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Great car – a LaDawri Sebring - posted with excellent story by Jamie Palmer of the “Barn Finds” website this week.
The car surfaced on Craigslist many months ago and is now being presented on eBay.  The LaDawri Sebring is one of the smaller versions of the full-size LaDawri Daytona.  There’s a smaller version of the same car called the “Del Mar” which is even more rare – but that’s for a different story.

Jamie’s analysis of this car is “spot on” and he presents both detail and photos which make it enjoyable to review and compelling to potential buyers.

Click Here To Review the LaDawri Sebring on

Click Here To Review the LaDawri Sebring on eBay

Jon Greuel – historian emeritus for the LaDawri Coachcraft website and Company, jumped in identified the original owner (with help from the seller) and by reviewing the LaDawri log/production books was able to identify that this is the 8th Sebring body produced by LaDawri Coachcraft and it was produced/sold on March 27th, 1961. 

History and provenance is the name of the game, and this looks like it would be an excellent addition to any car guy “stable” – rare, unmodified, and with a great patina.

Go get ‘em gang…just 3 days and 13 hours to go.  What a great way to start our new year :-)

Happy New Year, hope you enjoyed the story, and remember gang…

The adventure continues here at Forgotten Fiberglass.

Geoff Hacker
Forgotten Fiberglass

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