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EIP Water News  June 2016, 09. June 2016
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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the June 2016 edition of our newsletter.

We are very pleased to announce and welcome our new Steering Group, which has nine new members and will hold its first meeting in autumn this year. We look forward to their future guidance and a fruitful collaboration.

We are also proud to announce the increase of our water innovation hubs overview to a total of over 60 such hubs whose activities we have analysed and categorized. Please do not hesitate to suggest other such hubs for us to consider, particularly in Asia, Africa and Latin America!

Last but not least we would like to express our condolences to the families of the victims of the recent floods in Germany and France - as EIP Water we believe that more investments and a different approach are needed for preventing the consequences of such floods in future while recognizing that, due to climate change, these water-related disasters become part of our reality in Europe and more can and must be done to address them.

Our next newsletter will be published in early September. We take this opportunity to wish all our readers a good summer break!

Best regards,
The EIP Water Secretariat


EIP Water News and Updates

Welcome to the new
EIP Water Steering Group!

By the 31 January deadline of a public call for expressions of interest the EIP Water had received a large number of applications for joining the Steering Group (SG), complementing those members of the previous SG who want to remain for a further three-years period.

In total, 24 new applications had been received, including from the private financing sector, technology producers beyond urban water operators, regional and municipal end-users, national financiers and experts dealing with international projects. These applications were assessed against the set criteria.

The European Commission has now decided that the 2016-2018 EIP Water Steering Group will have 27 members, nine members of which are new members while eighteen former SG members remain.

The new Steering Group will meet for the first time in autumn 2016.

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Over 300 demo sites online

One major challenge and thus a focus of the EIP Water activities so far has been demonstration sites for water innovation in Europe.

EIP Water has identified some 300 demonstration sites across Europe where significant work on water-related innovation is taking place. They are featured on the EIP Water Online Marketplace which connects people and projects in the sector, offers registered users the possibility to identify peers or other experts, and produces and disseminates regular updates on water innovation in Europe and beyond.

The following are three examples out of the collection of over 300 demonstration sites in Europe:
  1. ECO3CIP, which stands for Ozone Cleaning-in-Place System for food factories which can be visited in Valencia, Spain
  2. Upgrade and Recovery Of Polyphenol Extracts (PUReOPE) can be seen in Ireland
  3. Alera - Can Cabanyes project: reclamation of water and nature can be visited in Can Cabanyes in Catalonia, Spain.

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So much water innovation in one place – over 60 water innovation hubs online

The water sector is large and complex, with many stakeholders operating in a large number of sectors.

In this multifaceted environment, “water hubs” play a role in creating efficiency advantages and maximizing innovation uptake in society and the economy. The challenge however is to get an overview of the diverse initiatives and activities of water hubs in order to maximize the benefits from their respective activities. 

In December 2015, the EIP Water published the first global overview of various kinds of “Water Innovation Hubs” or “Alliances” with over 40 such entities; this initial overview was complemented with more data and more hubs as part of the EIP Water’s ongoing effort in continuously identifying all relevant hubs globally known, analyse and categorize them according to various criteria, facilitate interaction among them, and more.

We are pleased to announce that over 60 such hubs are online now and look forward to your feedback and suggestions for more hubs to be included in our overview.

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Communication & engagement skills: Webinar for researchers

On 26 September the EIP Water and the Water JPI are offering a half-day webinar for researchers in the water area to help them engage more effectively with stakeholders and RDI end-users.  The webinar will have four main purposes:

  1. Provide researchers with the opportunity to briefly explain how they currently engage stakeholders in their research, and their communication challenges
  2. Introduce knowledge exchange tools and approaches to improve researchers’ skills and confidence in science communication and the generation of impacts from research
  3. Present examples of successful water science communication and engagement approaches and tools which help increase stakeholders understand and implement research findings
  4. Consider how more effective communication and engagement can contribute to faster and more widespread uptake of research results by businesses, third sector, practitioners and policy-makers, and thus increase its impact

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EIP Water Action Group News

Innovative Verdygo treatment plant design under construction

In April this year construction of sewage treatment plants using an innovative new design philosophy began at two locations in the Netherlands.

The so-called Verdygo sewage treatment plants, developed by Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg, have an above-ground, modular design that can easily accommodate later adaptations, additions and up- or down-scaling.

Building costs are lower and construction duration is shorter. It is even possible to test innovations in practice, an opportunity already being embraced by partners from academia and business. Construction is on-going with completion due in November 2016.

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16 June in Amersfoort: Meet the ARREAU Struvite Recovery & Recycling Learning Alliance

Are you operating or intending to implement struvite recovery at your WWTP?

