Specialty Crop Block Grants Due 4/29.
Utah's Own Mini grants awarded.
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Specialty Crop Grant Applications Due 4/29

Specialty Crop grants are due April 29, 2016. This year the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food has approximately $275,000 to allocate for research and practical application projects that promote or increase specialty crop production and consumption. Read the news release on our website, and click on the links on that page for instructions and application documents.

Specialty Crop Grantee Focus:

Refugees put down New Roots

Members of Utah’s refugee populations who have gardening or farming backgrounds are getting a chance to put those skills to use and help provide for their families, thanks to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and a USDA Specialty Crops grant, administered by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF). Read the full story on the UDAF website.

UDAF Gives Award of Operational Excellence to two Utah Daries

Recently, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Division of Regulatory Services, Dairy Program presented the first ever “Award of Operational Excellence” to two farmers at the Utah Dairy Convention in St. George, Utah.  The recipients of the awards were Tony Stanworth, owner of Stanworth dairy located in Delta, Utah (Dairy with less than 1,000 cows) and Kimball Holt, owner of Holt dairy located in Newcastle, Utah (Dairy with more than 1,000 cows).
The award criteria were based upon the two top dairy farm operations who have received 100% on inspections over the past three years.
“While it’s our responsibility to regulate dairy farm operations throughout the state in the interest of public health, we have a lot of great dairy producers who do a wonderful job.” “It is only appropriate to begin using positive reinforcement, instead of always telling them what they are doing wrong” said Travis Waller, director, UDAF Division of Regulatory Services.
The Awards,
Dairy with less than 1000 cows:
Stanworth Dairy (Tony Stanworth), 3650 S. 1000 W, Delta, UT  84624,   435-864-8964
2013: 3 100%
2014: 3 100%
2015: 3 100%

Dairy with more than 1000 cows:
Holt Dairy (Kimball Holt), 198 S 1200 W, Newcastle, UT 84714,   435-231-4754

"Award of Regulatory Excellence"
!00% inspection 3 consecutive years
The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) will help Utah’s Own member companies realize some of their goals through a new Marketing Development Grant.  A minimum of ten Utah’s Own Marketing Development Grants will be awarded this spring (max. single award amt. is $1,000 ।total funds available $10,000). Award announcements should be made by mid-April.

UDAF Brand Inspection Program to Receive Gov's Award for Excellence

Animal Industry's Brands Inspection Program will receive the prestigious Governor's Award for Excellence on April 27th at the Capitol Rotunda.  Each year the governor chooses to recognize a limited number of programs for their commitment to excellence.  The UDAF's Brand inspectors earned the honor this year for significantly reducing the number of stolen or lost livestock.  The program also is credited with being among the first in the nation to implement electronic brand inspections which saves time during a change of ownership, and can quickly locate sick animals during a disease outbreak. The award couldn't go to a more deserving group of dedicated employees.  
Embargo of Illegal Product

     In early March the Denver District Office of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked UDAF to embargo 187,172 containers of certain dietary supplement products located at a Salt Lake City firm.
     The dietary supplements, which were seized by U.S. Marshals back in December and held under FDA Administrative Detention order, contained kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) The kratom product contains alkaloids that have pharmacological effects similar to morphine and other opiates.  Consumption of kratom can lead to a number of health problems including respiratory depression, nervousness, agitation, aggression, sleeplessness, hallucinations, delusions, loss of libido, tremors, skin hyperpigmentation, nausea, vomiting, constipation and severe withdrawal signs and symptoms.
     UDAF compliance officers, Rick Beckstrand, Mikayla Wilder and compliance specialist Kristi Ware assisted FDA Investigators with the embargo and hold order release once it was decided the product would be taken to a local hazardous waste company for disposal and destruction.

UDAF Chem. Lab Aflatoxin Tests Complete

The UDAF Feed and Fertilizer lab recently completed testing of corn and cotton seed feed samples for the presence of aflatoxins. Aflatoxins are a group of carcinogenic compounds produced by certain fungi that pose a potential health hazard for both animals and humans. In all, almost 50 samples were tested, and none were found to contain aflatoxin levels above trace amounts. Aflatoxin testing of feed samples will be done again in the fall, when products of concern are harvested. 

UDAF Aquaponic Display Update: April 2016

The UDAF Aquaponics/hydroponics garden is now four months old. We are harvesting 1-2 pounds of lettuce (dry) per week. Strawberries are in blossom and the first tomato blossoms are just opening. We recently added about a dozen Swiss chard plants and we are starting a few herbs such as cilantro, oregano and basil. After a slow start last winter, production has picked up, the fish are healthy, and people continue to come in to hear about it.
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