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Victorian Junior Target Shooting Championships
The weekend just finished seen the running of the Victorian Junior Target Shooting Championship held at MISC.  Although entries were a little lower than anticipated it was still great to see 24 entries for the Rifle events with Alex Hoberg and Lachlan Hughes making the trek over from Wingfield, South Australia.

Air Rifle and 3P competitions were held on Saturday with Michael Davis (MISC) winning the 3P event.  The under 16 category in the Air Rifle Range had quite a few entrants and a final was conducted after qualification with Alex Hoberg from Wingfield, SA winning the event.  The results of the Air Rifle were:
  • U/16
  • 1st Michael Davis, MISC - 602.8
  • 2nd Alex Hoberg, Wingfield - 591.0
  • 3rd Julian Gogesse, Teutonia - 558.7
  • U/18
  • 1st Rachel Strik, Benalla - 350.9 (40 shots)
  • OPEN (Final)
  • 1st Alex Hoberg, Wingfield, 204.5
  • 2nd Michael Davis, MISC - 197.3
  • 3rd Lachlan Hughes, Wingfield - 165.7
Sunday was out on the 50m ranges with Prone first up in the morning which included four Biathlon shooters competing as part of the Championships and was great to see that both Jethro & Gabby Mahon made it into the final as well.  Alex Hoberg had the top score of the Qualification series with a nice 609.4 followed by Michael Davis on 603.0 and Laura Crozier (Kyneton) finishing in 3rd with 595.3.  The finals commenced at 11am with introduction of the 8 finalists (which included a mix of females and males as well as Biatlon) then commencing with 2x 3 shot series and then 2-shot series deciding placings from 8th to 1st.  It was great to see that all the juniors stayed around to support their fellow supporters as well as the small spectator crowd that was there.  Unfortunately Alex had a bit of a malfunction during his 2nd series of 3 with an empty cartridge jamming in his bolt which gave a few misfires and wasn't able to get 3 scoring shots away as he would have been in contention for a Top 3 spot.  Congratulations to Rachel Strik (Benalla SBRC) who pulled out some big shots  during the final with 10.9 & 10.8 which helped her win the final by 2.2pts from Michael Davis.
  • U/16
  • 1st Alex Hoberg, Wingfield - 609.3
  • 2nd Michael Davis, MISC - 603.0
  • 3rd Lachlan Hughes, Wingfield - 568.0
  • U/18
  • 1st Laura Crozier, Kyneton - 595.3
  • 2nd Rachel Strik, Benalla - 593.0
  • 3rd Jethro Mahon, Biathlon/MISC - 570.0
  • U/21
  • 1st Blade Lacey, Kyneton - 582.5
  • 2nd Lucy Romanoff, FPTRC - 570.0
  • 3rd Jeremy Flanagan, Biathlon/MISC - 556.4
  • OPEN (Final)
  • 1st Rachel Strik, Benalla - 201.6
  • 2nd Michael Davis, MISC - 199.4
  • 3rd Laura Crozier, Kyneton - 178.5
After the Prone had finished it was onto the Benchrest range where numbers were not as great as the Prone but nonetheless Ebony Parker from FPTRC was the person to beat over the 60 shots with a nice 587.020 and only started shooting a couple of months ago when she went down to the range with her Grandfather.  Lachie Anderson (Sale SBRC) finshed in 2nd place with Seb Scamporlino in 3rd. 
  • 1st Ebony Parker, FPTRC - 587.020
  • 2nd Lachie Anderson, Sale - 576.010
  • 3rd Seb Scamporlino, TRG (Geelong) - 536.016
We would also like to thank dual shooting Olympian Keith Ferguson who recently returned from the 2016 Rio Olympics competing in Skeet (Shotgun) discipline at both London and Rio.  Keith presented all of the medals for Sunday's events and hopefully the juniors can be inspired by this and one day we will see some of the names that attended this weekend wearing the green/gold tracksuit representing Australia. 

Thank you and well done to everyone who came along and competed in this years Junior Shooting Championships and thanks to all of those who helped out over the weekend from taking entries, range duties and the scorers.  All results of the weekend are available on the website by clicking here.  There are also some more photos on the TRV Facebook page so make sure that you check them out.

If you enjoyed this event don't forget about the 2016 Shooting Australia Youth Nationals which will be held at Sydney International Shooting Centre on 9th to 11th December.  As in previous years TRV may be organising a bus for those Juniors who would like to attend so if you haven't spoke to anyone as yet and could be interested please contact Chris Lott via email by clicking here.
Range Official Courses
Are you interested in becoming a Range Officer or Scorer?  Or would you like to upgrade your creditionals to the next level?

TRV are currently looking to organise some courses for Range Officers and Scorers to members.  If this is something that you would like to do then it is as simple as contacting Chris Lott via this link.
Upcoming Events
Sept 12 - 31 Oct
Leongatha 600 Postal Competition

Sept 19 - 13 Nov
Camberwell 600 Postal Competition 

Oct 1-3
NSW State Championships @ SISC
Oct 8
41st Long Range Championship @ Kyabram

Oct 9
13th Benchrest Championship @ Kyabram

Oct 10 - Nov 27
Albert Harber Junior Handicap
BSA Shield Postal
New Zealand Goodwill Cup

Oct 14-16
Canberra Open Championship @ Canberra

Oct 22-23
TRV Endurance Match @ Stawell
Oct 29
North East Championships @ Wangaratta 

Oct 30
Jim Brock Memorial @ Wangaratta
Nov 1 - Jan 15, 2017
North West Victorian Postal
Nov 1 - Feb 6, 2017
Albury Postal
Nov 6
City of Melb. 50m Teams Championship @ MISC
Nov 19-20
TRV Training Camp @ Stawell
Nov 19-20
Tasmanian State Championships @ Sheffield

Nov 24-27
RBA Rimfire and Air Bench Nationals @ MISC
Dec 9-11
Shooting Australia Youth Nationals @ SISC

For full TRV Calendar click here
Top:  Some photos from Vic Junior Target Shooting Championships on weekend with a nice 10.9 to finish off the 60shot Qualification!  Middle:  Don't just read the highlighted bits...!!.  Above:  Michael Davis in 1st place in 10m Air rifle at Shooting Australia's AusCup 4 recently
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Clubs in Focus - Northcote Rifle Club

It comes as a surprise to most visitors to find an operating rifle range that is just five kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, or that our club is over 100 years old. The most frequent comment we get, even from our neighbours is, ‘We didn’t know you were still alive!’ Our covered range doesn’t reveal much from the outside, so their comments are understandable. Even in the quiet evenings on club nights, the sound of rifle fire doesn’t carry far beyond the range walls.

