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EIP Water News 6 / Aug 2013, 28. August 2013
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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the end-of-summer edition of the EIP Water newsletter in its new design!

This edition highlights the going live of the EIP Water Online Marketplace - “matchmaking for water innovation” - in its beta version. We invite you to visit the site, register your profile and send us your comments to support its further optimization. In early November this year, the second, further developed version of the Marketplace will go online.

As a registered user of the Marketplace, you can search and “match-make” people, organisations, products and services. The Marketplace also provides comprehensive information on EIP Water and water innovation, and it features a News Aggregator that filters news streams along respective information needs and supports the day-to-day work and visibility of EIP Water Action and other Working Groups.

We sincerely hope that the Marketplace will help boost your innovation development and look forward to your contributions.

Best regards,
The EIP Water Secretariat


EIP Water News and Updates

"Matchmaking for water innovation" - Marketplace now online

The beta version of the EIP Water Online Marketplace went live on on 26 August. The Marketplace aims to facilitate matchmaking between water innovators, specifically linking demand with supply. It will serve as a single point of access for information on water innovation in Europe and across the world, and as a virtual meeting point and collaboration space for the European and global water innovation community.

Become part of this contemporary community by registering your user profile and take full advantage of the Marketplace features to connect with other water innovators! As a registered user, you can make yourself known to others, boost your water innovation network, promote your services and products, find new partners, and - last but not least - play an active role in the on-going optimization of the Marketplace towards a more final version by sending in your comments!

A tutorial on "How to register on the EIP Water Marketplace" is available here

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EIP Water at the World Water Week 2013

EIP Water will be active at this year’s Stockholm World Water Week; specifically, on September 4th and 5th, Robert Schroeder from the European Commission will participate in the EUWI multi-stakeholder forum presenting the EIP Water and the Online Marketplace while Martin Kaltenböck from the EIP Water Secretariat will run a helpdesk on the Marketplace at Stand Number B03:65 at the global event.

Do drop by to register and start matchmaking - we look forward to seeing you in Stockholm!

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EIP Water Action Group News

Action Groups start activities

The first nine EIP Water Action Groups (AG’s) were approved in May this year and have started their activities. They are composed of 188 organizations and companies involving water utilities, technology companies, R&D institutions, financial actors, regional bodies, international organizations and others from a wide range of EU countries as well as from various countries outside of the EU.

Their announcement has received broad interest and many of them have already been approached for collaboration beyond the Action Groups themselves. The AG called “FinnoWater” led by the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN), which is working on innovative financial instruments and mechanisms to support public and private sector in water innovation, has already held a partner meeting.

Most of the AG partners will meet and showcase their on-going work for the first time at the first EIP Water Conference on 21 November in Brussels.

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Introducing the nine EIP Water Action Groups

At the core of EIP Water are its voluntary multi-stakeholder Action Groups; these are the central element of EIP Water's implementation phase. The Action Groups partners develop, test, scale up, disseminate and stimulate the uptake of innovations by the market and society for major water-related challenges.

An EIP Water Action Group is formalised via Calls for Expression of Commitment and a short evaluation phase of proposals considering EIP Water's five priority areas. The existing nine Action Groups are:
  • Industrial Water Re-use and Recycling
  • Renewable Energy Desalination
  • Anaerobic membrane Bioreactor for Recovery of Energy and Resources
  • W4EF: Framework for evaluation and reporting of the energy impacts on water
  • Smart Prices and Drought Insurance Schemes in Mediterranean Countries
  • ESE - Ecosystem Services for Europe
  • CITY BLUEPRINTS: Improving Implementation Capacities of Cities and Regions
  • WaterCoRe AG on regional governance of water scarcity and drought issues
  • FinnoWater

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Selected Water Innovation News

Supporting SME Internationalisation

In recognition of the increasingly-difficult global economic climate in which Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) are severely constrained, INNOWATER – a public-private partnership that aims to enable innovative businesses to overcome obstacles to accessing markets and reach their potential – has recently developed a project aimed at supporting innovators to develop appropriate business models that incorporate activities for internationalisation.

