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February 2014 Edition

It seems a while ago now, but I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and a festive New Year's. It's a bit sad that summer is nearly over already!

We have started a new competition year as well as finishing off the last split competition year. At the 2013 congress a decision was made to make the shooting competition year follow the calendar year, but as the existing 2013/14 Sharp Shooter and Master Marksman series was already running it will be completed at the end of March 2014. Even though the new 2014 competition year runs from 1st January till 31st of December 2014. Sounds a little confusing hey, but it is only for this year, then it will be smooth sailing! TRV council has also changed the old "Sharp Shooter" series name to the more benign "Bench Master".

Council has also introduced a new 50m benchrest target, this new target has 25 aiming marks which are the same dimensions as the international RBA style targets. This means that benchrest competitions will now be scored out of 750 instead of the old 600, giving our benchrest competitors to get an extra 15 shots of fun in a match!

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Volunteers Needed!

Are you available to help TRV run the RBA National Championships (22nd and 23rd of February), or the TRV State Championships (1st and 2nd March)? If so please send an email to

Funding Opportunity....

If you or anyone else in you club knows of any available grants please email them to and I will add them to the next newsletter.

Position Vacant

Are you interested in writing this newsletter? It is all done online and is quite easy to do. Sue and I are expecting our first child in June, so I am thinking I may not have much spare time on my hands then. I am happy to teach anyone who maybe interested how to use the online software and give any assistance they may require. If you are interested please email me at

Cheers, Chris.

2014 Nationals

Entries are now open for the 2014 National Championships, shot in Adelaide. Please check out the South Australian website for entry form and details. A number of Victorians have already booked at the Highway One Caravan Park, so this is where the Victorian Dinner may be. Check out the two links below:

TRV is also looking for people to fill as many state teams as possible, so if you are going please let us know so we can organise our teams. For more info please click here.

Something Interesting...
Have you seen the new ISSF iPad Magazine?  Please take the time to check out the blurb on Youtube from this link.

Do you read the TRA EMag?  It is very interesting and informative, please click here to read the latest issue.

This is a pretty cool Benchrest Supplies site, based in Queensland, check it out here.

Have you found any good shooting sites worth sharing with others? If so please email them to and I will add them to the next newsletter.


Upcoming events:

TRV Training Camp
Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of February, held at MISC
For more info click here.

Frankston Peninsula Prize Meeting
Saturday 15th (Bench) and Sunday 16th (Prone) of February, held at Frankston
For more info click here.

RBA National Championships
Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd of Febrary, held at MISC
For more info click here.

Numurkah Postal Competition
Starts Saturday 1st of March, for more info click here.

TRV State Championships
Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of March, held at MISC
For more info click here.

North East Victorian Championships and Jim Brock Memorial Prize Meeting
Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of March, held at Wangaratta
For more info check the website closer to date.

Stawell Prize Meeting
Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of March, held at Stawell
For more info check the website closer to date.

Australian Championships
Tuesday 15th to Tuesday 22nd of April, held at Adelaide
For more info click here.

2013 Oceania's & Youth Nationals

A contingent of Victorian Juniors made their way to Sydney in December last year to compete in the Oceania Championships and Youth Nationals. Our states juniors did exceptionally well in the Youth Nationals, they collected a total of 6 gold, 6 silver and 6 bronze medals between them. Below are some comments from our juniors who attended.
Lucy Romanoff
What was the best thing you saw?
The best thing I saw was probably the Sydney International Shooting Centre, it is obvious why they held the Olympics there, it is massive compared to my little Frankston range, the finals range probably topped it all off, it was so professional and great to see the competition.
What was the biggest thing you saw?
Well my dad went a bit crazy on photography, it seemed like it was every minute he would pull up on the side of the road and dad would yell "put your Vic tops on!" to get a photo of the team with something. Our theme seemed to be animals - we took photos with the dog on a tucker box, a rooster and also a ram I think it was, we took a photo from the front and back of that one :D
What was the funniest thing you saw?
There were many funny moments but probably when Cam fell asleep on the bus and the guys decided to draw on him... in permanent marker!
How did you shoot?
I pulled the trigger! :D, just kidding :P I shot personal bests in both my events, in 50m prone I shot a 528.6 which is an 8 point PB and in air rifle i shot a 200.9 which is a 200.9 PB because I have never shot it before and will probably never shoot it again. I think Mitchell and I had each others rifles for the air rifle (provided by Frankston club) which led to an uncomfortable position and many 0's
Did you have fun?
I had loaaaaads of fun!
Did you make any new friends?
I made quite a few new friends, some even do other kinds of shooting like pistol and clay which was interesting to learn about and watch.
Would you go again?
I would definitely go again, it was a great experience to do this as I usually shoot bench rest, it was also great to explore other fields in shooting.

