Shakeout Exercise Set for April 17th

On April 17, 2013 the state of Utah will hold another ShakeOut Exercise through-out the state.  This is an opportunity for you to practice for an earthquake event at 10:15 AM the morning of April 17, 2013 and join many of your neighbors practicing for an earthquake event.  For this drill you should Drop, Cover, and Hold-on for at least one minute.  Protect yourself by dropping to the floor and moving under something to cover your head and body from falling objects while the simulated earthquake occurs.

Utah's Own Products Featured at Economic Summit Reception

More than 35 Utah's Own companies were featured during the annual Governor's Utah Economic Summit, at the Grand America Hotel in Salt lake City in mid April. Featured products included local meats and cheeses, spreads and breads, sweets and specialty items.

Community Supported Agriculture Open Houses Draw Consumers Looking for Fresh Summer Produce

A lot of local farmers have changed their business models over the years to adapt to a growing percentage of the general public who want to be more connected to their food and know their farmer.  The largest percentage of direct sales and interaction with consumers come from farmers markets, for most farmers. But there is a growing number of people who are signing up for a season’s worth of produce and other agricultural products in advance. This model, usually referred to as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) provides consumers with a consistent supply of fresh local food in season. It also helps farmers by providing a guaranteed distribution channel for some of their harvest, as well as providing some up front income to help farmers start the season.
In late February and early March, the Great Salt Lake Resource Conservation and Development Council hosted two meeting the farmer, CSA open house events along the Wasatch Front. Consumers had a chance to meet farmers and comparison shop for the CSA program that works best for them.  Because each farm runs their own program, there are differences from farm to farm in what’s offered, where it can be picked up and even in how it’s grown.
It’s not too late to sign up for the 2013 season.  The CSA Utah website has information about many farm CSAs, as well as contact information.
Carrie Tagge, left, explains the CSA options from her farm, Tagge's Famous Fruit and Vegetables.

Super Storm Sandy First Responders Share Animal Care Tips in Utah 

Super storm Sandy first responders told their counterparts in Utah that if you want to care for people during an emergency, make sure their pets are cared for as well.  That was a key message from New York State’s agriculture emergency coordinator during a two-day seminar in Provo, sponsored by the Utah Emergency Animal response Coalition (UEARC).
Dr. David Chico, DVM of New York said 500 tons of pet food was donated by the commercial pet food industry, but that distributing the food was challenging because the emergency response structure in the New York area was geared for human relief first.  Once it was understood that evacuations needed to include pets, the movement of people became easier.
Dr. Chico and other emergency responders spoke to members of Utah police and fire agencies, veterinarians and, animal control officers during the fourth annual Animals in Disasters Workshop held at the Provo Marriott Hotel.
Utah faced animal evacuation challenges during the 2012 wildfires as dozens of large and small animals were evacuated with their owners in various counties.
Dr. David Chico, DVM, New York State’s agriculture emergency coordinator, was the keynote speaker during the two-day seminar in Provo.

Information all Utah Beekeepers Should Know

With the dramatic rise in popularity of backyard beekeeping in recent years, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) is reminding local beekeepers of the importance of registering with the State, learning from other beekeepers, and learning to recognize and control diseases that can wipe out colonies. The UDAF has put together a brochure with great information for beekeepers. Read it now online.

Hungry Pest Campaign Tries to Stop the Spread of Invasive Insects

Hungry pests are invasive species that threaten to harm our crops and trees. Left unchecked, they can devastate entire agricultural industries, eliminating jobs, threatening our food supplies and costing billions.

There are things that each of us can do to help stop the spread. It's up to each of us to be sure that we're not packing a pest when we move things outdoors, go camping, or travel internationally.

Please do your part and be aware of any regulations and potential risks in your area. And if you see a pest, report it. With your help, we can protect so much that we value.

Utah's Own Co-Hosts Marketing Training for Food Businesses

On March 20, approximately 80 Utah Food Producers met to discuss the benefits of quality Utah produced foods and how to keep hard-earned money in our communities.
“These entrepreneurs are Utah Heroes! Everything they do builds our economy. They inspire other entrepreneurs throughout the state.” Steve Reich, CEO of R Marketing and co-sponsor of the conference, said.
Trainings during the conference included no cost and low cost marketing efforts, product pricing education, retail and restaurant distribution, as well as tips on company leadership and human resources.
The conference offered networking for food businesses of all sizes. Both large and small companies shared tips and experiences that will enable others to find success in the current market.
“There is nothing more rewarding than being a part of a group of businesses working together, cooperating and supporting each other,” said Utah's Own Program Manager, Seth Winterton. He added that Utah’s Own in partnership with Utah Specialty Association frequently holds trainings to foster small food business growth and success. The mission of Utah’s Own is to create a strong consumer culture that seek and buy local agriculture and food products.

Participants at the Utah's Own training, from Blossom Fine Foods, listen intently to a presentation during the day-long conference. (photo: courtesy, Stave Reich)
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