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EIP Water News 9 / November 2013, 06. November 2013
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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the November 2013 edition of our monthly newsletter!

We are pleased to announce two important EIP Water activities - the second call for expressions of commitment for EIP Water Action Groups is now open; and the deadline for registering for the first EIP Water Conference on 21 November in Brussels is 12 November.

Both are strongly connected - the nine existing EIP Water Action Groups will present their work at the Conference, which will also provide the opportunity to ask and find out more about the second call as well as potential partners. The first call for Action Groups in April this year had drawn over sixty proposals out of which nine were selected. The EIP Water now welcomes new proposals for Action Groups by the deadline of 31 December 2013 for evaluation by mid February 2014. We look forward to receiving your submission!

The first EIP Water Conference is only two weeks away. More than 300 participants from over fifteen EU and non-EU countries have already registered for the one-day Conference which is set to take place on 21 November in the EU Parliament in Brussels. We look forward to welcoming you at this excellent networking opportunity. Places are limited, so register before the 12 November deadline!

This newsletter also presents a further update and some key data on the EIP Water Online Marketplace whose beta version went live on 26 August. Already, over 300 users have registered and we expect many more after launching the more developed version during the EIP Water Conference. We encourage you to visit the site, register your profile and become an active member of the EIP Water Marketplace!

Best regards,

The EIP Water Secretariat



EIP Water News and Updates

EIP Water goes multilingual

As a European Innovation Partnership and with limited resource, over ninety per cent of the EIP Water’s information and communication activities are in English only. However, we also monitor coverage of our activities in other European languages and we are pleased to present some recent EIP Water related media coverage here:
Furthermore, the EIP Water partner organisation ZINNAE organised an “Open Day” on 1 October in Zaragoza and several presentations in Spanish are available on the EIP Water slideshare account.

We look forward to more such information on water innovation and the EIP Water in other European languages and will post them on the EIP Water Marketplace.

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Over 300 “match-make” for water innovation: key data on EIP Water Marketplace

The beta version of the EIP Water Online Marketplace was launched on 26 August. Within two months only, over 300 water innovation users have registered their profile to take full advantage of the Marketplace features.

The EIP Water Online Marketplace aims to facilitate matchmaking between water innovators, specifically linking demand with supply. It will serve as a single point of access for information on water innovation in Europe and across the world, and as a virtual meeting point and collaboration space for the European and global water innovation community.

Since the launch of the beta version, over 3.800 unique visitors visited the website generating more than 40.000 page impressions. While users from Europe were mainly based in Spain, Belgium and Italy, non-European users came mainly from North America, India and China. The most visited webpages are the Action Groups pages as well as the EIP Water Conference page. One of the main challenges remains however to convince users to invest more time in registering a detailed profile, a precondition for the match-making function to produce relevant results.

An optimized version of the Marketplace will be launched at the EIP Water Conference on 21 November in Brussels. Become part of this water innovation community now by registering your user profile and start connecting with other water innovators!

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EIP Water Action Group News

Second call for Action Groups:
4 Nov to 31 Dec 2013

Action Groups (AGs) are at the core of EIP Water. These voluntary, multi-national, multi-stakeholder groups collaborate around themes related to one of the eight EIP Water priority areas; their activities form the foundation of EIP Water's implementation phase. The EIP Water is looking forward to new Action Group proposals through its second call for expressions of commitment to establish an Action Group. The objectives for Action Groups is to develop, test, scale up, promote, disseminate and stimulate the uptake of innovative approaches and solutions to major water-related challenges by the European and global markets. The EIP Water is looking for Action Groups to work on both technical and non-technical innovations which can be applied and implemented. The European Commission will not directly fund any Action Group activities.
Why establish an Action Group?
EIP Water Action Groups present the following benefits:
  • Exposure of your AG activities through EIP Water communication channels - featured items on the EIP Water Online Market Place, publicity at EIP Water conference and events
  • Support from the EIP Water secretariat and EU Commission services on relevant issues, active connection-making with other relevant organisations, companies and initiatives
  • Participate indirectly in shaping European innovation policy
  • Networking opportunities on European and global level
  • Use of EIP Water branding in all your communication activities
  • Free digital AG working space on the EIP Water Online Market Place
A call for expression of commitments is opened twice a year to allow for new Action Groups to join the EIP Water. Proposals are evaluated by the European Commission, based on the evaluation criteria and excellence of the proposals. The first call in April this year attracted over 60 proposals out of which nine were selected and established as the nine initial EIP Water Action Groups in May 2013.

The second call will close on the 31st of December 2013. In order to participate please register your user profile on the EIP Water Marketplace first and download the Application Form and Guideline for Application subsequently.

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 Ecosystem Services for Europe – 

EIP Water Action Group starts

The Action Group “Ecosystem Services for Europe” (AG ESE) will conclude its inception phase and start working on November 21st, the day of the first annual conference of the EIP Water. A brief overview of the AG ESE's activities can be viewed on the EIP Water slideshare account.