Alex Cameron
What was the best thing you saw?
The entire shooting complex.
What was the biggest thing you saw?
The Giant Ram.
What was the funniest thing you saw?
Taking the photo at the ram.
How did you shoot?
Not as well as I was hoping to!
Did you have fun?
Yes I did.
Did you make any new friends?
Would you go again?
Mitch Lucas
What was the best thing you saw?
The whole lot.

What was the biggest thing you saw?
The range was the biggest thing I saw.

What was the funniest thing you saw?
Towel fights at our accommodation and the photo opportunities set up by Dean on the way up and back.

How did you shoot?
Really good - 2nd in 3 position.

Did you have fun?
Yes I did.

Did you make any new friends?

Would you go again?
Zac Sirianni
What was the best thing you saw?
Men's 50m final.
What was the biggest thing you saw?
Giant Ram.
What was the funniest thing you saw?
The drive home.
How did you shoot?
50m not to good, air not to bad.
Did you have fun?
Did you make any new friends?
Would you go again?
Sam Foster
What was the best thing you saw?
I got to see our juniors go to a competition not just to shoot for themselves but to also be part of a team and help each other over the weekend - both at the range and away from it.
What was the funniest thing you saw?
How the Victorian bus was stacked on the way home
How did you shoot?
Very good against the competition, I made it into all three men's finals, I won 3P and came 2nd in air rifle.
Did you have fun?
Was nice to stay with all of our Victorian juniors and the type of accommodation made it very social and fun compared to hotel rooms. And you know shooting was fun too.
Did you make any new friends?
I got to learn more about people that I hadn't really spoken with much over the youth nationals weekend.
Would you go again?
Of course, need to win 3P for a third year running :P

Target Rifle Geelong

Target Rifle Geelong held it's annual prize meeting on the 25th and 26th of January. The Saturday was the 50m event, and Sunday saw one of the few 90m events we have in Victoria.
Saturday presented a warm and slightly windy day, this caused some problems for a few of the 33 competitors, while provided a nice challenge for others. Lucy Romanoff was in flying form on Saturday winning both the Junior and Open sections of the 50m Benchrest event with her score of 596.43, this score also set a new Victorian Junior Female record, so a very well done to Lucy! Gerhard Maya came in second place, with Benalla's Graham Bickerdike 8 centres behind to take third place with his score of 594.29. 
In the prone event a total of 29 competitors challenged the range and conditions. Chris Lott was lucky to just sneak past Chloe Romanoff, Chloe shot an outstanding score of 589.27, which was a personal best score for her, unfortunately Chris scored a 589.34, a very close competition indeed. MCC's Xavier McLaurin came in third place with his 588.27. Chloe's fantastic score gave her two new Victorian records, Junior Female as well as Junior Open for 50m Prone, it seems the Romanoff girls are setting records everywhere! Local Geelong shooter Molly McCann also shot well to win the prone Sub Junior section with a very nice score of 560.13.

One Sunday the sun was out and presented the shooters with a small amount of mirage which was pushed around by a gentle breeze. Oakleigh's Mike Jarrad had no trouble with this though, Mike smashed out a fantastic 590 to easily win the prone event. Wangaratta's junior shooter Cameron Paterson seemed to relish the 90m distance to score a very nice 580 which placed him in 3rd position outright. 

Local Geelong shooter Maurice Keegan did very well in the 90m Benchrest event, Maurice scored 599 to pip Graham Bickerdike by one point. Graham's fellow club mate John Gallo came in third place with his score of 596.

