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EIP Water News 19 / March 2015, 03. March 2015
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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the EIP Water News March 2015!  

This year has already started with interesting developments for water & innovation: the European Commission’s Investment Plan will unlock public and private investments of at least € 315 billion, addressing the 2030 climate and energy framework and reducing barriers to knowledge transfer and innovation; the EIP Water’s 3rd call for Action Groups ended on 31 January and we have received 13 applications, which are currently being assessed. On Monday, 9 March, the European Commission will publish a Communication on “The Water Framework Directive and the Floods Directive: Actions towards the ‘good status’ of EU Water and to reduce flood risks”.

Last but not least, we have published the 2014 Annual Conference Report - and we are looking for a host city and partner organisations for the next great EIP Water Conference, tentatively scheduled for February 2016.  

Best regards,

The EIP Water Secretariat


EIP Water News and Updates

Call for 2016 Conference
host city out now

The final report of the successful 2014 annual Conference has now been published; it presents the highlights of the many various sessions of the highly interactive one-Day Conference.

Looking ahead, we have also started preparing for our next big event: the 3rd EIP Water Conference is tentatively scheduled for February 2016; a call for interested host cities and collaborating organisations has now been published and we look forward to receiving your proposals. 

In case of any questions you might have please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Sharing Water Innovation 
insights on the web

"Congrats - you are in Top 5% of Most-Viewed SlideShare accounts" was the good news EIP Water received recently from slideshare, a powerful social media channel for sharing presentations. 

In 2013 already, EIP Water had realized that only few presentations on innovation in the water sector could be easily accessed on the internet. EIP Water consequently started building a strong slideshare presence, pursuing the objective to make a continuously growing collection of water innovation-related presentations available. 

A total of 27 water innovation presentations are now online, some of which were already viewed over 1,500 times.  Among the most viewed are “Horizon 2020 as an opportunity for innovation in water”, as well as “Perspectives on the African Market for water innovation” and “China – The World’s single largest market in 2016”.

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Steering Group meeting
on 13 March

The next EIP Water Steering Group meeting will take place on 13 March in Brussels.

The main topics on the draft agenda, among others, are:
  • Introduction to the EU innovation policy of the new Commission, by Commissioner Carlos Moedas (Research, Science and Innovation)
  • A new phase of the EIP Water, by Commissioner Karmenu Vella (Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries)
  • The European Fund for Strategic Investments and opportunities for water innovation funding
  • Discussion on the strategy for EIP Water for delivering results

The European Commission and the EIP Water Secretariat look forward to the meeting!

EU Commission looking for National Expert @EIP Water

The European Commission is now looking for "a cost-free" seconded national expert, whose main task will be to support the EIP Water. The expert will be a member of Water Unit C1 of DG Environment and will take active part in the work on the implementation of EU water legislation and policies while contributing to their review. 

With a particular focus on the EIP Water, he/she will contribute to the strategic development of the EIP Water and coordination of the initiative with other Commission DGs. Furthermore, the expert will work on linking the EIP to various European funding mechanisms as well as national water innovation initiatives. In addition, the expert will contribute to engaging a wide variety of stakeholders in the EIP Water. The expert will also oversee the EIP Water Secretariat. 

His/her secondment will be governed by the Commission Decision C(2008)6866 of 12/11/2008 laying down rules on the secondment to the Commission of national experts and national experts in professional training (SNE Decision). 

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EIP Water Action Group News

3rd call for AG's ended

The 3rd call for EIP Water Action Groups ended on 31 January. 13 applications were received, all of which include members from Eastern and Central Europe.

The evaluation is ongoing  and the final decision on new Action Groups will most likely be communicated right after the next Steering Group meeting on 13 March 2015.

City Blueprints: Eastern European municipalities wanted 

Until date, the work of the City Blueprint Action Group has resulted in the inclusion of 37 municipalities and regions, mainly in Western Europe. As the challenges of water and climate change will certainly also manifest themselves in Central and Eastern Europe, the Action Group is looking for cities in Central and Eastern Europe to apply the methodology and join the City Blueprint group of cities. This will be approximately one day of work, after which the Action Group will include these cities in the exchange of information and in their annual report. Your participation is most welcome.

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Professional and Investment Opportunities

European research and innovation: Experts database

The European Commission is now looking to appoint independent experts to assist with research and innovation assignments including the evaluation of proposals, monitoring of projects, and evaluation of programmes, and design of policy.

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Join INNEON - Network for Eco-Innovation Investment

Innovators and investors are invited to join the Network for Eco-Innovation Investment - INNEON - that provides access to a platform for match making, events and support to improve the quality of deals. 

INNEON is a catalyst accelerating the commercialisation of eco-innovation and social innovation bringing economic, environmental and social benefits for the investors and entrepreneurs and beyond that for Europe at large.

