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Dear readers,

The European Innovation Partnership on Water is fully operational now and many challenging activities have been started and are currently on-going.

The most important one is probably the finalization of the Action Groups evaluation by the European Commission – by 4th of April 64 proposals for Action Groups had been submitted to first EIP Water call for Action Groups! We are very pleased that more than 700 individual organizations are involved in these proposals – a clear sign that the EIP on Water responds to a need. Due to the many and good proposals we can unfortunately only inform the Action Groups by the end of May about the outcomes of the evaluation.

On the 24th of May, the EIP on Water Steering Group, chaired by Commissioner Potočnik, will meet. Key issues on the agenda are the discussion and adoption of the Operational Plan and of the EIP on Water Headline Targets, a discussion on the draft diagnosis of “barriers & bottlenecks of (water) innovation” as well as discussion on financing for innovation. We will certainly report on the outcomes of the Steering Group meeting and other news related to water innovation development in the next newsletter.
Best regards,

The Secretariat


EIP Water and JPI
strengthen ties

Joint Programming Initiative “Water challenges for a changing world” and EIP Water to reinforce collaboration
The Joint Programming Initiative “Water challenges for a changing world” aims to harmonise the research agendas and infrastructures of existing RDI programs as well as to define common research needs and synergistic joint activities to increase efficiency by avoiding duplications. This JPI’s main objective is to contribute to “achieving sustainable water systems for a sustainable economy in Europe and abroad through a multidisciplinary approach” and it addresses four related main challenges in the water sector: The economic challenge, the ecological challenge, the societal challenge and the technological challenge.

The JPI has been closely involved in the development of the Strategic Implementation Plan of the EIP on Water, and is represented in both the Steering Group and the Task Force. The JPI and EIP Water have recently also agreed to proactively exchange information and mutually support each entity’s outreach and communication activities. Read more about the JPI here

Water in the Urban Environment: Bringing research to the market

With more than 200 attendees from all around Europe, the joint WssTP-COST Conference ‘Water in the Urban Environment: Bringing Research to the market’ from 16 to 18 April in Brussels was considered a huge success by the organizers. The Conference reached its goal not only in bringing together representatives from the fields of policy, science and business but also in actively engaging them in discussions that promoted coordination and collaboration by all stakeholders in the water sector.

Among the highlights of the Conference were the keynote speech by Rudolf Strohmeier, Deputy Director General of DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission, specialised workshops on topics such as the Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Urban Infrastructure and Water & Wastewater services as well as the “Innovation market” in which various organisations and companies presented their innovation strategies. Also, the EIP on Water was given the opportunity to present its activities at the Conference. A post-conference report will be published in the course of June. All presentations and pictures from the event are now available on the Conference and COST website.

Public procurement and innovative solutions

The European Commission calls on public procurement bodies to submit high-quality proposals for collaborative, cross-border projects, on the format of "buyers' groups" of innovative solutions – PPI PILOTS -, that improve the economic framework conditions for innovation and thereby contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
In more concrete terms, the EC calls for project proposals that clearly demonstrate how public procurement bodies will act, during the project, as launch customers for innovative goods or services which are not yet available on a large-scale commercial basis.

Read more here

Headline targets, Operational Plan, Financing for innovation and Action Groups

  • The next EIP Water Steering Group meeting will take place on 24 May in Brussels; SG members will discuss and adopt the recently developed more detailed Headline targets and the Operational Plan. Furthermore, “financing for innovation” is on the agenda. We will report on the results of the SG meeting in our newsletter in June.
  • Due to the large number of applications for establishing an EIP Water Action Group, and the complexity of some applications and the evaluation exercise, the European Commission will only be able to announce the Action Groups by end this month and in our June newsletter. Watch this space!

EU Mission for Growth
to China - apply!

One of the core elements of the EIP Water is to coordinate between different (EU) initiatives to create opportunities. We are pleased to present you the opportunity to apply for participation in a European Commission trade mission for growth to China, focussing on the theme “Green Growth”, from 18-20 July '13. Commissioner Potocnik will join Vice-President Tajani on this mission. The programme will, amongst others, include a seminar and roundtable and will offer excellent opportunities to meet potential trade partners. Please note that there is only a limited number of places available in this mission, so we encourage interested organizations to react as soon as possible. The deadline for submitting an application is May 24th. Read more here and for submitting your application by using the 'continue' button to submit your data.

Green infrastructure and innovation

A new report from the European Commission refers several times to Green Infrastructure and Innovation. The Staff Working Document includes a part on Water, which is highly relevant for the priority areas of the EIP Water such as Water reuse and recycling, the Water-Energy nexus, Ecosystem services and others.

Read more here

ICT for water ?!

The outcome of an “ICT for water resources management experts’ consultation” which took place in January 2013 has recently been published. The report mentions various "ICT domains under consideration" to support the water sector and water resources management; furthermore several presentations on various topics such as "IWIDGET: Improve Water efficiency through ICT’s for integrated supply-demand side management" or "URBANFLOOD, global monitoring of 10000 km of dikes" can now be downloaded.

Read more here

Recommended reading: recent water innovation publications

Two publications freely available have recently caught the attention of the EIP Water Secretariat: Black&Veatch, in collaboration with the Singapore International Water Week SIWW have published “Unlocking Innovation”, a report that provides recommendations on how the water industry can foster innovation and apply it to address water challenges around the world. The report shows a need to advocate a holistic approach to today's water issues beyond political, geographic and socio-economic borders. Furthermore the Environmental Protection Agency of the US has published a "Blueprint for integrating technology innovation into the national water program" which shows the US-American challenges and perspective on this topic.

Read more on the Black&Veatch report here
Read more on the EPA Blueprint here


EIP Water Conference in November 2013

The first EIP Water Conference “Networking – Interacting – Innovating” will take place on 21 November 2013 in the European Parliament in Brussels. A first brief announcement explaining the registration process will go out in early June in the next newsletter- Save the Date!
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