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08 May 2014
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The Gambling Information Resource Office is part of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. GIRO alerts are designed to keep you up to date with the latest information including: new developments in research, policy, regulations and laws at local, state and federal government levels. It also includes decisions from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the courts. GIRO alerts also list upcoming events concerning gambling.

In this issue:

- New foundation website

Contact us if you would like to inform others about any events or publications.

The foundation has a new website!

Last week, the foundation launched a new website showcasing a range of information for different audiences. Developed with accessibility in mind, the website was launched in conjunction with the new ‘Many ways to get help’ campaign, providing a one stop shop for people seeking help with their gambling problems.

The website can be accessed via two main URLs – and  

The site features an expanded Information and Resources section devoted to research and information, which includes GIRO pages from the old site plus lots of new content.

Please note that all the information from our old GIRO pages is still available, but may now be in a new location. We have re-directs in place. If you are having trouble locating something in particular, try navigating to it via the Information and Resources page or contact us at

Below are some tips to help you navigate through our new site as well as recommended pages you may find useful:

1. Bookmark GIRO’s new homepage

2. Use the search function – Find it

  • A search function is located in the top right hand corner on all foundation pages. This allows you to search the entire website, including Information and Resources.

3. Check out our sidebars

  • On the Information and Resources homepage, there is a menu on the left side to assist you in navigating the section. On the right, there is a list of popular links to information and resources.

4. Looking for statistics

5. Looking for research

  • GIRO often has requests for information on research which is readily available on our site. Our Research library includes research reports published by the foundation, the Department of Justice, the Federal government, as well as other Australian and international institutes. We will continue to expand the library providing a research hub with open access to gambling research either as downloadable reports or as links. Items are listed alphabetically by title.
  • Our Recent research page includes the recent research publications with links and abstracts. We also provide detailed summaries of the latest research in our GIRO research updates.
  • In addition, our reading lists provide bibliographies of research on selected topics.

6. Legislation and regulation

  • Victoria’s Gambling Environment is your entry point for information about the Victorian gambling environment. These pages are designed to help you easily navigate your way around the regulatory space. There’s links to the key bodies, important cases and decisions, government reports, charts and graphs.

Visit GIRO for more…

Don’t forget GIRO is more than just a useful online resource! We have an extensive hard copy and digital library including research that cannot be published on our website for copyright reasons. If you would like to visit the office please call or email to make sure we can accommodate you. The office is usually available between 9.30am and 5pm most week days.

Please contact us if you spot an error on our website or in one of our publications.

We also welcome your ideas for new content, so please let us know if there is something you would like to see on our web pages.

Email: or Freecall: 1300 260 019.

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