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EIP Water News October 2013, 11. October 2013
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Dear Reader,

This edition of the EIP Water Newsletter provides an update on the planning of the first EIP Water Annual Conference on 21 November in Brussels. The Conference will focus on showcasing on-going activities of the EIP Water. Apart from providing an excellent networking opportunity, the Conference will also highlight the opportunities we offer for actors in the field of water and innovation. Available places are limited and filling up quickly so please register now.

One highlight of the Conference will be a session titled “EIP Water’s got talent!” during which candidates will pitch their innovations to a panel of expert judges. We welcome additional candidates! If you are ready for the challenge of pitching YOUR innovation idea, read more about this session further below.

This newsletter also presents an update as well as key data on the EIP Water Online Marketplace. The beta version went live on 26 August and has since attracted well over 200 registered users by now. We encourage you to visit the site, register your profile and send us your comments to support its further optimization. The further developed version of the Marketplace will be launched online on 21 November during the EIP Water Conference.

The nine initial EIP Water Action Groups have also been active and started showcasing their work on the Marketplace and the EIP Water’s Slideshare account. All Action Groups will be represented at the EIP Water Conference.

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The EIP Water Secretariat

EIP Water News and Updates

EIP Water’s got talent!
Are you ready for the challenge?

The 'EIP Water's got talent!' session at the first EIP Water conference on 21 November will offer you the opportunity to pitch your water innovation to a panel of experts as well as conference participants. The session will be moderated by Ms. Fiona Griffith of Isle Utilities. The expert panel comprises Mr Bernard Guirkinger of Suez Environment, Mr Cees Buisman of Wetsus and Ms Monica Scatasta from the European Investment Bank (tbc).

The session will allow you to get expert feedback and broad exposure during the Conference as well as wide visibility on the EIP Water Online Marketplace. Furthermore, EIP Water will provide active support for your proposal for establishing an EIP Water Action Group, in case you are interested in participating in the forthcoming call for Action Groups in November / December.

We have already identified two candidates who will pitch their innovations at the Conference. We are looking for more candidates – are you ready for the challenge? Contact us now!

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Already over 220 users “match-make” on EIP Water Marketplace – Your feedback?

The beta version of the EIP Water Online Marketplace was launched on 26 August. Already, over 220 water innovation users have registered their profiles to take full advantage of the Marketplace features.
The EIP Water Online Marketplace aims to facilitate matchmaking between water innovators, specifically linking demand with supply. It will serve as a single point of access for information on water innovation in Europe and across the world, and as a virtual meeting point and collaboration space for the European and global water innovation community. Become part of the Marketplace by registering your user profile and start connecting with other water innovators!

Help us optimize your user experience at the Marketplace by sending us your feedback on its usability and functioning before the end of October. An optimized version of the Marketplace will be launched at the EIP Water Conference on 21 November in Brussels.

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EIP Water Action Group News

FINNOWATER Kick Off Meeting on 17 September

The EIP Water Action Group Finnowater - "Financing for Innovation” - held its kick-off meeting on 17 September in Brussels to gather all partners, discuss priorities and start implementation. Finnowater’s overall objective is to identify, analyse and present recommendations on innovative tools for removing barriers that hamper the existing demand and offer cycle for a wide range of water technologies and services as well as the legal, financial, procedural and institutional, conditions which may spur this market process.

The kick-off meeting was successful in terms of level of participation and quality of the debate. It was enriched by presentations from DG Environment, DG RTD and DG CONNECT from the European Commission. AG partners agreed to split among four Initial Actions and prepare a timeline for each. The European Regions Research and Innovation Network ERRIN, together with the Water Working Group Leaders, will coordinate the work and the leaders of each Initial Action will develop a work plan with milestones, deliverables and stakeholder list to be presented at the forthcoming EIP Water Conference on 21 November in Brussels.

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How can cities improve their water management?

By learning from each other ...!

This is the answer of the EIP Water Action Group CITY BLUEPRINTS which aims to help improve implementation capacities of cities and regions by sharing best practices on Urban Water Cycle Services (UWCS). The City Blueprint for Water is a baseline assessment of the sustainability of water management in a city (or other dominantly urban region). 

The results allow a city to quickly understand the status of their UWCS and to compare that status with other leading cities. It is not only a spider web graph, but also a platform for discussion among the water stakeholders on where their city stands and where they want to go.


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Recommended Reading

Water Tech: Guide to Investment, Innovation and Business Opportunities in the Water Sector

 This new book, published by Routledge, “unveils how the world in the twenty-first century will need to manage our most fundamental resource need, water. It outlines how stakeholders can improve water use in their homes, their businesses, and the world.” Water Tech was written by Will Sarni, an internationally recognized thought leader on water stewardship and sustainability strategies, and author of “Corporate Water Strategies”, and by Tamin Pechet, CEO of Banyan Water, a private-equity funded company using information technology to reduce water costs and risks for large commercial and institutional customers.

Water Tech highlights the business drivers to address water related issues. These include business disruption, regulatory risk and reputational risk along with opportunities in the commercialization of innovative technologies such as desalination and water reuse and treatment. The authors argue that through increased attention on water scarcity through activities such as reporting and disclosure we are now accelerating innovation in the water industry. …” describes Routledge further.

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Governance, Innovation and Community Engagement Top Issues at two global water events

In the week of 16 – 19 September, over 200 global water leaders from 48 countries gathered in Singapore for two inaugural events – the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) Water Utilities Leaders Forum and the Aquarius Programme.

Both events convened some of the leading minds of the water industry – from countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Russia, Germany, Finland, Saudi Arabia and USA, across the entire water value chain – bringing together experts from the government, utility sector, business practitioners, and thought leaders.

The key issues and learning points distilled from both events were complementary, and focused on the areas of governance and leadership, technological innovation, and community engagement.

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Announcements and Events

First EIP Water Conference on 21 November – Join us in Brussels!

The first conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Water themed “Networking & Interacting – Innovating water” will be held in the EU Parliament in Brussels on 21 November 2013.

The one-day conference will showcase innovations from both within and outside the water sector through keynote addresses, panel discussions and moderated plenary sessions. The nine initial EIP Water Action Groups established in May 2013 will showcase their nascent work; interactive sessions will assist new ideas to be taken forward, and the next steps of the EIP Water will be presented and discussed.

Registration for the Conference is now open. 

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Conference report: Water in the Urban Environment - Bringing research to the market

WssTP & COST teamed up to publish a post-conference summary report containing key emerging messages from the joint conference held in April this year.

The report is mainly intended for those who attended but is also useful for those who wish to get a glimpse of highlights from the Conference.

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EIP Water at WATEC 2013 in Israel

The Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition & Conference (WATEC) 2013 will be held from 22 - 24 October in Tel Aviv, Israel.

WATEC brings together Israeli and international business executives, political decision-makers and leading researchers, showcasing the most advanced global water technologies and solutions. EIP Water has been invited to present its activities and objectives and will look for opportunities for cooperation for European actors in the field of water innovation.

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