It all began on the 7th March 1911, when the Mayor of Northcote fired the first shot signifying that the club was officially open. The event was attended by over 100 members and invited guests. The 25 yard range featured 2-travelling target changers and was originally located in Roberts Street, Northcote under the eastern embankment of High Street. In 1925, the members built a new range and moved to our current site next to the Merri Station in Bridge Street, Northcote.

Most of our members competed in two disciplines:

  1. Fullbore or .303” calibre was shot at outdoor events. The target distances varied from 300 to 900 yards. These events were usually held on weekends.
  2. Smallbore or miniature rifle events were shot with a .22” calibre rifle. The 25 yard targets could be shot at home during the week, but longer 50 and 100 yard distances were shot at outdoor weekend venues.

During World War II, fullbore competitions were suspended for the duration in order to supply ammunition to the forces. Smallbore shooting continued as it was seen as a training aid for home defence.

After World War II, the sport was very popular and due to their numbers, both men and women competed separately. They travelled extensively and took part in many shoulder to shoulder competitions throughout the state. In 1957, all of the club’s shooting disciplines were again merged under the original club name – Northcote Rifle Club.

The social component of the club also played a big part and the club was open every evening. Organised events such as dances, picnics, ‘smoke nights’ and picture nights were held regularly. A piano, billiard table and a wireless were provided for other forms of relaxation.

Technology, time and customs may have changed and we have seen numerous cycles of popularity and decline, yet each time our club has survived.  We have included a bit of a pictorial history of the last 100+ years that we have been operational.

New challenges have appeared this year that threaten our existence yet again.  Membership remains small but we're dedicated to keep the club going.


If we have kept you interested this far and you want to see more then check out our website by clicking here.  We are also on Facebook so be sure to become our friend by clicking here

Thanks to the members of Northcote Rifle Club for sending in this article for the newsletter.  Would you like to have your club featured in an upcoming issue? All you need to do is gather some information and send it off to the Newsletter Editor. 

Are you upgrading, downsizing or wanting to start to build up your range/kit bag?  One of the hardest things about our sport is the availability of getting equipment for your kit bag especially if you are new to the sport.  It is not as easy as going to your local gun shop or sports store to get what you want as most of the equipment is specialised to a certain extent.  Yes, you can click on the links at the bottom of this newsletter for some of our recognised suppliers but sometimes other TRV members may have what you require!  

 FOR SALE - TRV Hoodies
There is nothing worse than getting a chill in your lower back whilst shooting benchrest or in between details when you haven't got your shooting jacket on.  Not only will you look good at the range you will also be supporting the juniors of TRV.

    $35 each      To buy one click here to contact Mike Jarrad

WANTED - Old Target Rifle Victoria Memorabilia
Do  you have or know of any old VSBRCU, VSBRA, VSBARA, TRV (Or other associated body) Memorabilia, please consider returning or donating it back to TRV for safe keeping with the view of having it on display in the future.

Please email Mike Jarrad by clicking here for further information

WANTED - Right Hand Prone Rifle
A new member from Northcote Rifle Club is looking for her own right hand Prone rifle.  If you think that you know of one currently on the market or can help find something it would be greatly appreciated if you could please contact the club.

Please email Northcote SBRC by clicking on this link

FOR SALE - BSA Martini International MkIII
Parker Hale no.25 rear sight and Anschutz front sight complete with approx 12 assorted foresights and 8 coloured plastic foresights.  Sling attachment, sling hook and an aluminium gun case to suit are included in the sale.  It s a lovely deep blue and walnut stock which has been well cared for and is a genuine sale as Jamie's eyes have now forced him to benchrest.
Serial #UF4133  & Lic #402-193-60B   Price on Application

For more information please email Jamie by clicking here

WANTED - TRV Indoor Convenor
We are currently looking for a new Indoor Convenor. Julie Holcombe has held this position for many years and has done a fantastic job but she is now taking on some new opportunities and unfortunately doesn't have the time to fulfil this position.  Essentially you would be looking after the TRV events that are held annually such as 10m Air & 20m Pennants and TRV 20m postals.  If we fail to get someone to volunteer the position, there is a chance that there may be no 10m or 20m Pennants for 2017.

If you think that you may be able to volunteer for this position or would like some further information please do not hesitate to contact TRV Secretary, Chris Lott by clicking here

 FOR SALE - SCATT Wireless - WS01 

SCATT Electronic Training System - Wireless WS01 version.  Train at home! Only 18 months old and comes with wireless sensor, selling due to upgrade.  $1,200

Fore More information email Neil Davis or 0411 101 771                                          

FOR SALE - Anschutz 1807 - LH
Club owned rifle, being used in 20m benchrest competitions.  Test groups available.  Seen very little use as we have 2 left hand rifles but no left handed members.  

Serial #230223  & Lic #463-011-00A      Price: $1200.00 

Please email George Dutka - Northcote SBRC by clicking on this link

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The Commonwealth Ladies Pennant

This pennant is named in honour of The Commonwealth Ladies Rifle Club Formed in Feb 1901 in Melbourne and was the first Ladies only club in rifle shooting in the commonwealth (see below for some history of the club).

To help support our clubs and increase membership TRV are introducing a pennant for women, open to existing members as well as prospective new female shooters.

We are encouraging existing club members to rally around and get wives, girlfriends, workmates and anyone you know to come and try our sport and take part in this competition.

By simply signing a visitor’s  book this allows novice shooters to be covered during this competition and hopefully the clubs can encourage women to join if they enoy our sport.

The competition will short and encompass prone, bench and air. For any member who is already shooting prone or air they are to shoot as per current rules.  For our novice competitors they can shoot air supported and prone supported by a rest.  Bench will be as per normal.