Public sector support is commonly provided by national and regional export agencies across Europe. However, these support services tend to be relatively broad and, as a result, the level of uptake by SMEs tends to be low. INNOWATER therefore sought to design, develop and pilot a new approach that would result in higher impact for the delivery agencies. The initiative is described in detail in an INNOWATER paper titled Internationalisation in the Water Sector: Improving Accessibility for SME's

Innowater Snapshot

INNOWATER recently launched Snapshot - to look at innovative SMEs with a wide lens; and to challenge them to look beyond their product and consider a strategy for critical areas such as commercialization, IPR, Team and competition. The INNOWATER  Snapshot survey looks  beyond  organisations’  technology  to  the development  of  a  robust  and holistic  business  strategy.  The survey gives  an indication of  where  the current  business  planning  processes  fit relative  to  other  SMEs  in  the  water,  sanitation  and  climate  change sectors. The five-minute Snapshot survey is anonymous and  no  commercially-sensitive information is required.

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Advertising and producing water at the same time?

“With the purpose of making the University of Technology and Engineering (UTEC in Lima, Peru) known and enhancing the interest of young people around the field of engineering and technology, the first-ever advertising billboard which can produce clean drinking water from the moisture in the air was developed” explains a Press Release by the Cannes Lions award-winning ad agency MediaConnection BPN Peru.

It had “launched the billboard in the town of Bujama, Peru, within the desert zone, where harsh weather conditions force thousands of families to resort to extreme situations to access drinking water needed for their daily life.”

This amazing film presents the background, the billboard, its development and impact.

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Professional and Investment Opportunities

Call for proposals on a "Network of Eco-innovation Financiers"

In the framework of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) 2007-2013, the European Commission has recently published a Call for proposals on a "Network of Eco-innovation Financiers". The finance available is 2 million Euros, the deadline for applications is 23 September 2013.

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Recommended Reading

The Global Innovation Index 2013 - The Local Dynamics of Innovation

“Innovation policy in Europe is increasingly designed and implemented at the regional level. At the country level, almost 300 innovation-support measures have been identified for the EU Member States; at the regional level, more than 1,000 support measures have been identified in these countries. However, despite some advances, regional data on innovation indicators - which could help regional policy makers design and monitor innovation policies – frequently simply do not exist.” writes Hugo Hollanders from UNU-MERIT (Maastricht University) in the chapter “Measuring Regional Innovation: A European Perspective” of the “The Global Innovation Index 2013 - The Local Dynamics of Innovation”.

In the sub-chapter “Diversity in regional innovation performances” Hugo Hollanders explains further: “The results show that most European countries include regions at different levels of performance. The difference between the most and least innovative regions is highest in Finland, Romania, and Spain. There also appears to be a negative correlation between the difference between the most and least innovative region and the country’s average innovation performance. Countries appear to be more innovative when the differences in performance between their regions are smaller.”

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The Innovation Deficit in Urban Water: The Need for an Integrated Perspective

The current issue of Environmental Engineering Science, the Official Journal of the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors, focuses on Re-inventing Urban Water Systems.

Of particular note is an insightful article that presents the challenges and opportunities facing urban water system innovation. The article, entitled “The Innovation Deficit in Urban Water: The Need for an Integrated Perspective on Institutions, Organizations, and Technology” contends that for new innovations to be implemented successfully, engineers must understand the social, economic, institutional, and political mechanisms that underlie the human-technology interface.

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Announcements and Events

EIP Water Annual Conference in Brussels on 21 November

The first EIP Water Conference themed “Networking – Interacting – Innovating” will be held in the European Parliament in Brussels on 21 November 2013. It will bring together all stakeholders for networking, taking stock of where we stand and shaping the future of the EIP Water in the medium and long-term to further increase the potential and opportunities for the co-generation of water innovations.

The Conference will highlight innovations within and outside the water sector – globally and in the EU - through keynote addresses, panel discussions with high-level representatives from across the innovation value chain and moderated plenary discussions. The initial nine EIP Water Action Groups established in May 2013 will also showcase their work and the results of interactive sessions will feed into the further development of the EIP Water. Save the date and subscribe here for Conference updates; Conference registration will start in September 2013 for which a separate, more detailed, announcement will be circulated to this list.

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EIP Water Marketplace presents water innovation events

The EIP Water Marketplace presents a continuously growing number of events related to the development of innovations in the water sector.

The EIP Water recommends them as opportunities for knowledge exchange, networking, and connecting with old and new partners. Some of them also present funding opportunities.

If you would like to share your event with the growing network of EIP Water Marketplace subscribers, please feel free to contact us and send us your event for inclusion!

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