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I hope you're doing okay and staying well out there. I've started and abandoned so many newsletters this past year, as it felt so fluffy and pointless when so much was going on in the world. But the amount of goings-on just keeps going up. So here are some fresh and fluffy distractions for this grey and unsettled Thursday.

Current Obsessions

Virgin River on Netflix

Virgin River

My pre-Christmas escape hatch was a show called Virgin River on Netflix. The premise: city girl with a troubled past and gorgeous hair moves to small town full of folk with troubled pasts and gorgeous hair. (Those less troubled or hot are there to meddle in your affairs, in an endearing way.)

It stars Alexandra Breckenridge, and it took me three episodes to recall where I'd last seen her: walloping a zombie with a shovel on The Walking Dead. But none of that on Virgin River, for she's a nurse practitioner with red hair. The latter made it easier to fantasise that her life could be mine, and remember how that a certain shade of dusky pink looks really good on gingers.

Also, it stars New Zealand's Martin Henderson. I feel such a surge of pride when I see Antipodean actors do well in the States. Good on ya, son! I'd say aloud to Martin as he strolled across the screen, looking ruffled by his troubled past and the saucy newcomer. I was worried he'd gone home after his brief stint on Grey's Anatomy but nope, he's running the bar in Virgin River and doing well for himself.

I unashamedly love a good romance, and while this show really brings the cheese at times, it's a lovely thing to turn to when you just need cosy slipper telly.
Nicholas Palmquist's Instagram

Dance Therapy

I'm hooked on New York choreographer Nicholas Palmquist's Instagram where you'll find the most joyous dancing to classic tunes from the charts and Broadway. It's utterly mesmerising. I watch the videos over and over while doing a graceless form of chair dancing.
Love and Hisses

Love and Hisses

If not watching the dancers, this is my other Instagram happy place. Robyn is fostering the most ridiculously cute litter of kittens just now and documents their daily antics. Tune in for your dose of fluff and be soothed.
The Oprah Winfrey Show: The Podcast

The Oprah Winfrey Show: The Podcast

34 years after the Oprah show debuted, the vault has been opened in the form of a curated collection of podcasts hand-picked by the lady herself. There's twelve episodes up now, but apparently over time most of the 4,561 shows in the archive will be turned into podcast form. You get podcast! You get a podcast!
Alison Roman's Spicy White Bean Stew With Broccoli Rabe


Alison Roman has once again created a recipe that the internet goes bonkers for: Spicy White Bean Stew With Broccoli Rabe. It's easy to make and has so much flavour for a relatively short list of ingredients. I use kale as we don't seem to get broccoli rabe here. Don't skip the feta garnish coz #fetamakeseverythingbetta

Recent & Decent

11th Annual Year in Review

11th Annual Year in Review

On the blog: a belated rake over the year that was. 2019 contained Succession, sprains, spewnamis and other things that don’t start with S, including an obsession with ginger. 

Read the full story »
Asking For The Impossible

Asking For The Impossible

"I’m at the point of admitting 1) this has become a big f*cking mess 2) I've been doing a terrible job of fixing this on my own for the past 20 years or so..."

Here's an essay I wrote recently in October for Kerstin Martin's "Asking For Impossible Things" project. It's about rocky rock bottoms and seeking help for my disordered eating.

Read the full story »

Take good care, good people. 


I'm Shauna Reid, an Australian author, copywriter and blogger living in Scotland. I love telling stories about life and helping others tell theirs.

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