Prone and bench to be official TRV 20m cards and 10m air using 10 shot strips or single aiming marks.  The Competition will be 2 rounds of Bench, followed by 2 rounds of Prone and 2 rounds air in this order.  Teams will consist of up to 7 individuals with 5 stickers issued with 3 to count per round.

Start date will be 3rd of October.  Entry fee is only $10.00 per team

Entries to Julie Holcombe - 2757 Princes Highway Port Fairy Vic 3284 or email

At the conclusion of the competition TRV will be holding a greet and meet BBQ and come and try day at Geelong Range on the 26th of November.

If clubs cannot raise enough entries, please combine with other clubs nearby to be part of this new and exciting competition.  Pennants will be issued to the winning Scratch and Handicap teams as well as individual placings from 1st to 3rd for scratch and handicap.

Please join in and have some fun with this novel idea with your clubs and memberships and hopefully make this an annual event.

Some History of Commonwealth Ladies Rifle Club - courtesy of Moonee Valley City Council

In Moonee Valley, as in other suburban areas of Melbourne, it was the norm for sporting clubs to be set up by men, with women’s versions of these sports generally following at a later date. In 1901 the Commonwealth Ladies Rifle Club was established, only a matter of months after a men’s club had been formed in Essendon. This was perhaps one of the few sports in which women could compete on an equal footing with men. Local member of Parliament, William Watt applauded the shooting abilities of the ladies and believed ‘they put the young men of the country to shame’. The ladies began shooting at a range bordering the Moonee Ponds Creek off Pattison Street, where they had a clubhouse, but by 1915 had moved a bit further north to a ground near the corner of (the former) Pascoe Crescent and Moreland Road, Essendon. The Commonwealth Ladies faced stiff competition from a similar club in Coburg, who beat them in three out of four firing competitions in 1906. But in 1908 the Commonwealth Ladies proudly defeated a team of visiting American junior naval officers in a match at Moonee Valley Racecourse. When the club turned 34 (in 1935) a newspaper report claimed that it was the oldest ladies’ rifle club in the British Empire which was quite an achievement; an even greater achievement was that Miss M J Davies had been the club’s treasurer for the same amount of time.

More than 100 years ago the Commonwealth Ladies Rifle Club conducted open days as seen from the above article which was in the Argus Newspaper 7 April, 1915.

Part of an article (Women Rifle Shots - Success at "King's" Meeting) that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on 24 October, 1935.

**Attention clubs - NEW GRANT Available**

To coincide with this new initiative there is a new grant available that clubs may apply for.  All clubs have been notified and submissions have to be in within the next week but VicHealth has released a new grant aimed at assisting clubs with improving female participation.  The new TRV Commonwealth Ladies Pennant Team is a valid new team that would comply with the terms of this new grant.

Clubs could apply for things such as:

  • Air Rifle Support stands,
  • Bench rest tables or stands
  • Perhaps uniforms for the ladies team,
  • Any sort of special welcome kit for the Ladies that the club puts together
  • SCATT training systems
  • Telescopes
  • Spotting scopes.
  • Any other related item associated with the Ladies Pennant team.
  • Electronic target machine.

You will not be able to apply for rifles or ammunition.

So its worth your club getting involved, enter a Ladies team and apply for the new grant. But you will have to be quick as it closes on 23rd of September.

The last round of the Warren Potent was streamed live on-line (TRV TV) and this is a screen shot from the footage of Dean Romanoff's rifle after the event.  Dean cleans his rifle after EVERY match and training session.  This watery liquid and crap was removed from his barrel tuner, what would happen the next time you use your rifle and the first shot is fired once this dries out in your barrel - still think that cleaning your rifle is not necessary or important?

TRV 2016 10m Air Rifle Pennant

This competition is nearly half way completed with 13 teams in 3 sections contesting the 10m Air Rifle standing component and two sections with 11 teams in the Supported Section.  There will be full results in the next issue but you can check out the interim results by clicking here for 10m Standing or 10m Supported

Please note that as Val McCready has only just returned from holidays a couple of weeks ago, so there may be a short delay to scoring and updating all of the results up to the current round until she is able to catch up.

TRV 2016 50m Benchrest Pennant

The 50m Benchrest kicked off a couple of weeks ago with 25 teams contesting in 5 sections.  Good Luck to all competing in this years Pennant.  Although it is a little early for results you can keep up to date with interim results by clicking here and we should have results in the next issue.

Different manufacturers of Target Rifles.  Have you seen any of these or own one?

2016 TRV 20m Pennant Results

Over the 14 weeks of competition for both of the 20m Pennants, there was the equivalent of just over twelve and a half cases of ammunition used by 410 members as 63,120 competition shots were fired.

Quite a few clubs were busy during the 20m Pennant season this year as they may have had teams in both Benchrest and Prone. Interesting to note that 33 of the 39 TRV member clubs were able to submit at least one team in this years Prone Pennant series and some members may have shot with another club if they were unable to field a team.  Congratulations to all clubs and members who competed in this years series and well done to the all of the winning teams and individual winners.

20m Benchrest Pennant

Seven sections, 10 rounds, 37 teams, 170 competitors, 1,598 cards, 4,397 centrals, 31,960 shots fired and exactly 300,000 points scored during this years 20m Benchrest Pennant (excluding sighters).

