What questions do you have about #NoEstimates?
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The most important questions about #NoEstimates


Whenever I talk and present on #NoEstimates there are some questions that come up over and over again. Not all have an easy answer, but we plan to answer all of them.

Last week I asked people on twitter and on my blog about what are the most important questions about #NoEstimates that they want answered. Here are some of the questions I received (in no particular order):
  1. When are estimates appropriate, in your experience? Can Estimates add value to the product/service development process? How? And when?
  2. How can we choose between different options if we don't estimate the time and money it takes to develop each of those options?
  3. Can you apply #NoEstimates at the portfolio level? What insights can #NoEstimates bring to an organization where multiple projects are ongoing at the same time?
  4. How can those with the responsibility to make investment decisions make those decisions without the estimates they used to have? How can #NoEstimates help decision makers?
  5. How can I use #NoEstimates when the bidding process for a project requires me to give a price before I start working on the project itself?
These are just some of the many questions I received during last week. Some of these questions are easy to answer and I'll follow up with some possible answers in the weeks to come, but others require a more in depth discussion and interaction. That's why me and Woody Zuill (his blog) have decided to organize a workshop, to my knowledge the first public #NoEstimates workshop. In this workshop we plan to tackle the questions above as well as other questions and topics. Here are some examples:
  • Decision making frameworks for projects that do not require estimates.
  • Investment models for software projects that do not require estimates.
  • Project management (risk management, scope management, progress reporting, etc.) approaches that do not require estimates.
  • We will give you the tools and arguments you need to prove the value of #NoEstimates to your boss, and how to get started applying it right away.
  • We will discuss where we see #NoEstimates going and what are the likely changes to software development that will come next. This is the future delivered to you!
How about you? What are your most important questions about #NoEstimates? Let us know what questions you want us to prepare for and we will cover as many as we can in the workshop on the week of October 20th, 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.

Send us your questions so that we can shape the workshop to your needs. I will reply to every email I get with questions.

Take care,
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