Meet European struvite recovery operators willing to share their practical experience and learn more about running recovery technologies in kick-off workshop on 16 June in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. The workshop will be linked to the official commissioning of the first WASSTRIP/PEARL/LYSOTHERM facility in the world; the main topics will be:
  • Struvite recovery at work – advantages and limitations
  • Bridging the gap from recovery to recycling  – practical and legal aspects
  • Discuss with operators
  • Meet technology providers and downstream users
  • Technical tour at WWTP Amersfoort

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Professional and Investment Opportunities

Looking back at one year of the European Fund for Strategic Investments

Eighteen months after President Jean-Claude Juncker launched the Investment Plan for Europe, and a year after the start of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), the European Commission has now taken stock of achievements to date.

This includes information on the fund and its specific projects.

The project database only refers to one project in the field of water (QUAERO EUROPEAN INFRASTRUCTURE FUND) which is however not specific in its project description about which water elements are concerned.

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EU invests €177 million in environment projects

The European Commission has awarded grants to 31 consortia for running projects on water innovation, waste recycling, earth observation, climate action or natural resources.

All in all, more than 550 organisations from 48 different countries, including 25 EU Member States, will be involved in the new projects. The water projects are:
and more ...

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Recommended Reading

Stakeholder Engagement for Inclusive Water Governance

Stakeholder engagement has long been considered an integral part of sound governance processes.

However, a closer look at the literature reveals that, beyond this general assertion, there is a lack of evidence-based assessment on how engagement processes contribute to water governance objectives and better policy outcomes.

The article "Stakeholder Engagement for Inclusive Water Governance: Practicing What We Preach with the OECD Water Governance Initiative" recently published by the OECD 
  1. presents key findings and policy guidance from the study “Stakeholder Engagement for Inclusive Water Governance” and 
  2. shares the experiences and lessons that have emerged from engaging stakeholders in the OECD Water Governance Initiative.
The OECD hopes this research will be used to stimulate and enrich discussions about the necessary conditions for results-oriented stakeholder engagement, and to guide decision makers accordingly.

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Better regulations for innovation-driven investment at EU level

The European Commission has recently published the "Better regulations for innovation-driven investment at EU level - Commission Staff Working Document".

In the frame of this study which serves as a baseline for further action on improving regulations, the EIP Water Action Groups were also assessed.

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Best practices on urban water management

POWER, an EU funded initiative on political and social awareness on water environmental challenges, has recently published an analysis of best practices in city water management. Rapid urbanisation, climate change, and inadequate maintenance of water and waste infrastructures in cities may lead to flooding, water scarcity, water pollution, adverse health effects, and rehabilitation costs that may overwhelm the resilience of cities. These megatrends pose urgent challenges in cities as the cost of inaction is high.

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Announcements and Events

Clusters: A smart contribution to raise SMEs profile in water innovation

The FP7 Water Efficiency in European Urban Areas project WE@EU has recently held an event titled "International cooperation and regional clusters: innovation in water efficiency" in Brussels. Its main objectives were to raise awareness of the regional clusters contribution to innovation, boost collaborative dialogue among participant regions and international stakeholders currently involved in the project, and to discuss further opportunities to enhance water efficiency and management strategies based on learning from the successes of WE@EU.

Seventy delegates participated in the event which was hosted by the Committee of the Regions and supported by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform and the European Regions Research and Innovation Network ERRIN.  All information from the event, including presentations and the event’s declaration are now online.

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Innovation Deals for a Circular Economy? So what is an Innovation Deal?

Speed holds the key to an innovative society. Innovation Deals (IDs) will allow innovators to swiftly address legislative obstacles, shortening the time between moment of inspiration and market uptake.

Innovation Deals take the form of voluntary cooperation between the EU, innovators, and national, regional and local authorities. The European Commission does not fund the preparation or implementation of IDs. No requests for funding of an Innovation Deal will be accepted.

The objective of an Innovation Deal is an in-depth understanding and clarification of how an EU rule or regulation applies. If a rule or regulation is confirmed as an obstacle to innovations that could bring wider societal benefits, the Deal will make it visible and feed into possible further action.

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India-EU Water Partnership Workshop on Water allocation, water economics and eflows in River Basin Management

A two-day workshop will be held from 15 to 16 September 2016, to analyse water allocation challenges in the Ganga river basin focusing on key issues regarding allocation rules and procedures, the role of environmental (and cultural) flows, as well as the consideration of economic aspects within the planning procedure.

The workshop aims to provide an overview on the related status, planned developments and challenges in India, the EU and OECD countries. An outline of European and other international experiences will enable the identification of commonalities and potentials of tailor-made adaptation of EU approaches to tackle challenges in India.

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WaterVent @ "Wasser Berlin"

Based on six and a half years of organizing the water tech funding forum, the first Global Water Technologies Business Plan Competition will soon be launched in cooperation with the Berlin Watertech Tade Fair “Wasser Berlin”. The final award ceremony will take place on 28 March 2017 in Berlin during the fair.
Beside team and technology, a special focus will be put on the creativity in (first) client acquisition for new water technologies. Additionally adjacent technologies like blue and green biotech, urban farming, smart food, forestry, aquaculture…. are welcome as well.

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