Whilst keeping on the numbers, with 170 members in this years competition the most shot score was 187 with 173 cards returned followed by 188 with 161 cards and 189 with 159 cards.  With 1,598 cards being shot during the competition the highest score of 198 was shot just four times with father and son combo of Vito & Michael Di Pasquale (MCC SBRC) each shooting the highest scores of 198.012.  Nine clubs this year managed to field at least two teams for this years Pennant.  MCC, Frankston Peninsula and Frankston Peninsula B teams all managed to complete the Pennant without losing a round and there was just one drawn match in round 6 between Ballarat East and Mildura B who both shot a team score of 557.005. There was a shoot off required in Section G between Kyneton and Sale B who both finished on 28pts.  It was a fairly even match-up as both teams had won a match each in the two times they met during the Pennant and Kyneton narrowly winning on a central count with 564.012 and Sale B shooting 564.002 for their shoot-out match. The results of this years Pennant was as follows:
    • Section A - MCC - 40pts
    • Section B - Frankston - 40pts
    • Section C - Stawell - 36pts
    • Section D - Traralgon - 32pts
    • Section E - Ballarat East Rifle Club - 30pts
    • Section F - Frankston B - 40pts
    • Section G - Kyneton - 28pts*
    • 1st  Vito Di Pasquale - MCC -  1757.068
    • 2nd  Michael Di Pasquale - MCC - 1755.074
    • 3rd  David McLay - MCC - 1752.073
    • 4th  Darren Morgan - FPTRC - 1746.046
    • 5th  David Yudkin - Mildura - 1744.052
    • 6th  Peter Farley - MCC - 1743.052
    • 7th  Colin Nunn - FPTRC - 1743.051
    • 8th  Ron Hamilton - Camberwell - 1742.032
    • 9th  Rebbecca Dickson - MCC - 1735.054
    • 10th  Richard Lightfoot - MCC - 1734.051
  • A Grade - Vito Di Pasquale - MCC - 1757.068
  • B Grade - David Yudkin - Mildura - 1744.052
  • C Grade - Tom Baker - FPTRC - 1725.045
  • D Grade - Leslie West - Oakleigh - 1706.030
  • Veteran - Peter Farley - MCC - 1743.052
  • Junior - Michael Di Pasquale - MCC - 1755.074
  • Sub Junior - Courtney Karamoshos - Port Fairy - 1712.029
*Section G required a shoot-off between teams of Kyneton and Sale B

20m Prone Pennant

Five sections, 14 rounds, 35 teams, 240 competitors, 3,116 cards, 9,110 centrals, 31,160 shots fired and 296,590 points scored during this years 20m Prone Pennant (excluding sighters).

In line with the Benchrest and keeping on the numbers, with 240 members in this years competition the most shot score was 96 with 419 cards returned followed by 98 with 410 cards and 99 with 358 cards.  With more than 3,100 cards being shot during the competition the highest score of 100 was shot 116 times with Steve Zunker (Portland SBRC) the only one to shoot the elusive 100.010, Well done Steve.  With nearly all of the clubs represented in this years Pennant, three clubs still managed to submit two teams.  Just like Benchrest there was only one drawn match from a total of 280 rounds of which Shepparton and Frankston both scored 489.022 in round 7.  There was also one shoot off required in Section E as both Lake Gillear and Sale rounded out the competition on 52pts each.  Both teams had won a match each in the two times (both winning by 4pts each time) they met during rounds 3 & 10 of the Pennant and Lake Gillear ended up winning with 476.015 in the deciding match with Sale shooting 474.011. The results of this years Pennant was as follows:
    • Section A - Horsham - 52pts
    • Section B - Golden City - 48pts
    • Section C - Kyneton - 48pts
    • Section D - Albury - 52pts
    • Section E - Lake Gillear - 52pts*
    • 1st  James Daly - Kyneton - 1199.094
    • 2nd  Steve Zunker - Portland - 1194.079
    • 3rd  Mike Jarrad - Oakleigh - 1194.069
    • 4th  Jason Lowe - Adelaide - 1193.081
    • 5th  Robert Howell - Appollo Bay - 1193.073
    • 6th  Euan Gibson - MISC - 1190.067
    • 7th  Chris Lott - Shepparton - 1190.057
    • 8th  Paul Janicki - Casterton - 1189.070
    • =9th  David Black - Shepparton - 1189.068
    • =9th  Chloe Romanoff - Mornington - 1189.068
  • A Grade - James Daly - Kyneton - 1199.094
  • B Grade - Jacqueline Hatzigiannis - Adelaide - 1187.064
  • C Grade - Angela Breeze - Leongatha - 1176.046
  • D Grade - Kyle Janicki - Casterton - 1177.051
  • Veteran - Peter Males - MCC - 1185.058
  • Junior - Jacqueline Hatzigiannis - Adelaide - 1187.064
  • Sub Junior - Kyle Janicki - Casterton - 1177.051
*Section E required a shoot-off between teams of Lake Gillear and Sale

Results from both of the Benchrest and Prone Pennant Series for 2016 can be found by clicking here.  As you may have seen earlier in the newsletter, TRV are looking for a new Indoor Convenor.  There is a chance that if this vacancy is not filled that these Pennant series for 20m may not run next year.  If you think that this is something that you may be able to do or would like more information about this position then please contact TRV Secretary, Chris Lott.


2016 TRV Endurance Match - Entries Open

This years Endurance Match will be held on 22nd & 23rd of October at Stawell Small Bore Rifle Club.
  • Saturday - Day 1 Commences @ 9am
    • Part 1. 50 Metre - Prone 60 shots & Benchrest 75 shots 
    • Part 2. 50 Metre - Prone 60 shots & Benchrest 75 shots
  • Sunday - Day 2 Commences @ 9am
    • Part 3. 50 Metre - Prone 60 shots & Benchrest 75 shots
    • Part 4. 50 Metre - Prone 60 shots & Benchrest 75 shots
There will be awards for the aggregate of the four parts for both Prone and Benchrest with the Outright winners being presented with a Perpetual Trophy.  There will also be awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd (Junior, Sub-Junior, Veteran & Grades) and Top Ten.

Entry Fee is just $20 for either Prone or Bench or $40 to shoot both.  Pre-entries are requested as we need a minimum of 20 entries for the event to run. Pre-entry closes on Oct 7th and late entries may only be accepted if space permits.  

Canteen facilities will be available all weekend, Camping and hot shower available on the range, feel free to come along and enjoy a night in the bush!  Please note that if you are thinking of attending the weekend and you are planning on staying in a motel it is advisable that you make your booking asap as Stawell is hosting their Annual Agricultural Show on the same weekend!
Click here for 2016 Endurance Flyer or contact

To ENTER ONLINE (preferred method) please click here

Shooting Australia AusCup 4

The final AusCup for 2016 took place a couple of weekends ago on 9th to 11th of September at Target Rifle South Australia's Wingfield range.  Although it was on the same weekend at the Hamilton Prize Shoot, five Victorians made the trek over to SA for the event.  Whilst James Daly, Michael & Neil Davis and Steve Zunker packed their rifles in the car, Dean Romanoff packed the rule book and a suit of a different kind for a shooting weekend as he was there as Technical Delegate. 

