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EIP Water News 11 / February 2014, 13. February 2014
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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter in 2014!

January 2014 has been another active and important month for the EIP Water. The second call for expressions of commitment for Action Groups closed; we received 38 proposals for Action Groups and would like to thank all involved for investing their time and energy to develop and submit their proposal!

Furthermore, eleven projects that receive funding from the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme 'Water Innovation and Demonstration' call, in line with the EIP Water priorities, have started their activities.

We have also used the time to put together several films, which we will introduce in this newsletter, and a report on the first EIP Water Conference, held in Brussels on 21 November 2013.  Over 350 delegates gathered to share insights on water innovation development and discuss the future of water innovation in Europe. We hope you will enjoy the compiled information!

We would like to highlight that the European Commission is still seeking individual experts for evaluating Horizon 2020 proposals and provide more information on this topic in this Newsletter.

Best regards,

The EIP Water Secretariat


EIP Water News and Updates

38 new expressions of commitment for Action Groups received!

We are very pleased to have received 38 expressions of commitment to establish EIP Water Action Groups, in response to the second call which closed on 31 January. The proposals represent a wide variety of organisations spread across Europe and beyond. The European Commission is in the process of assessing the proposals and aims to announce the new Action Groups by the end of March 2014.
The EIP Water Action Groups are voluntary, multi-stakeholder groups which work on practical, demand-driven, innovative solutions within the framework of the eight EIP Water priority areas. The Action Groups collaborate towards delivering concrete impacts, and bringing together diverse partners from various backgrounds, disciplines and across the innovation value chain. Nine initial Action Groups, whose on-going activities can be followed here, have been working since summer 2013. We would like to thank all the organisations and people already involved in this initiative.

A special thank you to all the innovators who have invested their time and energy to submit a proposal for a new Action Groups.

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Seeking experts for Horizon 2020 evaluations

The European Commission is looking for individual experts in water and innovation to participate in the evaluation of Horizon 2020 proposals. The calls for expressions of interest for Horizon 2020, and the call for expressions of commitment for the EIP Water are focused on innovative market replication and demonstration projects.
Experts in this field are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

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Barriers & bottlenecks to water innovation - EIP Water Report out now!

What is hindering the development and uptake of innovations in the water sector? Do legal, technical and political barriers and bottlenecks exist? How can they be addressed?

An ad-hoc group of the EIP Water Task Force led by the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP), SusChem and the Industry Expert Group has analysed and prioritised the barriers and bottlenecks to innovation in the water sector in Europe and abroad. Five priority actions have been identified, and roadmaps for each will be drafted and agreed upon by April 2014.

After registering as a user, the diagnosis is available free of charge on the EIP Water Marketplace.

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EIP Water Conference Film and Report out now!

We are pleased to announce that a two minutes highlights film from the highly-interactive and innovative inaugural EIP Water Conference is out! Over 350 participants from EU and non-EU countries participated in the Conference, which was held at the EU Parliament in Brussels on 21 November 2013. Delegates had an enriching day exchanging new insights on water innovation from across the world and networking.

We have also prepared a summary report highlighting key discussions and findings emerging from the Conference.  All presentations from the Conference are available online, and preparations for the 2014 EIP Water Conference are already underway.

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EIP Water Action Group News

Meet the Action Groups in five minutes!

The nine initial EIP Water Action Groups presented their on-going work to over 350 participants during the 1st EIP Water Conference in November 2013.

We captured those speed presentations for you and have made them available on youtube and on each of the respective EIP Water Action Groups’ web pages.

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Desalination and renewable energy go together

A short video in Spanish, recently published by iAguaTV, explains ongoing research on the use of membranes in water purification by Guillermo Zaragoza, who is leading the Action Group Renewable Energy Desalination. Zaragoza is a researcher at the Spanish Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT) and works at the Plataforma Solar de Tabernas in Almería and his work has earned him the recognition of the International Desalination Association in 2013.
The Action Group will also organise a special re-desalination session in the next conference of the European Desalination Society on “Desalination for the Environment, Clean Water and Energy” from 11-15 May 2014 in Cyprus.

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City Blueprints of 25 cities and regions published

The EIP Water Action Group City Blueprints, recently finalised an interim report with baseline assessments for 25 cities and regions.  The report includes the City Blueprint Questionnaire and “City Blueprints” from various regions such as Algarve and Reggio Emilia, as well as over twenty cities including: Amsterdam, Athens, Genova, Hamburg, Lyon, Malmö, Manresa, Oslo, Pisa and several other cities in Europe. Ankara, Ho Chi Minh City, Istanbul, Kilamba Kiaxi (Angola) and Melbourne are also included in the assessment. A City Blueprint of the entire island of Malta was also  developed.   
The City Blueprints Action Group plans to provide an update with at least 30 cities by May 2014.  A preliminary presentation on best practices is already available online. We welcome your feedback and further input for its finalisation. Please address your comments to Kees van Leeuwen

The forthcoming City Blueprints Atlas - produced by KWR, Netwerch20 and the Joint Research Centre - will highlight the activities of this Action Group. The City Blueprints Atlas is scheduled to be unveiled at the Opening of the EXPO 2015 in Milan, Italy, between 1 May and 31 October 2015. The theme of the 2015 Milan Universal Exposition is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

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Selected Water Innovation News

India Launches Innovation Fund for Water, Sanitation, Agriculture

India's federal Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and the country’s National Innovation Council have jointly established the new India Inclusive Innovation Fund (IIIF), which will incubate business ventures in sectors including water, sanitation and agriculture, reported OOSKAnews recently.

