and 6th November, many of which are open to Conference participants. The open meetings scheduled for 4th November are: 
  • “Ecosystem Services: Market Challenges and Opportunities”
  • EIP Water Action Group “Mitigation of Water Stress in Coastal Areas by Sustainable Management COWAMA”
The open meetings scheduled for  the morning of 6th November are:
  • EIP Water Action Group “Demand-Driven Innovation Support for SMEs through the Network of National Water Partnerships”
  • Clusters for Water Efficiency in European Regions: networking - matchmaking – workshop
  • The Role of Science and Technology in innovation and growth in Europe
  • EIP Water Action Group "Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor for Recovery of Energy and Resources to achieve Sustainable Water Reuse" 
  • Water Network Energy Target
  • Smart Water Network Monitoring - EIP Water Action Group Ctrl+Swan
  • Water challenges in the Maghreb and opportunities for European innovative solutions
  • EIP Water Action Group “Energy from Water Works”
On the afternoon of 6th November participants can also choose from a list of nine site visits to state of the art, innovative water facilities:
  • Site visit 1: Aigües de Barcelona - Operational Control Center and Laboratory (Collblanc)
  • Site visit 2: Sant Joan Despí (SJD) Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) in Barcelona
  • Site visit 3: Baix Llobregat Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in El Prat del Llobregat (Barcelona Metropolitan Area)
  • Site visit 4 to innovative facilities for water research in Girona
  • Site visit 5: The Llobregat desalination plant
  • Site visit 6: Managed Aquifer Recharge: Recharge System at Sant Vicenç dels Horts
  • Site visit 7: Rainwater Detention Tank - Joan MIRÓ Park
  • Site visit 8: Magic Fountain of MONTJUÏC
  • Site visit 9: Wastewater Quality Monitoring System of Terrassa City Sanitation Network
The strong interest in the EIP Water’s one-day annual Conference evidenced by so many additional meetings shows that the EIP Water and the EIP Annual Conference are reinforcing their role as pan-European platforms for water innovation. Please make use of these great opportunities and meet colleagues from the entire innovation value chain in the water sector! 

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Who will you meet at the
EIP Water Conference?

Among the participants of the EIP Water Conference 2014 will be water managers / launching costumers (innovation demanders) from the private and public sector (cities, regions and EU Member States), water-using sectors and innovation providers. There will also be participants from other sectors related to innovation development, uptake and financing.

Given the Conference theme “Connecting Innovation Demand and Supply” EIP Water aims to attract participants across the entire innovation value chain. In order to enable all involved to find out who will be there, identify interesting interlocutors and establish meetings, we are pleased to provide the current list of participants here.

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Can I follow the Conference even if I can't make it to Barcelona?

Yes, you can. The entire EIP Water Conference will be streamed live and more than 1,500 online delegates can actively participate by not only following the Conference proceedings, but by also sending us questions and engaging with Conference participants and speakers. 

In order to facilitate networking with “virtual” participants we encourage you to take a moment to sign up here in order to participate in the Conference online. 

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What’s in it for SME’s?

In support to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMS’s) in the European water sector, National Water Partnerships across Europe have joined forces in an Action Group of the EIP Water. The  Action Group “Water Innovation Support for SMEs (DIS-SMEs)” aims to turn the networks of National Water Partnerships into a functional SME-support system, and a spinning wheel for cross-national matchmaking.

The DIS-SMEs Action Group recently organized a Business Forum Session ‘Leveraging the network of National Water Partnerships’ during the IWA World Congress & Exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal, and will organize a side event on the 6th of November 2014 in Barcelona. For more information please do not hesitate to contact the European Water Partnership.

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