Michael had a busy weekend competing in 5 events (3x40 3P, 10m Air & 50m Prone) over the 3 days of competition and James, Neil & Steve shot in the two 50m Prone events on Saturday and Sunday.  As seen from the photo at the start of this edition Michael made it into the finals of the 10m Air Rifle on Saturday, leading all bar one of the  9 stages of the final including the last two shots (10.5 & 10.4) with Jack Rossiter (who just recently returned from competing at Rio Olympics) to finish in 1st place and give Michael top spot on the podium.  Well done Michael your training with Air Rifle looks like it is starting to pay off with some great scores recently in this discipline.  Both James and Steve made it into the 50m final on Saturday with James finishing in 4th place whilst Steve finished in 3rd place behind Barry Cowburn (WA) and Michael Nicholas (SA) who won the event.

Sunday morning word had quickly spread around those that were at Hamilton that James Daly had just shot a cracking score in 50m Prone of 625.6 or 598.042 for those of you who still like to see the raw score.  The combination of James and his rifle since he bought it have been setting a standard which alot of us would aspire to, infact he has an average of 592.5 in the 30 matches he has entered this year!!  Just as the day previous both James and Steve made the final as Steve finished in 5th position and James finishing in 2nd just 0.6pts behind Barry Cowburn in 1st place.

James Daly's scorecard from Sunday of his 625.6 (598 raw score), a daper looking Technical Delegate as well as James and Steve on the dias for 50m over the weekend

Well done to Dean, James, Michael, Neil and Steve for your efforts.  Thanks to Neil and James for the above photos.  For full results of the weekend please click here.  The next SA endorsed event is the Shooting Australia International Grand Prix held 4th to 6th November at SISC. 

Warren Potent & Graham Lawler Matches

Both of these postal matches have now finished with the final rounds being shot a couple of weeks ago.  As there was six rounds of the Lawler matches this year it was decided to 'slot' an extra round at the Shepparton Prize Meeting as most of the regulars were there for that event anyway.  There were some great conditions for Round 4 in early August which seen some fantastic scores being shot with James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) equalling the State Record that he shot there at the Nationals with a nice 596.043.  Anyone would have thought that John Hopkins (Eltham SB&ARC) had won the lottery as he was last to finish but won the handicap event for the day and did a 'little' happy dance or was that a 'Hoppy dance' for about 2 mins when he got up from his position in which he shot a PB of 581.027 - Well done Hoppy!  In the Air Rifle shed Michael Davis (MISC) continued to show improvement with his air rifle as he topped the sheets of both the scratch and handicap with a nice 572.  Results for Round 4 can be found by clicking here.

Round 5 of the Graham Lawler match at Shepparton saw Sue Lott (Shepparton SBRC) having the top score of the day with a nice 584 edging out Michael Davis who shot a PB of 575.

The final rounds took place back at MISC on 3rd September with the biggest turn out of the 50m series with 23 members shooting.  Once again it was James Daly dominating the top of the score sheet with another nice 594.035 off the shoulder.  Peter Males (MCC SBRC) took out the handicap prize for the day with a 585.025 which also placed him in 2nd spot for scratch and just missing out on seeing a new PB for him by just three centrals.  The last round of the Graham Lawler saw Chris Lott (Shepparton SBRC) winning the scratch with 570 and Sean Finn (FPTRC) winning the handicap shooting 15pts above his average with 556.  Click here for all of the results from this round. 

Thanks to everyone who came along and participated in this years series of Warren Potent and Graham Lawler matches.  After 2 rounds of the Warren Potent matches Victoria is in equal 1st postion with NSW and currently sitting 3rd after 3 rounds of the Graham Lawler matches.  Hopefully we will be able to put the final results in the next edition of the newsletter but interim scores can be found on the results page of the TRV website.

My TRV - Checking out your scores and averages

As mentioned in the last edition of the newsletter, Target Rifle Victoria has one of the best if not the best website of shooting associations in the world for members to find out information relating to your sport.  Thanks to the hard work (and not just on the range) from James Daly, this month we look at the recent upgrades that were done a couple of weeks ago so that you can keep check of your competition scores. 
User-friendliness is something that makes a great feature and is more likely to be used by many users with varying levels of computer literacy and this will certainly hit the nail on the head for you.  James has now put a list of the "Top 20" per discipline in one easy location on the Results Tab of the website and can be accessed by clicking on Victorian State Ranking or to make it easier just click here on this link .  As you can see below it is just under the heading of State Records.

The next upgrade that has happened is to do with "My TRV" - a place where you can look at your scores from as early as 2005 through to current as well as your averages for every discipline that you compete in.  There are two ways of getting to here and that is either by clicking on "My TRV" at the top right hand corner of the website when viewing any page or on the Results page by clicking on the link under My Scores (as above).  Once again though, we have made it easy for you to get there by clicking here and <<First Name>> don't forget to come back and read the rest of the newsletter!!  Once you are there all that you need to do is simply enter in your TRV number or name when prompted and then depending on how many different events that you have participated in the page may look something like below.

Each of the disciplines will be listed with a TRV ranking and color coordinated to represent what grade you currently compete in
  • A Grade - Blue
  • B Grade - Red
  • C Grade - Green
  • D Grade - Bronze
  • E Grade - Brown
By clicking one of the disciplines you will then find out more information of what you have achieved such as
  • Overall Standings
    • TRV, Grade, who is in front of you and total scores
  • Best Score
    • Score, when and where
  • Live Grading
  • Current Grading
  • Graph of Scores
    • Actual scores and moving average
  • Opponents
    • Those infront of and chasing you
  • Scores
    • All of your TRV competition scores from approx 2005

A question that is quite often asked is, 'How is my average/grade worked out?'  TRV releases Official Grades every 3 months and this is generally the grade that you will be placed in for competitions during that time. A current grading list can be found on the found on the Home page of the website under "Useful Information" for all current TRV members and will open up as an excel document, the grading months are:
  • January - March
  • April - June
  • July - September
  • October - December
Your average is calculated by using the last eight (8) scores that have been submitted and then the highest and lowest scores from that set are removed and your average is calculated on the remaining six scores.  With the gradings being released every 3 months this gives a fair indication of how you are currently performing and making it as fair as possible with your fellow members when entering competitions.  As you can see from the example above for those who compete quite regularly your Live Grading could be quite different to your Current Grading and events such as the Warren Potent and Graham Lawler matches will use your Live Averages when calculating handicap scores.  Please note that there are different score thresholds for grades in most disciplines.
On behalf of Target Rifle Victoria we would like to thank James for his efforts in doing this and we are also sure that if you did not know about this feature of the website before, that you will now hopefully use this as a tool to help track your progress in the sport.