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Recommended Reading

50 innovative solutions
for water & development

UNESCO-IHE recently published a booklet containing 50 innovative solutions in the field of water & development. The innovations were created with its global partnership network to develop, implement and validate novel solutions that ultimately aim to improve the quality of life on our planet.

"Our innovations are often of a technological nature, but their adoption also has social, economic, environmental, governance, institutional and political dimensions. The research-based innovations originate from the six research themes of UNESCO-IHE that are well aligned with relevant international and national science programmes.

In addition, UNESCO-IHE has also developed a number of innovative products concerning education and capacity development. A common goal of the Institute staff is to maximize valorisation, defined as the utilization/uptake of research results to create socio-economic value, and this is high on the Institute’s agenda", states UNESCO-IHE's website.

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World Economic Forum
and IPCC on Water Risk

"Interstate conflict with regional consequences is viewed as the number one global risk in terms of likelihood, with water crises ranking highest in terms of impact", states the World Economic Forum in a Press Release on 15 January 2015. "In looking at global risks in terms of their potential impact, the nearly 900 experts that took part in the Global Risk Perception Survey rated water crises as the greatest risk facing the world." Every year, the report " features an assessment by experts on the top global risks in terms of likelihood and potential impact over the coming 10 years."

Only a few weeks later, and according to Reuters, IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri told participants at a conference on water security

"Unfortunately, the world has not really woken up to the reality of what we are going to face in terms of the crises as far as water is concerned. If you look at agricultural products, if you look at animal protein - the demand for which is growing - that's highly water intensive. At the same time, on the supply side, there are going to be several constraints. Firstly because there are going to be profound changes in the water cycle due to climate change."

Announcements and Events

EU key water stakeholders play part in H2020 Work Programme 2016-2017

Following the European Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP) initiative, the EU Water sector major stakeholders are now contributing to H2020 Work Programme 2016-2017 with a document of suggested themes, calls and topics addressing demand-driven research and innovation water issues in Europe.  

The document covers all the three parts of H2020 and is carefully streamlined with the H2020 WP 2014-2015 to avoid overlapping themes that have been already addressed.

It is also the result of a joint effort by the major stakeholders of the European water sector to highlight key policy priorities for water to the Juncker’s Commission (2014-2019), the priorities of the EIP Water, and the JPI Water. All the major European water related organisations have been consulted about the document and they have unanimously approved it!

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Industrial Waste Water Treatment: Workshop in March

ACQUEAU is organizing a workshop in Helsinki on Thursday 12th March 2015, hosted by TEKES (the Finnish Funding Agency for innovation). The workshop will focus on Industrial Waste Water Treatment and it will be divided into four sessions. The morning sessions will be dedicated to Industrial Wastewater Treatment with case studies on: Metals & Mining Industry, Pulp & Paper Industry, Chemical solutions.

In the afternoon a brokerage sessions for ACQUEAU Open Call will take place in order to foster the creation of consortia for the upcoming open calls. The event is free of charge and you can register here. (URL) 

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Workshop  on water cluster development, water challenges and international collaboration

How can a region develop a water cluster whilst integrating all actors within the regional water sector? How can we tackle waste water issues efficiently, using innovative water technologies?How can existing regional water cluster foster international collaboration?

This and much more will be addressed at the the joint WssTP-ERRIN RIS3 Workshop, which is organised on 25th of March in Brussels.

Water is directly and indirectly (e.g. labelled as clean or environmental technologies) integrated in many regional strategies and operational programmes. Yet, regions often struggle to correctly assimilate water into the RIS3 or other regional policies, due to its broad nature. Taking all this on board, WssTP and ERRIN are organising this workshop to share solutions and best practices and facilitate European regions to work on the water topic efficiently in the current financial programme, leading up to 2020.

The workshop will specifically focus on water cluster development, water challenges and international collaboration, having as its main objective to gather around 20 European regions which want or have already implemented water in their RIS3 or regional policies, facilitating a knowledge exchange on key topics. A detailed agenda of the workshop will become available within the upcoming period. 

Malta Water Week: Insights, Perspectives and Solutions

An international showcase of best practices in water, Malta Water Week from 25 to 27 March will bring together participants from the UK, Spain, Israel, France, Germany, Malta, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece, North Africa and Jordan, amongst others. Look out for technological innovations, businesses and best practices to address current and future challenges. A prominent panel of international experts will be delivering key note speeches on the following thematics:
  • Smart Water Infrastructures and Innovative Water Technologies
  • Water Reuse and Water Education
  • Innovative Financial Solutions in Water
A distinguished audience comprising local and international stakeholders will be taking part in the conference leading to an interesting exchange of perspectives on current and future challenges and cutting edge solutions.

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