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EIP Water News / December 2014, 19. December 2014
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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the last edition of EIP Water News in 2014! 

We are looking back at a successful year which saw an increase of our nine initial Action Groups to a total of 25 Action Groups and a highly innovative second Conference which brought together water innovation demand and supply and provided a lot of useful input to the EIP Water’s future planning. The Conference Report is being finalized currently and will be published soon.

We have also launched the 3rd call for Action Groups and look forward to receiving your proposals by the end of January 2015. Furthermore, the Horizon 2020 framework programme intends to open calls for large-scale pilot / demonstration projects under the work programme 2016-2017 of the societal challenge 5 “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials”.

Last but not least, the EIP Water is under the new leadership of Karmenu Vella from Malta, the new EU Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries who will attend the next Steering Group meeting in early 2015. 

Best regards,
The EIP Water Secretariat


EIP Water Action Group News

WaterReg: Training on economic
regulation of water sector

In the past years, many regulatory authorities have taken over tasks in the water sector and are now facing new challenges. On the other hand, utilities being both natural monopolies and essential services, are meant to be regulated to set a trade-off between efficiency, service quality and sustainability. 

On 26-29 January 2015, the Action Group WaterReg - Water services regulation and governance in Europe - is launching the very first training course on economic regulation of the water sector, which will bring together leading experts in the field. The main aim of the course is to respond to the need of these stakeholders for a new set of expertise in regulatory policies, methods and procedures.

The course is organised in two modules over four days: module I will be dedicated to the regulation by an agency whereas module II will focus on the sunshine and contractual regulation. These different regulatory models will be analysed and discussed with regulators, operators and academics.

Discover WaterReg’s exclusive training offer here


3rd Call for Action Groups:
deadline 31 January 2015

Action Groups (AGs) are at the core of the EIP Water and operate as voluntary multi-stakeholder groups; they form the central element of EIP Water's implementation phase. Action Groups work with their partners to develop, test, scale up, disseminate and stimulate the uptake of innovations by the market and society for major water-related challenges. This 3rd call has a specific focus, explained in the Guideline for Application.

In a new Forum you can post your queries, seek possible collaborators for an Action Group, and enhance your proposal; you will already find a proposal for an Action Group on ECO-innovative waste water and storm water SOLUTIONS promoting water re-use and recycling, and ecosystem services (ECOSOLUTIONS).

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Professional and Investment Opportunities

Horizon 2020 opens call for ideas for large-scale pilot / demonstration projects

DG Research and Innovation has opened a call for ideas for large scale demonstration projects. The call focuses on four topics, including water, which is directly linked to the priority areas of the EIP Water.

DG Research and Innovation calls on the water sector to provide ideas for large scale demonstration projects, which will serve as a basis for the development of the Horizon 2020 Challenge 5 work programme. This will include funding opportunities for such large scale demonstrators. 

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Pilot in Urban Robotics

The ECHORD++ PCP pilot in Urban Robotics, under the European Commission funding, aims to bridge the technical innovation through public demand "identifying the cities and citizens needs and selecting the tailor-made high-quality robotic technology to close the gap between demand and supply".

ECHORD++ will finance the complete RTD Robotic solution for the Urban Challenge selected: “To mechanize sewer inspections in order to reduce the labor risks, objectify sewer inspections and optimize sewer cleaning expenses of the cities” The total indicative funding for this call is 1.000.000€ and the city designated to foster the proposal is Barcelona, Spain. The RTD Consortiums can apply to the RTD Call for Proposals from January 15th to February 28th, 2015. Please contact us for any question or comment.

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Recommended Reading

Water Reuse in Europe -
JRC Science and Policy Report

An EU regulatory instrument for water reuse is planned to be developed by 2015, in order to find innovative solutions to the challenges of ensuring water supply for urban, industrial and agriculture use. Despite the water reuse applications already developed in many countries, a number of barriers still prevent the widespread implementation of water reuse around Europe and on a global scale. These barriers will have to be overcome.

This JRC Science and Policy Report analyses the technical, environmental and socioeconomic challenges to the option of water reuse as a means of ensuring sufficient supply to meet the growing needs of society. It presents and compares the most relevant national and international guidelines on water reuse, evaluates existing water reuse standards in EU Member States, presents a risk-based management approach for wastewater reuse, and identifies the areas that require technological and regulatory innovation as well as the barriers to be overcome.

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FactBook: Introduction to the
Energy and Water Challenge

Energy & water are highly interconnected locally & globally. A new SBC Energy Institute FactBook "Introduction to the Water and Energy Challenge”, finds that:
  • Freshwater supply will not meet forecast demand, requiring compromises
  • Water shortages are already affecting energy supply
  • Location-specific solutions will be required
The FactBook provides, among others:
  • A global picture of the main water resources;
  • An overview of the current and forecast mismatch between supply and demand, and its likely consequences if left unaddressed;
  • A summary of water risks and their multi-dimensional nature.
One of a series of FactBooks on the energy transition this new publication also:
  • Describes the water industry’s principal value chains, market trends and promising solutions;
  • Compares water consumption for different energy-production pathways; and
  • Illustrates the impact water constraints have already had, and continue to have, on the development of conventional and unconventional resources.

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Announcements and Events

Spring Open Call 2015 is open!

The ACQUEAU Open Call supports projects in water sector twice per year (Autumn session and Spring Session). The Open Call is a two-stage submission and evaluation process which aims to deliver the  EUREKA ∑! label.

The first session for the next year will start at the beginning of 2015: the project outline (PO) deadline will be 15 January.  If you are looking for a partner in order to complete your consortium and fulfill the eligibility criteria of the Open Call, ACQUEAU can help you! 

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4th European Water Conference

The Environment Directorate-General of the European Commission is organising the 4th European Water Conference, which will be held in Brussels on 23-24 March 2015, the day after World Water Day. On this occasion, representatives from Member States, stakeholders and the European Commission will have the opportunity to debate about the following key topics:
  • Experiences from the first cycle of implementation of the WFD, achievements and lessons learned
  • The European Commission's assessment of the implementation of the WFD programmes of measures
  • Preparations and expectations for the second River Basin Management Plans
  • Experiences so far in the implementation of the Floods Directive, including the preparation of the Flood Hazard and Risk Maps and the Flood Risk Management Plans
  • Integration issues: links between water policy and agriculture, energy, and navigation policies
  • Opportunities to support water policy under the new financing period 2014-2020 (Rural Development Programmes, Operational Programmes, etc.)
  • The role of water policy in the context of Green and Blue Growth

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