Postal Competitions....... 

Just as the weather is starting to warm up, so are the postal competitions.

Shepparton Postal results have now been posted, thank you to those who entered as there was 161 entries in this years competition and congratulations to the following outright winners:
  • 10m Air Rifle - Chris Lott (Shepparton SBRC) & Michael Davis (MISC) - 570
    • Junior - Michael Davis (MISC) - 570
  • 10m Supported Air - Beth Melton (FPTRC) & Max Joiner (Lancefield SBRC) - 586
    • Veteran - Max Joiner (Lancefield SBRC) - 586
  • 20m Benchrest - Lee Pettit (FPTRC) - 583.017
    • Veteran - Ron Hamilton (Camberwell SBRC) - 583.014
  • 20m Prone - James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) - 599.050
    • Veteran - Peter Males (MCC SBRC) - 583.024
    • Junior - Laura Crozier (Kyneton SBRC) - 573.019
  • 50m Benchrest - Richard Lightfoot (MCC SBRC) - 746.040
    • Veteran - Richard Lightfoot (MCC SBRC) - 746.040
    • Junior - Addison Danger (Golden City SBRC) - 744.032
  • 50m Prone - James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) - 596.041
    • Veteran - Kev Corneliusen (Albury SBRC) - 561.014
    • Junior - Rachael Strik (Benalla SBRC) - 567.014
Full results for Shepparton Postal can be found by clicking here.

Don't forget if you are competing in the Lancefield 600 Postal this year that time is running out as the cards have to be posted back to the club by this Friday 23rd September.

There are a few postal shoots that have just started or will be starting soon
  • Leongatha 600 Postal from 12 September to 31 October
  • Camberwell 600 Postal from 19 September to 13 November
  • North West Victorian Postal from 1st November to 15th January 2015
  • Albury Postal from 1 November to 6 February 2017 
Check out the TRV calendar on website for details of above competitions as it still may not be too late to enter the Leongatha or Camberwell Postals.
Club competitions from around the state....

Throughout the year there are quite a few competitions hosted by our member clubs at various locations around the state, offering prizes, sashes, trophies or medallions for various grades as well as the top 10 (generally). If you have never been to another clubs prize meeting it is a great opportunity to compete with/against your fellow TRV members and is also a great way to meet other members and get some different ideas and tips.  All clubs/organisers of events are encouraged to submit a wrap up of their events for inclusion to the newsletter and can be done by sending an email to Sean by clicking here.

Portland & Merv Friend 600 Prize Shoots

The cold weather may have kept a few people away but there was still 58 entries over the weekend for the Portland and Merv Friend 600 Prize Shoots on 23rd and 24th of July.  Saturday had 31 people contesting the Prone and Benchrest competition with 27 returning on Sunday to see if they could better their scores from the day before and add to their aggregate total for the weekend.  Darren Morgan (FPTRC) was at the top of the sheets after the 2 days of benchrest competition with a nice 1,472.065. Chris Karamoshos (Port Fairy SBRC) came in 2nd with 1,460.053 and 3rd was Grant Miller (Naracoorte).  Courtney Karamoshos was the top placed Junior with 1,407.037 and Grant Miller was the best placed Veteran.

James Daly (Kyneton SBRC) took out the top place in Prone after 120 shots with 1,176.063 whilst local Steve Zunker (Portland SBRC) was in 2nd place shooting 1,161.049 and Thomas Mewburn (Casterton SBRC) 1,155.042.  Lucy Romanoff (FPTRC) was the top placed Junior for prone with 1,130.028.  Also a special mention to Rob Howell who was only able to shoot on Saturday but would have been in the mix for the weekend with his nice 588.029 which was 3pts clear of anyone else at the half way mark.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend the weekend and please click here for full results of the Portland and Merv Friend 600 Prize Shoots
Shepparton 36th Annual Prize Meeting

Thanks to Chris Lott from Shepparton SBRC for putting this following report together.

Shepparton hosted it's 36th Annual Prize meeting on Saturday the 20th of August this year.  As per the previous few years we had a 50m RBA and 3x20 event on the Friday afternoon, the club was pleasantly surprised by how well attended the RBA event was.  The weather was not on the side of the shooter with frequent heavy showers turning the club house into a makeshift laundry setup to dry the targets so they could be scored.  Never the less some very good scores were produced, Frankston's Darren Morgan even managed to score the elusive 250 on his first card, while casually sipping a cup of warm coffee in the process!  MISC's Annette Rowe come out on the top of the leader board, closely followed by Darren Morgan, with Mildura's Alan Collins nipping at their heals in third position.  In the 3x20 event Shepparton's Cain East scored a brilliant 501 for his first ever 3x20 match, and anyone who has tried this sport will agree this is an outstanding effort! Paul Golden also did very well shooting his 3x20 match supported in some positions, a great effort for a man of his "maturity" :-)

Saturday brought a cool start to the day, but the upside of the lower temperature was the calmer wind. What little wind there was present certainly never worried Frankston's Darren Morgan on the 50m Bench competition, Darren scored only 1 centre off the best possible score to finish on top of the leader board with a massive 600.59! Camberwell's Ron Hamilton also shot the perfect 600 and managed to collect 49 centres along the way, this placed him in second position.  Next were three competitors each on 599, again only centres separating the places.  With such high scores in the bench rest competition we will have to think of some way of handicapping the competitors to make it more of a challenge!