The inception phase of the AG ESE included a kick-off meeting in September, adaptations of the project structure and a more detailed management arrangement. Owing to the complex topic, this AG involves a wide range of partners and experts in order to develop and test an ecosystem valuation and management system.

The AG ESE emphasises applicability of the methodology in everyday water management practice. For this purpose, it will start with a review of existing EU approaches to evaluate and manage Ecosystem Services, followed by a modelling step. Based on these deliverables, water management scenarios will be developed and accompanied by monitoring and control systems. The concluding step of the project is the test and validation of the developed approach.

The AG ESE is managed by the Spanish Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption of the University of Zaragoza (CIRCE foundation); furthermore it includes a wide range of the required expertise from institutions such as, among others, the IRSA Research Institute in Italy, the Geological Survey of Finland GTK and the Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF) at the University of Barcelona (UB).

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Recommended Reading

“Rethink Water” of Denmark publishes White papers

”Denmark knows Water” is the claim of ”Rethink Water”, a network of over sixty Danish companies, organisations and institutions, specialising in water efficiency. The network brings together an unusually diverse and valuable mix of clients, researchers and governmental bodies, who have joined forces to share knowledge and through this collaboration create stronger solutions.
”Water is an increasingly scarce resource in most parts of the world - we need to rethink how we use it”, explains Pia Klee, Marketing Director of ”Rethink Water”. One of the network’s activities is the development of a range of white papers whose aim is to provide customers, researchers, politicians and others with an insight and give guidance into important water related topics. The white papers on e.g. “Rethinking urban water for new value in cities” or “Greater water security with groundwater” share examples from both Denmark and from around the world.

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Building a Portfolio with a Focus on a Single Sector: Water

“Places like Israel and Singapore are driven by scarcity to develop water technology, but Ontario’s culture of innovation is a product of its water wealth. The Great Lakes region has long attracted water-intensive industries such as mining, food and pharmaceuticals. But industrialization led to water pollution, prompting regulation and, eventually, investment in technology”, writes Erica Gies on 31 October in The New York Times about the Canadian province Ontario and the Ontario-based venture capital firm XPV Capital, which owns stakes in eight companies, all connected to water.
Today, the province employs 22,000 people in the sector, according to the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment. It boasts 900 water industry firms, 21 water-related research institutions and 20 universities that offer programs in water science.”

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Announcements and Events

EIP Water Conference on 21 November - six days left to register!

The first conference of the EIP Water themed “Networking & Interacting - Innovating water” will be held on 21 November in the EU Parliament in Brussels. The one-day conference will showcase innovations from the water sector as well as other sectors through keynote addresses, panel discussions and moderated plenary sessions. The nine initial EIP Water Action Groups established in May this year will showcase their nascent work; interactive sessions will assist innovators to take new ideas forward, and there will be presentations and discussions on the next steps of EIP Water.

Over 300 participants are already registered and only few places are left - don't miss the opportunity to attend this unique water innovation conference and register here before the deadline of 12 November!

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Water JPI launches
first Joint Pilot Call

The funding partner organizations of the "Joint Programming Initiative Water challenges for a changing world” - Water JPI in short - launch their first common call to enable multinational, collaborative research, development and innovation projects addressing the topic" Emerging water contaminants - anthropogenic pollutants and pathogens".

Deadline for proposal submission is 19th December 2013 at 12.00 Central Europe Time.


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Water beyond Europe – ACQUEAU workshop with focus on Canada

On 17 and 18 October 2013, ACQUEAU - an EIP Water partner organization, brought together European and Canadian stakeholders as well as national funding agencies’ representatives from Europe and Canada at a workshop titled “Water beyond Europe”. ACQUEAU is one of seven clusters of the EUREKA network and the first cluster dedicated to financing water innovations.

The main objective of the bi-annual ACQUEAU workshops is to bring together relevant Research and Development (R&D) and innovation stakeholders – Large Enterprise, SMEs, Research Centres and public authorities – to develop project ideas around a selection of water priority issues. During the workshop, representatives from European and Canadian companies presented their firms and their projects in fields such as wastewater treatment, water and energy and water and ICT.

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EIP Water at WATEC 2013 in Israel

EIP Water’s Robert Schröder recently introduced EIP Water and the opportunities it presents at the Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition and Conference (WATEC) which was held from 22 - 24 October 2013 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

WATEC brought together Israeli and international business executives, political decision-makers and leading researchers, showcasing the most advanced global water technologies and solutions. Israel has successfully participated in FP7 calls and will also most likely be participating in the Horizon 2020 programme.

The concept of EIP Water was very well received and participants expressed interest in searching for ways to establish cooperation in the field of water innovation through EIP Water mechanisms such as Action Groups (AG’s). The AG City Blueprints, which is already in an advanced stage of discussions to include Israeli partners in this Action Group, presented its activities at the Conference. Durk Krol’s presentation of WssTP’s activities and achievements helped to reinforce the presence of European Water innovation drivers at WATEC 2013.

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