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EIP Water News Summer 2015, 08. July 2015
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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the summer 2015 edition of our newsletter!

Since announcing the third EIP Water Conference to be held on 10 February 2016 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, we have done some further planning and are pleased to provide you with an update in this newsletter. Registration will start in September this year and we already look forward to meeting many of you in Leeuwarden!

We have also posted new projects, organisations and products on the Marketplace and invite you to join us in building this digital water innovation hub by uploading your content. Other interesting news in this summer edition include updates on various Action Groups, innovation procurement across the EU and insightful readings before your summer break. 

Our next newsletter will be published in mid-September and we take this opportunity to wish all our readers a good summer break!

Best regards,
The EIP Water Secretariat


EIP Water News and Updates

Save the date: EIP Water Conference on 10 February in Leeuwarden

The third EIP Water Conference will take place on Wednesday, 10 February 2016, in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Over 500 participants are expected to attend the free-of-charge Conference with various activities such as site visits and side meetings planned before and after 10 February when the Conference and Water Innovation Exhibition will take place. 

The Conference theme as well as a tentative schedule for the days around the Conference will be announced by mid-September 2015, when registration is planned to start; requests for side meetings and participation in the Water Innovation Exhibition can also be made as of mid-September. 

Participants of the EIP Water Conference on 10 February 2016 will, among others, be able to find out about the unique features of Leeuwarden and its Water Campus. As the host city of the 2016 EIP Water Conference, Leeuwarden and its conference partners will benefit from the great visibility of the event within the European water sector and showcase its water and innovation experience.

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Your water innovation content on the EIP Water Marketplace

Over 250 projects, 500 organisations and almost 100 products and services are already online on the EIP Water Marketplace (MP). They illustrate the world of water innovation, who does what and which innovative solutions already exist. 

Over 2 000 individual users have registered and many of them have started "matchmaking for water innovation", the claim of our Online Marketplace. The EIP Water Secretariat aims to establish the MP as THE digital hub for water innovation in Europe by the end of 2016 - and your feedback and content are needed for doing so!

We will be very grateful for your user feedback to support us in continuously optimizing it and also invite you to register and proactively upload your content to increase your own visibility and the MP's relevance and content. 

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

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EIP Water Action Group News

Algarve Water Quality Workshop a great success

From 24 to 26 June a workshop on strategies and actions to bring science based solutions and techniques of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) to the industry - MAR(solutions) to MAR-ket – took place with 50 participants in the Algarve, Portugal.

The workshop was organized in four sessions introducing the background, a specific Portuguese Demo Site session, a session on eight existing MAR Solutions (MARSOL) Demo Sites as well as a scientific session on Water Quality. Several MAR techniques such as Soil-Aquifer Treatment (SAT) were addressed, as they are expected to be applied to Algarve aquifers. One major aim is to regain the good water quality status envisaged by the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the Portuguese Water Law in a near future.

The Workshop was sponsored by the EIP Water Action Group MARtoMARket. On behalf of the Organizing Committee (Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC, PT), Universidade do Algarve (UAlg, PT), Terra, Ambiente e Recúrsos Hídricos Lda (TARH, PT), Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUDa, DE) and IWW Zentrum Wasser (IWW, DE) and the Portuguese Actors (Águas do Algarve SA, Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente and Direção Regional de Agricultura e Pescas do Algarve "Amar a Terra") LNEC, the coordinator of the AG MARtoMARket would like to thank the MARSOL FP7 INNO-DEMO project and all MARtoMARket partners as well as DEMEAU and DEMOWARE projects for their great contributions to the success of this joint MARSOL/MARtoMARket activity. 

All presentations from the workshop and below 5Mb are accessible here.

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Ctrl+SWAN launches website

The EIP Water Action Group Ctrl+ SWAN - which stands for Cloud Technologies & ReaL time monitoring + Smart WAter Network - has recently developed and launched a website to present its activities. 

The AG is devoted to the further development of innovative sensor systems’ technologies to be integrated and implemented in the design of an innovative approach to the water distribution networks management, with the broaden goal to introduce its concept of Smart WAter Network (SWAN) as a key subsystem of the notion of Smart City, as it has been recently recognised in the scientific and technical international community. 

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RML wins Innovation Award

Resolute Marine Limited (RML), a member of the EIP Water Action Group “Renewable Energy Desalination”, won the “WssTP SME award” at the recent Water Innovation Europe event in Brussels, Belgium. 

RML is part of a consortium of 20 partners developing the world’s first wave-driven desalination system (called “Wave2O”) that operates solely on mechanical power and thus requires no connections to an electrical grid. 

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Professional and Investment Opportunities

Innovation procurement

EAFIP - European Assistance for Innovation Procurement - is a new initiative that was recently launched by the European Commission. During the next three years (2015-2017), EAFIP will focus on promotion, training and assistance to public procurers with a concrete interest in implementing innovation procurements for ICT based solutions across the EU. 