Kyneton's James Daly continued his dominance in the 50m prone event, easily wining this event by 3 clear points as well as 9 centre's.  James has certainly hit his stride since forming a partnership with his new Bleiker rifle, I am sure his name will be one heard for a long time to come, fingers crossed the Australian selectors recognise this talent and James gets selected for the 2018 Commonwealth Games!  Daly's good form must be rubbing off on his fellow club member Luke Crozier, Luke shot only 1 point less than his TRV competition personal best to comfortably win the 50m prone Junior event with an excellent 581.24, which also earned him a spot in the open top ten.

In the air rifle hall, the beautiful (no I am not biased) Susan Lott won the open competition with a 584, but it was young Michael Davis from MISC who stole the limelight.  Michael shot a TRV competition personal best score of 575 not only to finish in second place outright, but also to broke his previous Victorian Sub Junior record!  All this from a young man who was not quite 15 at the time, so like the name Daly, I think the name Davis will also be one we will be seeing a lot in the future.

Also in the air hall, Lancefield's Max Joiner proved why he is currently ranked number one in Victoria for the air supported event by winning with a very respectable score of 576. His fellow club member Roger Brooks finished in second place with his score of 569, while Frankston's Beth Melton was one point behind Roger in third place.

The Shepparton Club also held a 25m air bench competition for the first time, this year the competition was a little ad-hoc, with competitors firing at the TRV 20m benchrest target at a distance of 25metres.  The scoring of these targets was modified to give a more realistic score considering they were shot with air rifles which would be affected by the wind a lot more than rim rifle rifles.  There was 14 punters in the event this year, which is a lot more than we anticipated, never the less we hope they all enjoyed themselves,  It was team Maccora which led the way with Marise pipping her husband Leo by two points to finish at the top of the board with an excellent score of 596.006. Next was Port Fairy's Dennis Peacock in third place by a countback with his score of 594.009.

The Shepparton Smallbore and Air Rifle Club would like to sincerely thank all those whom took the time to travel and compete at our Prize Meeting this year, we have had the largest number of entries for some time with 137 over 7 events.  For full results from the Shepparton Prize Meeting please click here.

Numurkah Prize Meeting

Numurkah held their Annual Prize Meeting on Sunday 21st August, to complete a busy weekend of shooting at the Shepparton Small Bore Range. The weather was still cold and showery which those shooting on the 50m range discovered. However if you had time to be in the club house it was nice and warm. With the bonus of all but one of those shooting having pre-entered it was possible to have squads full except for last minute cancellations. The canteen staff were able to provide all there with food and hot or cold drinks throughout the day. The day ran smoothly. Many Numurkah Club members and their spouses were there to help run the day, from running the ranges and collecting targets, to scoring the cards. Those in the scoring room did an excellent job with the excellent help of Trevor Drage who recorded the scores and Chris Lott who helped in the scoring room early in the day. With full squads they had a busy time but although a few people looked at their cards there were no protests during the day.

Chris Lott (Shepparton) won the 50m Prone match with a score of 595.38. Second in A Grade was James Daly (Kyneton) with 593.40 and Chloe Romanoff (Frankston) came third with 588.22. The B Grade winner was Peter Males (MCC) 585.28, second Cameron Paterson (Wangaratta) 585.24 and third Dean Romanoff (Frankston) 579.17. Cain East (Shepparton) won C Grade with 581.26, Simon Noonan (Kyabram) was second with 580.26 and Rachael Strik (Benalla) third with 574.19. Darren Morgan (Frankston) was the D Grade winner with 569.17 followed by David Cook (Numurkah) second with 559.12, and Matthew Krelle (MCC) third with 555.11. Top sub-junior was Michael Davis (MISC) 571.20; top Junior Rachael Strik (Benalla) and Peter Males (MCC) was the top veteran.

There were plenty of Benchrest shooters taking part also. The TRA style 50m Benchrest cards were used for the match. Annette Rowe (MISC) was the winner with a score of 600.52. Second in A Grade was Ron Hamilton (Camberwell) just one point behind with 599.52, while Darren Morgan (Frankston) finished third with 598.50. In B Grade John Dick (Frankston) won with 599.48; David Homewood (Lancefield) was second with 599.46 and Dennis Peacock (Port Fairy) was third 597.47. The C Grade winner who was the only other shooter not to drop a point during the day was Robert Reed (Lilydale) who had a score of 600.44. Other C Grade winners were Marise Maccora (MISC) second 598.40; and Chris Karamoshos (Port Fairy) third 596.45. John Spence (Numurkah) won D Grade with 581.26. Top Sub-junior was Courtney Karamoshos (Port Fairy) 590.36 and top Veteran was Ron Hamilton (Camberwell).                                                                                                                                           
There were also competitions held in the Air Rifle disciplines. Michael Davis (MISC) shot the top score for the day and finished first in B Grade and was also top sub-junior with a score of 573 Sean Finn (Frankston) finished second in B Grade with 543 and Neil Davis (MISC) finished third with 542. The top junior was Rachael Strik (Benalla) 496.
The Air Rifle Supported Match proved to be popular. Rodger Brooks (Lancefield) was first in A Grade and also the top veteran with a score of 586. Max Joiner (Lancefield) second A Grade with a score of 585. Beth Melton (Frankston) won B Grade with 578, C Grade was won by Ken Oxley (Mildura) with 489 and the D Grade winner was John Dick (Frankston) with 469.

With all scores tallied and recorded by mid-afternoon most people there stayed for the presentations. Recipients could choice from groups of trophies displayed on the bench and divided for first second, third, Juniors, sub-juniors and veterans. After the presentations a great weekend of shooting drew to a close.

Thanks to Bev Braybon of Numurkah Small Bore Rifle Club for sending through this report and photos of their Prize Meeting, for full results of the day please click here.

Glenelg Region and Hamilton Prize Meetings

Despite what could have nearly been a weekend with the event close to being cancelled due to weather as the surrounding regions were flooded there were still 82 dedicated shooters that came along and entered the 8 different competitions on offer.  On Friday, the entrance to the range was nearly 2 feet deep in water and the only access was via 4WD and luckily the water had not risen enough to have any adverse effects on the clubrooms or range.

Luckily the rains eased over night and although there was still about 300mm of water at the entrance most of the shooters were able to get in after negotiating the deteriorating access road in.  Darren Morgan (FPTRC) proved the person to beat on the 50m Benchrest with a 742.037, whilst it was 'local' Thomas Mewburn (Casterton SBRC) who edged out Chris Lott (Shepparton SBRC) by just 4 centrals to win the Prone match with 586.026.

