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Key speakers at EIP Water Conference invite us to join them in Porto in September, 21. June 2017
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Bringing you news on water innovation in the European Union, these are the headlines:

Key speakers at the 2017 EIP Water conference tell us why they will be in Porto in September

Demonstrating sustainable food production at aquaponics facility

European companies and academics invited to join 2017 China Europe Water Platform

They call Porto the “Invicta City” after successfully resisting an 18 month siege by King Miguel in 1832 who wanted absolute rule of Portugal. His failed attempt to conquer Porto ultimately led to further rebellion and formation of the Portuguese republic in 1910. Where else to hold the Porto Water Innovation Week than such a “hotbed of disruption”!?

Special discounts on hotel rooms until June 25!

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Projects, Products and Updates

New pioneering partnership of 19 countries to tackle water and food shortages

Further to the announcement in our May newsletter about the €220m in funding, Commission Carlos Moedas commented on an upcoming approval vote in the EU Council about the 19 country partnership, “PRIMA will soon start to tackle water and food shortages… some of the root causes of migration”.

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Project on 3 UK rivers identifies phosphate input problem areas

In order to overcome WFD failings, the catchment areas of the Lumburn, Walkham and Tavy rivers north of Plymouth in Devon were analysed to find the diffuse sources of excess phosphate found in the rivers, and engage with the local population and farming communities to mitigate the issue.

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EPRS assesses EIPs and other research-oriented PPPs of the EU

The EPRS (European Parliamentary Research Services) has assessed different types of public private partnerships (PPPs) in research at the EU level.

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EIP Water Monitoring & Evaluation report published for 2016

Following reports from 2013, 2014 and 2015, a new report has been published that covers the performance and impact of EIP Water in 2016.

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River landscape rejuvenation in Graz, Austria

A long-term programme of urban habitat planning highlights the importance of the river Mur and protects it.

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EIP Water fostering collaboration in the USA

On 16 June, the EIP Water Secretariat presented online at the InvestH2O event being held in Austin, Texas, USA. The key questions covered about cooperation opportunities in water innovation between the US and the EU included:
What initiatives are in place in the EU for promoting investment into water technology companies? 
What export support programmes does the EU have in place for water technologies?
What should Texas know about EU needs and opportunities, and what should Texas be doing to work with EU?

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EIP Water marketplace with a fresh look

If you’ve been one of our 800 daily website visitors, you’ll have recently noticed a fresh look to the marketplace. You’ll hopefully now more easily find the content you’re searching for, and be able to browse through all the news, videos, tweets and articles being posted regularly to the site.

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EU innovation scoreboard: some improvements but more even progress is needed

The EU's innovation performance last year continued to grow despite somewhat uneven progress observed around Europe.

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NAIAD describe the insurance value of nature based water solutions

Carlos Marcos Primo from “NAture Insurance value: Assessment and Demonstration” (NAIAD) of the RiverRes Action Group describe the added value of nature based water solutions (in Spanish).

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City Blueprints at Dresden Nexus Conference

City Blueprints and the Urban Water Atlas (from the Joint Research Centre) were showcased by Stef Koop of KWR at the recent Nexus Conference in Dresden, Germany – which focuses on water, soil and waste. A member of the CityBlueprints Action Group, he showed how cities and other societal networks can effectively govern a common water challenge.

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WIRE Action Group demonstrates sustainable food production at INAPRO aquaponics plant in Germany

Production at an aquaponics facility in Waren, Germany, has been running for about 12 months, producing 24 tons of African catfish and 11 tons of tomatoes per year from the fish-tank water. This integrated recycling saves valuable nutrient resources, whilst also capturing the evapo-transpirated water to reduce water consumption.

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Gaëtane Suzenet,

Global Impact Partners, explains how important it is to make an impact in water to have the full value chain involved: innovation, finance and the market. Catch her speaking at the EIP Water conference on September 27-28 in Porto.

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Richard Elelman,

Netwerc H2O, will be showcasing “City Blueprints” as a good demonstration of how society is coming together to innovate for water.

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Francisco Nunes Correira,

former Minister of the Environment in Portugal, invites us all to the Porto Water Innovation Week to experience how Portugal is connecting the water world.

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Cees Buisman,

Wetsus, describes how EIP Water is helping increase European competitiveness in water innovation, bringing the energy and success of the 2016 EIP Water conference in Leeuwarden to 2017 in Porto.

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Financing Opportunities

Grants for networking in H2020 Brokerage Events

The Eastern Partnership PLUS (EaP PLUS) project is supporting the stronger interaction of EaP researchers with EU counterparts & their participation in H2020 with the provision of networking grants. Apply by June 30.

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Innovative mechanisms for financing biodiversity conservation: experiences from Europe

Bridging the gap between dwindling public funding and needs for biodiversity conservation with innovation financing, as described in this new report led by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP).

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Recommended Reading

Megatrends and scenarios for innovation in Europe
European Commission foresight report published on how megatrends will develop by 2030, what research and innovation should prepare for, and how Europe can take a leading role in determining a positive outcome by taking action.

World’s most-innovative countries: Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, the USA, UK

MIT Researchers Devise New Technique to Eradicate Pollutants from Water

Indonesian water utility wins innovation award for WhatsApp metering service

Horizon 2020 found to be meeting its objectives

A new assessment of the first 3 years of Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation programme, shows that it is on track to help create jobs and growth, tackle our biggest societal challenges and improve people's lives.

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Water Innovation Europe conference – summary report

WssTP’s annual stakeholder conference, Water Innovation Europe 2017: ‘The Value of water: The case for innovation and investment in water’, concluded last week in Brussels with over 220 participants debating how to boost the future water-smart society. All underlined the necessity for investments in innovative technological solutions and infrastructures, supported by a strong new model of water-smart governance.

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Water Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) programme launched for 2017-18

The Water JPI represents 88% of European public research, development and innovation (RDI) investment in water resources. It is dedicated to “achieving sustainable water systems for a sustainable economy in Europe and abroad”. The 2017-18 programme provides a roadmap for the upcoming planned water joint programming initiative activities.

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European companies and academics invited to join 2017 China Europe Water Platform

The 2017 China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) Annual High-Level Dialogue Conference and Business Event will be held in Turku, Finland, on 21 and 22 September 2017. During the meeting, the ministers from China and Europe are invited to discuss the future development of the CEWP towards a strategic partnership between China and EU to safeguard water security.

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Other water related events

Taking stock of our waters and its future: discussing the Water Framework Directive - Brussels, July 5
IWA Efficient2017 conference – Bath, UK, July 18-20
China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) Conference – Turku, Finland, September 21-22
EIP Water conference & Porto Water Innovation Week – Porto, September 24-30

WEFTEC – Chicago, September 30 – October 4

WRE Conference on Innovations in Water Reuse – Bruges, Belgium, October 9-10

Agri-Innovation Summit - Oeiras, Portugal, October 11-12

Water Tech 2017 – Sfax, Tunisia, October 11-14

Budapest Water Summit – Budapest, October 18-19

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