The fund, which was proposed over a year ago and has already been approved by the Indian Cabinet, will have initial funding of nearly $80 million USD, with the ministry providing 20 percent of the funds, and the rest coming from banks, insurance companies and overseas financial and development institutions.

Over the next two years, the fund is expected to be increased to 10 times that amount. The ministry says the IIIF will identify innovative ventures that are scalable and sustainable, and that can be profitable. It will also branch out into the fields of health care, food, nutrition and education, among others.

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Thirsty energy: the conflict between demands for power and water

"We must understand the trade-offs. You can't look at the water and energy sectors in isolation anymore," says Diego Rodriguez, Senior economist in the World Bank’s water unit in a recent article titled ”Thirsty energy: the conflict between demands for power and water” by Terry Slavin in The Guardian.

he World Bank launched its Thirsty Energy initiative to try to help countries manage the "water-energy nexus" at the recent World Future Energy Summit WFES 2014 in January 2014 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Thirsty Energy “is aimed squarely at the energy community, because the conventional approach of tackling it from the water perspective has not worked,“ says Rodriguez further.

The World Bank is also a member of the EIP Water Action Group W4EF which develops a framework for evaluation and reporting of the energy impacts on water.


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Announcements and Events

Euromoney Water Events presents Money2Water
Global Water Investment Summit

Euromoney Water Events has been created to bring together the participants in the international water industry. Compiled in collaboration with an Advisory Board of highly regarded industry names, Money2Water (M2W) covers Water from an investment, finance and innovation perspective.
M2W aims to provide a platform for key stakeholders to network, exchange investment opportunities and explore new technologies. Join us in London on 7 – 8 May and get involved in the water challenge. An Innovation2Water exhibition will showcase the technologies and innovations that are essential to driving efficiency and meeting current and future water challenges. Register by 21 March and save £200.
Marianne Wenning, Director 'Quality of Life, Water & Air' in DG Environment, EU Commission will give a keynote speech, while Robert Schröder, Policy Advisor in DG Environment will participate in a panel discussion on Water Innovation – Water Energy Food Nexus.
For more information please contact Romain Ollichon, Head of Marketing.

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ACQEAU workshop on 20 February in Brussels: Focus on South Africa

On 20 February 2014, ACQUEAU will organise its bi-annual workshop on funding opportunities for water innovation across and beyond Europe, with a special emphasis on South Africa.
In partnership with the Ministry of Environmental Services and Technologies and the Water Research Council, this event will open the path of new cooperation between ACQUEAU members and South Africa.
The workshop will give a comprehensive overview of the water sector in South Africa and also offer a full understanding of the ACQUEAU open call process and the EUREKA funding mechanism. The  agenda includes high-level speeches from South African as well as EUREKA/ACQUEAU representatives, success stories from ongoing ACQUEAU projects, and project and company profile presentations from South African and European Companies.

Want to participate? Please click here to register.

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Discover the 3rd-party verification of the performance of innovative technologies

The Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) pilot programme helps bringing innovative environmental technologies to the market by providing verified evidence that they are credible, scientifically sound and perform as claimed. The end product is a Statement of Verification that documents the performance of a new technology and differentiates it from that of competitors. Water treatment and monitoring technologies are an important part of the technology scope of ETV.

ETV is a remarkable tool for innovators, purchasers and investors looking to answer questions such as: does this technology deliver what it promises? Does it deliver its resource savings claims? ETV can also integrate the technical requirements of purchasers’ specifications, for example in public tendering.
After its first year of operation, the ETV Stakeholder Forum will discuss first results and how technology users and purchasers can benefit from ETV results, both in the context of public markets and in industrial supply chains. It will take place during the Hannover Messe on 7-8 April 2014, in parallel to the 16th European Forum on Eco-innovation.

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7th Framework Program water projects kick-off

Fifty million Euro of the European research and innovation 2013 budget is dedicated to supporting priority areas of the EIP Water under the Framework Program 7 (FP7) Water Innovation and Demonstration call. The eleven projects selected officially kicked-off their activities on 24 January at a meeting organised by DG Research and Innovation in Brussels.
Where relevant, the projects are actively linked to the activities of the current and new EIP Water Action Groups to increase the impact of both. The dissemination of their deliverables will be supported by the activities and tools of the EIP Water to ensure continued coordination.

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