The initiative will assist public procurers (ministries, local authorities, universities, public utility companies, etc.) to implement innovation procurements, namely Pre-Commercial Procurement PCP and Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions PPI, across the European Union:
  • Assistance will take the form of helping procurers in the design and implementation of their procurement process and providing a toolkit to assist them with the procedure.  
  • The initiative also offers training in the form of nine workshops across Europe specifically targeted at providing procurers and using good practice approaches and hands-on support.  
  • EAFIP will also promote innovation procurement to a wide audience through three major events!

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Eurostars deadline
17 September 2015

Eurostars is a joint programme between more than 30 EUREKA member countries and the European Union. 

The programme supports research-performing small and medium enterprises, which develop innovative products, processes and services, to gain competitive advantage at international level. Eurostars does this by providing funding for transnational innovation projects, the products of which are commercialised within two years. The programme is dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized businesses engaging a high percentage of their workforce and capital in research and development activities. Two calls for projects are launched every year in spring and autumn. 

The new deadline to apply for Eurostars funding is 17 September 2015.

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Recommended Reading

Financing full-cycle innovation:
a lesson in humiliation

"I faced a humiliating experience of my own making at the Singapore Technology Innovation Summit earlier this month", wrote Christopher Gasson, publisher of Global Water Intelligence GWI in early July in a remarkable article. 

"I was chairing a panel on “financing full cycle innovation”. It was the second-last session of the day: the last was a wrap up session where each of the session chairs was supposed to sum up what had been said. Given that my session had just finished, I decided that delegates had probably heard enough of my voice. Instead I asked them to tap into the iPads they were using for as an audience response system to sum up in a word what they had learned in the session. This would be projected on the screen in the form of a word cloud with the most frequently typed in appearing the largest. I then sat back as the word “nothing” grew larger and larger until it dominated the screen."

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Why do European SMEs have a hard time bringing innovation to the market?

Since its 2014 launch of the SME instrument, the European Commission is receiving many applications for grants from its SME instrument from across Europe.

However, 88% come from SMEs that have potentially good ideas but are unlikely to succeed. In other words: only 12% pass the quality threshold. Bernd Reichert, head of unit at the Executive Agency for SMEs, offers tips for success and guidance on how to improve on the main weakness: prepare and execute commercialisation better.

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Announcements and Events

Winners of WssTP Water Innovation SME awards announced

In the context of its annual stakeholder event "Water Innovation Europe 2015: The role of water in the circular economy" the WssTP hosted the second edition of its WssTP Water Innovation SMEs Awards 2015 whose four winners are:
  • Resolute Marine from Ireland 
  • Sansox Oy from Finland 
  • BWA from the Netherlands 
  • CARDPool from France    
The WssTP  Working Group Techwatch together with the WssTP Innovation and Technology Advisory Board( iTAB) chose their outstanding applications on the basis of their innovation, market potential and exploitation strategy. The 4 winning SMEs have received two years free WssTP membership, advertisement through WssTP website and social media, as well as a trophy. The innovations of the 4 winning SMEs were identified, as the best practices in their field of application with high market potential.

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Final SANITAS Conference on 18 September in Barcelona

SANITAS is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network financed by the European Commission (7th Framework Programme, 2011-2015); it is a Europe-wide research and training platform that is contributing to create the next generation of integrated Urban Water System (UWS) management professionals. 

The final SANITAS conference will be held on 18 September in Barcelona. It aims to integrate the research carried out in the project within the larger context of the EU water policy and the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water. The aim is to present the research findings with a practical perspective, highlighting their relevance to current and upcoming water issues and policies. 

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Talent hubs for innovation

The annual Wetsus Congress will take place on 28 and 29 September in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, under the theme "Talent hubs for innovation". 

A preliminary programme is now online and registration has started. 

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Knowledge 4 Groundwater 

Groundwater is the hidden component of the water cycle, difficult to assess, evaluate and communicate. It plays a fundamental role by sustaining the health of our ecosystems, ourselves and our industrial and agricultural production.

KINDRA – the "Knowledge Inventory for hydrogeology research" project - seeks to help achieve a better understanding of groundwater by developing a European Inventory of Groundwater Research results (EIGR), following a new Harmonised Research Classification System (HRC-SYS), to identify and determine future trends, critical challenges and research gaps. The objective is to improve management and policy development for groundwater resources on EU level coherently with the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the Groundwater Directive (GWD). KINDRA is funded by the European Commission’s HORIZON2020 Framework Programme. 

All KINDRA partners will meet in early July to develop and agree on the project’s work packages. A first public event of KINDRA is planned for 17 September 2015 at Sapienza University of Rome; it will be part of a side event dedicated to H2020 Water Projects, which will take place during Aqua 2015, the 42nd Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists IAH. 

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Water Innovation Lab Europe

The Water Innovation Lab (WIL2015 Europe) is designed for 20 to 35 year-olds from a diversity of backgrounds and nationalities who are enthusiastic about innovating within the European water context. WIL2015 Europe will bring together inquiring and committed individuals from: the water sector, engineering, art and design, the sciences, business, social sciences, planning and ICT to build our capacity to collaborate for a resilient future.

This gathering will take place from 4 to 9 October 2015 in Scotland; it is NOT a conference and there will be no panel discussions. Instead, field tours, curated sessions and creative methods will be used to tap into and grow the collective knowledge in the room.


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