By Sunday the weather conditions had settled a little although many neighbouring areas were still flood affected the range had dried out somewhat to what it was a couple days before but was still a little damp and muddy underfoot.  Richard Lightfoot (MCC) was at the pointy end of the ladder after 75 shots for Benchrest with a 745.039.  The Prone competition seen the same two people at the top again although Chris ended up winning the Sunday event with 586.033.  Over the two days there was also four other events that were conducted with Ken Hart (Lilydale) winning in 10m Supported Air, Chris Lott in 10m Air Rifle, Richard Lightfoot winning the 25m Air Bench and Ken Oxley (Mildura SBRC) winning the 50m Bench Class 1 category.

Thanks to all of those members who came along for the weekend and you can click here for full results

Don't forget to check out the calendar above or on the TRV website for upcoming events as the next one is at Kyabram SBRC on 8th & 9th of October for the running of the 41st Long Range and 13th Benchrest Championships.

Also a head's up for those of you who are thinking about going to Wangaratta at the end of next month, we have been advised that it may be a good idea to organise your accommodation (and maybe a dinner reservation) as soon as you can as there is a Jazz & Blues Festival on for the weekend at various locations around town. 


2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games

Australian 2016 Rio Olympics Rifle Team members 

Australian 2016 Rio Paralympic Shooting Team Members & Support Staff

Did you know.....?
  • Niccolo Campriani was the only person to make the final of each of the Men's Rifle Finals and won two of the three Gold medals in both Air Rifle and 3x40 disciplines and finished 6th in prone!!
  • Niccolo Campriani was also the only shooter in the 2016 Rio Olympics to win 2 Gold medals
  • All 3 medallists in the Men's 10m Air Rifle used JSB Match Diabolo pellets
  • Mens 50m Prone Final featured one Walther & 7 Bleikers. Henri Jugehaenel (Germany) won the Gold medal using a Walther!
  • There was Olympic Records set during both Qualifying and Finals in all 5 Rifle events at Rio - Womens 10m Air, Women's 3x20, Mens 10m Air, Mens 50m Prone & Mens 3x40
  • Warren Potent completed his 5th Olympic campaign as part of the Australian shooting team in Rio which started at the 2000 Games in Sydney.
  • Rio was Libby Kosmala's 12th consecutive Paralympics as an athlete, starting in 1972 winning a bronze medal in swimming before turning to shooting and winning gold in 1976 at Toronto (first time shooting was on the program at Paralympics). During that time Libby has won a total of 13 medals, nine of them gold.  Congratulations Libby and a true ambassador for the sport, great effort!
.....or even before this years event....
  • Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Movement and the second president of the IOC, was a former French national pistol champion and possibly helped ensure the sport was part of the first Olympic Games in 1896.  Men’s shooting was one of just nine sports to be held at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, in 1896, and has appeared at every edition of the Games since then, except in 1904 and 1928. Initially there were just five events, but the Olympic programme now features 15.
  • .........60 years ago at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, two shooters shared one rifle and made it to the podium together.  Canada’s Gerald Ouellette was a successful 50m Rifle Prone Men shooter.  One of his main competitors was his teammate, Gilmour Stuart Boa, who had won the 1954 World Championships in that event. During the practice in Melbourne, Ouellette was unhappy with his rifle, and he and Boa decided to share the same rifle. This meant that they had to shoot very quickly as there was a time limit to fire the required 60 shots.  Boa shot first and scored 598 out of 600, dropping a point in his first and last shots.  He was bettered by Vassily Borisov (URS), who recorded a 599. With little time to spare, Ouellette fired off his 60 shots, almost in rapid-fire fashion, and scored a perfect 600 to finish atop of the podium.  Boa won the Bronze medal.
  • Women’s events were added to the Olympic programme in 1984, although women had started competing alongside men in a number of Olympic shooting events since the 1968 Games in Mexico City. The first woman to win an Olympic shooting medal was Margaret Murdock (USA) who won silver in the small-bore rifle (three positions – 50m) at the 1976 Games in Montreal.

2016 Tasmanian State Championships

This years Prone and Benchrest event will be held on the weekend of 19/20 November.


Shooting Australia Junior National Championships

This years event will be held between 9th & 11th December 2016 at Sydney International Shooting Centre and entry is free for junior shooters between the ages of 12 and 20. In addition to the individual ISSF events, 2014 also saw the introduction of the Team Events and the Junior Super Cup. 

Team Events

  • 3 athletes per team, each athletes can be from any age category 12 - 20.
  • Teams can only be entered by a School or State Association.
  • Scores from your individual event will go towards the teams match.

Junior Super Cup

The Junior Supercup is a Air Pistol and Air Rifle Knockout Challenge, which has athletes competing one to one with an opponent in a shot for shot event with a point being allocated to the winner after each shot. The competition is shot in rounds with shooters who have been knocked out cheering loudly for the remaining participants.

Previously known as the Youth Nationals, in order to align to the ISSF, the SA HPC made the following changes to this event for 2015 and beyond:

  • Will now be known as the Shooting Australia Junior National Championships;
  • Competitors are to be 20 years & under (as per ISSF rules);
  • There will only be one set of medals available per national event;
  • There will be two age divisions within each national event (12–16 years & 17–20 years) where the leading scores will be acknowledged through certificates and prizes;
  • Non-Olympic events will continue to be offered at this event.

As in previous years Target Rifle Victoria may organise a bus for juniors to travel to the Junior National Championships chaperoned by a couple of parents.  If you are interested in participating in this event or would like more information please contact TRV Secretary, Chris Lott by clicking here.


AARA Victorian Air Rifle Championships at Teutonia 



Useful Links.......



Have you got any information or websites that may be of benefit to your fellow Target Rifle Victoria members?  If so and you would like to share it and put it in the next newsletter then please reply to this newsletter or email Sean by clicking here.

Thanks for reading this edition of the TRV Newsletter and if you have enjoyed it or have any comments then please let us know.  Likewise when you are at your club next, mention the newsletter to some fellow members as not all members may be aware or receiving it. 

TRV Committee 
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