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6 August 2014
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The Gambling Information Resource Office is part of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. GIRO alerts are designed to keep you up to date with the latest information including: new developments in research, policy, regulations and laws at local, state and federal government levels. It also includes decisions from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the courts. GIRO alerts also list upcoming events concerning gambling.

In this issue:

- Foundation news

- New on the GIRO web pages

- New measures for gaming loyalty schemes

- Local gambling news

- News from the VCGLR

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Foundation news

Presentation event - Release of the Victorian Gambling Study final report

The foundation is releasing the final report of the Victorian Gambling Study 2008-2012, a four year longitudinal study which examines the relationship between gambling and health in Victoria. How gambling behaviour changes over time, and the results of changes, is vital information for those seeking to prevent harm from gambling.

The presentation will be given by Rosa Bill, Manager of Research at the foundation. It will outline the background, key findings (including incidence estimate, transitions between risk states, risk factors for problem gambling and the relationship between problem gambling and co-morbidities) and the challenges of undertaking such a large study.

Copies of the report will be available and lunch will be provided.

When: Friday, 22 August 2014, 12-2pm
Where: Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, level 6, 14-20 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

To book your place or for further information, please RSVP by 18 August 2014 to

New on the GIRO web pages

GIRO information sheets: GIRO has updated 17 information sheets on spending on electronic gaming machines (EGM) in foundation service and prevention catchment areas. The updates are based on the latest financial year data from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

Each information sheet details EGM spending data from June 2013 to July 2014 for each catchment as well as detailing the total net EGM expenditure per local government area (LGA) within the catchments. A master sheet provides a series of comparative tables across catchments. Categories covered include total spend, spend per capita and total number of machines.

New measures for gaming loyalty schemes

In a move to underpin the 2015 roll-out of statewide pre-commitment, the Minister for Liquor Gaming and Racing recently announced measures for new gaming loyalty schemes including the following restrictions:

  • Loyalty points may not be used for further gaming
  • Loyalty points may not be redeemed for cash and
  • Loyalty points may not be accrued once a player has reached the pre-commitment level they set.

These measures will be set out in regulations detailing the pre-commitment scheme.

Local gambling news

The Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA) recently published its July 2014 edition of the Gambling News ebulletin.

News from the VCGLR

Recent VCGLR EGM licensing decision:

Foundry Hotel: On 28 June 2014, the commission heard an application from Drayton Manor Pty Ltd to increase the number of EGMs at the Foundry Hotel Complex from 25 to 45. The City of Greater Bendigo did not make any submissions to the Commission. On 30 July 2014, the VCGLR granted the application.

Upcoming VCGLR EGM licensing hearings:

Pakenham Hotel: On 18 August 2014, the commission will hear an application from Castello Pakenham Hotel Pty Ltd to increase the number of EGMs at the Pakenham Hotel from 50 to 70.

Dandenong Club: On 20 August 2014, the commission will hear an application from the Dandenong Club to increase the number of EGMs at its venue from 94 to 103.

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