Reg McCready won Big Kev's NASA award Saturday. Reg was up early, packed the rifle into the car and arrived at the range in plenty of time before his comp started. The only thing is, when Reg unpacked his rifle he realised he actually packed his air rifle, not his .22 rifle! But Reg was only holding the award overnight as our president Mike Jarrad was given it back again for stepping in a dog's calling card on the range. So I am guessing Mike will have eagle eyes out looking for a new recipient at the upcoming Frankston Prize Meeting.
It was fantastic to see a great turn out of junior shooters at this competition, hopefully it is a sign of things to come, especially when they are shooting such fantastic scores, great work juniors!

Target Rifle Geelong should be congratulated on running yet another successful competition, providing great food at the canteen both days, as well as a BBQ on the Saturday evening. 

For a full list of results click here.
For the full gallery of photos click here.

5 Minutes With...

Name:  Paul Janicki
Club/s you are/have been a member of? 
Ardrossan Rifle Club and Casterton Smallbore Rifle Club

What do you do for a living?
Machine Shop Supervisor

How did you get started in shooting?
I had been obsessed with shooting from a very young age where I grew up, on my Grandfathers 8000 acre farm at a time when fox skins were worth good money and vermin control was part of everyday life. At age 13 my mates relative was a member of Ardrossan Rifle club and he suggested we join. When I left to go to the city for work I continued to shoot for a short time In Adelaide under the tuition of my Great Uncle, Norm Rule. I then found cars and girls more important and did not return until my daughter showed an interest in shooting at which time we joined Casterton.

What disciplines do you shoot?
I shoot Prone Rifle, Benchrest and try to shoot Air Rifle.
How often do you shoot? 
I shoot at least once a week at club level and try to go to as many MM/SS event as I can.
Greatest achievement?
Making Club Champion.
Most memorable moment?
Winning the drawn doubles competition with the Ardrossan club captain. His face said it all when he drew my name at my very first shoot aged 13.  When we won he bought me so many soft drinks I nearly exploded. You couldn't wipe the smile off either of us.
What is the furthest you have travelled to compete?
Last year I travelled to Tassie with a great bunch of people.

What do you enjoy most about the sport?
The camaraderie and the great people that shoot would be the most enjoyable part of the sport.


How can I shoot in a day with lots of mirage?
Competitions take place on appointed days, so the shooter has to be able to adjust to the weather. The only way is to train in all weathers to learn different strategies.

A quote from Rifle Shooting as a Sport by Bernd Klingner says "It takes a lot of experience to be able to recognise a shift in the point of impact due to the wind, and to be able to adjust the sights for this. It becomes particularly difficult during the warm summer months when you also have mirages to deal with. We know these illusory stretches of water on the road or in the desert produced by mirages as Fata Morgana.

They are also present on the range, but not so easy to see with the eye. You can make them out with a telescopic sight - aimed at the target but set on a focus of 45m. The warm air can be quite clearly seen to move in waves. In a strong wind the waves are short and fast, in a slight wind slow and large. When there is no wind it looks as if the air is 'simmering'. The target appears to tremble, continually changing direction, without being optically displaced."
How often should I clean my rifle?
Opinions vary on the best procedures and frequency requirements for cleaning rifles. Experts do agree that rifles should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain optimum accuracy. In cleaning the bore, a cleaning rod guide should always be used to prevent damage to the chamber area of the barrel.
How long should I wait after eating to shoot prone?
A shooter, just like any other athlete, must base their training program on a foundation of good health. Some good starting points are:
  • You should not eat large meals prior to your match.
  • Shooting on a full stomach can cause a large increase in your heart rate as your body processes the food.
  • Carb loading the night before a match is important.
  • Many shooters believe that tea and coffee have side effects of small muscle tremors.
  • Avoid tobacco.
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol.
  • Prior to a match you should have adequate rest and sleep.
How long should I take to shoot a 20 shot prone card?
I believe the current rules state 30 mins for unlimited sighters and twenty consecutive business shots. To produce an accurate shot it is necessary to maintain a good hold, steady position and coordinate relaxation, breathing, sighting trigger control and follow through into a short sequence.

Always take your hundred eye to the range...

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